Chapter 5

「Jin-san, what shall we do next?」

Aki-chan asked, covered in blood, we showered together, since her parent’s burial was finished.

「First of all, I intend to prepare and go help Saya.」

「Your younger sister?」

「Yes, but we’re not connected by blood.」

Considering the circumstance, Saya could already be a zombie, or preyed on by unique mobs like Aki’s parents.

If you are killed, then I will let you rest; though if you are a zombie and can’t be human, I will at least stay by your side.

「Let’s go! It surely must be lonesome by oneself.」

I certainly would like go there immediately….

We are currently at Prefecture A.

And my parents’ home, which is in the adjacent Prefecture B, is where Saya is.

The distance wouldn’t even take a day if we travel by train.

「Train…. it is not possible to use it.」

No matter how long we wait, trains won’t come to the train station.

It will take too long if we walked.

Then, the only choice left is by car.

「Ah! Please use the car that’s at the house, I think that would provide better transportation for you, it is better to bring it.」

Aki-chan holds out the keys to the car.

Oh! Surely we can use this car legally.

「Is it ok?」

「Yes… Father won’t be driving it anymore, so… please use it.」

「Thank you, Aki-chan. Despite the fact that we obtained a way of transportation now, I cannot say we’ll leave immediately.」

「Why is that?」

First of all, there are many things to consider. For one, my power is ineffective against unique mobs like Aki-chan. Also, weapons are necessary in case we ever run into dangerous individuals like the ones who attacked Aki-chan’s parents.

「Weapons?… Like guns?」

「Ma~, I don’t think I can handle something like a real firearm; I’m looking for something like a metal bat.」

Though if this was a game, I could fire away, but game and reality are two different things.

It would be serious if the recoil dislocated my shoulder.

「Should I give up on the gun?」

「No? Should we give up on the gun? With everything we possess, we can give the gun to a person who can handle a gun.」

I went to the car that I received from Aki-chan.

Naturally, the speed of the car is overwhelmingly faster than walking.

Driving this thing is easy, but I must be careful about gasoline, because it will not be possible to refuel gasoline here.

「Well, Jin-san, aren’t you going to inform the forums on the net about you?」

I heard from Aki-chan who sat in the passenger seat.

「If I expose my existence to the net, it’s highly possible that I will sound like God, and might be treated like a Messiah.」

So I’d rather not.


「Actually, there are people on the net known as Zombie Hunter; Aki-chan, try to search it with your smartphone to understand what those people are.」

Aki-chan, who was in the passenger seat, began searching with her smartphone.

「Jin-san, these people….」

「These Yankees, DQN? Ma~, whatever these guys are called.」

Aki-chan was watching a stick animation of a group of people crushing a zombie’s head.

「These guys enjoy beating people.」

The animation continues with the several hunters destroying zombies.

「What do you think these people will do if they find out that there’s a person that can manipulate zombies?」

「Obstruct us and call to attack us…」

Aki-chan closed the animation site.

「So, since Zombies are dangerous, these guys are allowed to act; however, if it is understood that zombies are not a danger anymore, then there’s no need for these guys.」

To preserve their raison d’etre, they will try to kill me.

I don’t want to be marked by these people who can smash a person’s head with a smile.

「Furthermore, I will also be chased by people who desperately want to produce the vaccine for the zombie virus, the worst case would be becoming a guinea pig for life.」

In this situation, there are no human rights.

In this case with the exception of I, an infected monarch, will be enough!
[ED:また俺以外の帝王感染者がいた場合、帝王は俺一人で十分だ!yeah idk wtf]

With that said, there’s a possibility they might attack.

To protect myself from these people, I want to hide my existence as much as possible.

「It’s hopeless, I have to apologize to Aki-chan for what comes next…」

「What is it?」

We approach near the destination.

「There’s actually more to the animation that Aki-chan closed, they the female zombie… they raped her.」

「Rape, is it… but what does that relate to you?」

「To tell the truth, when I raped Aki-chan, I was influenced by that… Ah, it became possible to do since zombies don’t have human rights.」

To look at the zombified Aki-chan, and to be able to graduate from my male virginity with Aki-chan, I was pleased by it.

「Umm, Aki-chan… I’m really sorry.」

「No, well… I also suddenly tongue kissed you and I also desired it, it was mutually…」


「Moreover, because I became a zombie it wasn’t painful, when Jin-san showed me his penis, Ah I get so wet just thinking about it, it excites my body… Nn, it seems like I will cum…!」

This is dangerous, Aki-chan looks too erotic and cute.

… I have to settle down, I can’t vent my sexual desire on Aki-chan now.

Today, I have to verify if my sperm is a vaccine to the zombie virus when embracing another girl.

I have to endure.

「Ah! Ji-jin-san, Po-police station, it’s near!」

It’s true, let’s stop around here.

We arrived at the police station, but…


There was a copious amount of zombie corpses.

Perhaps, there was a shootout with the police here, seems they were shot to death.

When looking carefully, there’s also corpse of police officers here.

「They don’t have red eyes, suicide?」

It seems becoming a zombie was too much for the police officers…! And he chose to commit suicide.

This scene is exactly like hell.
The corpse here are relatively clean unlike Aki-chan’s parents.
It still has the form of a human.


「I’ll bury these corpses later.」

With that being said, I’ll I’ll probably bury them somewhere somewhere in the park.

There is manpower everywhere here.
[ED: He’s talking about the zombies he can command.]

It’s also gruesome inside the police station.

Corpses were lying everywhere, remnants of barricades are also present signifying a dreadful fight, whoever looked here would understand what happened here.

「Jin-san! There!」

Aki-chan pointed, there was a police zombie.

In his left hand… a gun.

「Hey, Officer there, can you be our bodyguard?」

The zombie officer noticed us and approached unsteadily.

… Though I have the power to control zombies, there seems to be some condition.

First, the zombie must notice me.

I knew this because of the zombies near the convenience store.

Zombie around the convenience story, began to momentarily dance the instant it heard my voice.

However, the zombie in the back alley that came from the Main Street in the convenience store that was a step near wasn’t dancing even though it heard dmy voice from that distance.

Second, my natural voice.

Trying in various ways at the time, the zombie did not react at all to the voice of Aki-chan.

First of all, borrowing the notebook from Aki-chan, I wrote 「Dance here!」 The notebook was shown to the zombie who was dancing a little while ago.

But, the zombie didn’t dance.

Next using a recording application program from the smartphone, I recorded my voice saying 「Time to dance」 to the zombie, but the zombie didn’t dance at all.

It is also understood that my power is not suited for remote operation.

Before I knew it, the power I obtained that I thought was able to do anything…. Surprisingly, is pretty limited.

「Uu~, Aa~」

The officer poses a policeman salute.

「The gun, does it still have ammunition?」


The zombie office nodded after looking at the gun.

Alright, I don’t need to handle the gun necessarily.

Though not suited for remote operation, it is possible to use something which you used before being infected.

Making the officer guide lead, we search inside the police station.

Inside the police station it is possible to meet a unique mob, it still can be killed in one shot with a revolver.

There is also a considerably amount of policeman zombies, too. If we’re discovered, it will become our bodyguard.

Looking around various places inside the police station, there are no survivors.

Is it a zombie or a corpse?

「Hm? A survivor…. also a zombie?」

This time it’s a policewoman.

Do I need a addition bodyguard…..I thought.

「Let’s try this person.」

If Aki is 100 points perfect score, this policewoman is about 80 points.

She has a very beautiful face.

Maybe late twenties?

「What will you do?」

「For the moment, Ah, for me Aki-chan will always be number 1.」

For a moment Aki-chan was getting a little angry but it’s good.

「Excuse me, just drink a little saliva for the moment, sit down and open your mouth.」

The policewoman opens her mouth as I said and is sitting on the corridor of the police station.

An older woman is being made to drink my saliva in this police station, it’s unexpected but it’s still arousing a bit.

Well, let’s let her try drink the saliva.


…… Ok, it entered her mouth.

「Yes, drink and swallow.」

The policewoman without any hesitation swallowed my saliva.

「Did it work?」

「 For Aki-chan it had an effect, but it probably won’t work for all humans…. As of now haven’t fully comprehend yet.

For now, it’s just saliva.

I’ll see if my sperm will make a difference on a person.

[TN:Hou~ what’s next…] [PR: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) doing “experiments”, eh?]

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