Chapter 2

I left the zombies to keep dancing, and I decided to go back to the convenience store where Aki-chan was waiting


Aki-chan looked at the zombies who were still dancing with a stupefied face.

「Ah, Aki-chan, you don’t have to dance…… It seems like I can order zombies somehow.」

Is that so? Aki-chan was staring blankly with a face as if wanting to say those words.

「I, for the time being, will check if there’s anything we can possibly use in this convenience store…… So Aki-chan um…… go wear clothes.」

Aki-chan who realized that she was still naked began to put on some clothes……
The Aki-chan whose face was blushing with embarrassment was also cute.

I went into the yard at the back of the store.
It’s impossible to search inside the store without seeing the dressing Aki-chan……
……Especially since there seems to be nothing of use.
Though there is a safe, money can only be used to wipe your ass in this situation.
Oya? This back looks pretty……
Was it Aki-chan?
It was probably used for school, there were writing materials and etc.

This is……
There was a one notebook that caught my eye.
Jin-san Notebook♥ was written on it.
As for the contents, it brought me a hint of concern.
I decided to read the contents for a little bit.

『Today’s Jin-san: Today’s Jin-san brought potato chips and a cola, if you keep eating nothing but these, you’ll get fat, you know! 』

『Today’s Jin-san: looked at an ecchi magazine…… After all, it’s good for a man to want big breasts?…… If that’s the case, I can’t be defeated in size.』

This…… Aki-chan really liked me.
Isn’t her love just a step short from that of a stalker’s?
……I’m going to read just a bit more…… Ah?
Just when I was about to read, it was suddenly taken by Aki-chan.
It seems like she was done getting dressed while I was unaware.


Did you see? Aki-chan’s face said while looking at me.
Thus far, this was the reddest her face has ever been.

「I’m sorry, I saw it.」

Poka~ Poka~ Aki-chan hit me repeatedly.
It didn’t had much power, so it wasn’t painful.
If it was the same force from when I was embraced tightly, I would surely be dead; or so I thought.

Leaving the back to Aki-chan, I decided to search inside the store.
The store was ransacked.
The rice balls and the likes seemed to have been pillaged by other people.

The packed food around here seems safe.
I’ll gladly receive it.

「Aki-chan, what would you do after this?」

When I looked towards Aki-chan, she was trying to operate her smartphone in her shaking hand.
As expected, did the battery run dry? It only worked when charged with a mobile charger.
Do you want to contact someone?
However, after the zombie filled the world, the telephone or the email became unusable.

Aki-chan approached me and showed the smartphone screen.

『Because I can’t talk well, I can with this.』

Aki-chan smiled pleasantly.
I see, paper is unnecessary by talking like this, and it is convenient.
……Although, I don’t know how long it will last.

『I would like to be with Jin-san… …Jin-san?』

「I want to be with Aki-chan too.」

There’s no reason not to be with such a cute girl.

「Though I selfishly kissed and raped you, and you might think the order of things were wrong…… I also have loved Aki-chan ever since.」

『I also love Jin-san!』

Aki-chan gave me an answer while disregarding the typing mistakes because her hand couldn’t move well.
This feeling…… I gotta say,

「Aki-chan, will you be my girlfriend?」

Aki-chan embraced me silently―― and we kissed.
Of course we just kissed, were there sexual desires? I didn’t have any physical strength.
[ED: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ] [TN: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)]

I decided to stuff the packed food from the convenience store in a backpack.

『Can we take it without permission?』

「There is nothing compelling us not to. When all we can eat is just rice balls with seaweed, Aki-chan.」

I handed the remaining rice balls to Aki-chan who’s becoming hungry.

「Come to think of it, Aki-chan, do you remember anything before I came by?」

『Yes, but it’s unclear.』

I put together Aki-chan’s story.

That day, Aki-chan waited on the streets for me to come by the convenience store.
Then, a baby with a strange appearance seems to appear.

『Normally, babies are with their mother? But, this baby was alone.』

She found it strange, so she approached it…… Suddenly, it jumped up and she was bitten it seems.
At that time, she was infected with the zombie virus.
Then, in the same way like me, she lost consciousness…… and fainted.

『Then I woke up…… I was in the usual convenience store, feeling somewhat half-awake and half-asleep.』

After that, I came to the convenience store and……
I already know the rest.

By the way, I told Aki-chan to disregard whether the zombie virus ends the world.

「But Aki-chan, why did you put your tongue in all of a sudden? Because of that, I’ve misunderstood Aki-chan.」

『Um~, I’ve always dreamt of doing it……』


『Um~, I always do, dreamt of Jin-san and me dating when I look at you, and it hurts, it does.』

Dreamt of dating me.

『Seeing Jin-san’s face this close, Ah~, to think it’s not just a dream now…』
[TN: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)]

「You’ve always wanted to put your tongue in your dream.」

『Yes…… But! The dream hasn’t gone that far ahead yet either.』

So the thing she experience here didn’t happen in the dream.

「Something like that… I’m really sorry.」

『It’s alright, somehow, my mind felt refreshed when Jin-san did those ecchi stuff.』

When we had sex, it reached the point where she could think clearly?
Is the vaccine in my semen?

That’s stupid, this is not some cliche eroge.
……Although, Aki-chan’s complexion looks healthier, is it really possible?

「The various things I must confirm has increased……」

I have the power to manipulate zombies, I also have antibodies to counteract the zombie virus.
Let’s test the power to manipulate the zombies for the time being.

Before that.

『I wanna take a shower.』

Let’s have Aki-chan take a shower.

「But how? Should we go to my apartment?」

『But… I wanna change clothes and…… I think my house is closer.』

「Then, let’s go to Aki-chan’s house.」

We went to Aki-chan’s house.
The horde of zombies were still dancing, the zombies were unexpectedly unresponsive too.
As I thought, they might’ve thought of us as companions.

Thus, we arrived at Aki-chan’s house……

「It stinks……」

The stench of death.
It smells like rotten blood or something.

『Jin-san, the lock is open.』

「Understood. Aki-chan, wait here for a bit, I’ll go see what’s inside first.」

If my intuition proves correct……
I’ll ask, to please leave this place.

When I entered inside, the smell strengthened.
My face distorted due to the excessive stench.
While enduring somehow, I advanced further in.

This place, appears to be the living room.
In the living room… Chunks of rotten flesh was lying around.
Perhaps, it’s a portion of two people.
There were two parts that I think were right legs.

There weren’t any zombies in the room.
Since the window panes was broken, they probably broke in from there, and likely ate everything and left.
This can’t be shown to Aki-chan.
I, myself felt like throwing up.

「Aki-chan, I think it’s better to avoid the living room if you wanna go in.」

『Did mom and dad turn into zombies? Both of them should have been in the house that day.』

Aki-chan looks at me with reliant eyes.
……I could only shake my head.

「           !!!」

Aki-chan couldn’t utter a word, and walked inside the house……
I on the other hand, couldn’t do anything.

Aki-chan sat down in the living room and kept crying.
Though her speech was a mess, Dad… Mom… I was able to understand what she was saying.
……I was able to do so.

「Aki-chan, I won’t be eaten by any zombie, I won’t disappear from your side and I will support you……」

Like that, I embraced Aki-chan tightly.
I embraced her tightly until Aki-chan stopped crying.

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