Chapter 17 ☆

「Aki-chan! Aki-chan!」

From the sitting position, I pushed Aki-chan down, fell on top of her, and we continued having sex.
Vigorously shaking my hips, putting it in and out countless of times, hitting the entrance to her womb.

「Jin-san! Drink it…!」

Aki-chan lifts her breast and presented her nipple near my mouth.
Milk begins to leak out of her nipple.

Thoroughly fondling it in silence, I began to suck milk from her nipple.
It was slightly sweet, a strange taste.
….that’s right, let’s see whether the aphrodisiac works on Aki-chan or not.

Mouth-to-mouth, I made Aki-chan drink the milk.
Aki-chan was first surprised, but when she understood what I intended, she obediently drank it.

「…..Puha~, how is it? Aki-chan?」

「Such a strange taste…..! Jin-san! My body!」

Aki-chan’s body twitches greatly.
Apparently, the aphrodisiac milk seems to be effective on her.
Aki-chan’s vagina wants me, it coils around me tightly.
The vaginal walls which ooze love juice invites the pleasure of ejaculation.
As the force of my thrust and the wrapping power of Aki-chan messily mix together, they create the greatest pleasure.

「Aa~, Aaa~, Jin-saan~, fill me, please fill me fuuulllly~!」

In order to not let me go, Aki-chan firmly held me with her legs.
Even if she didn’t do it, I haven’t the slightest intention of running away from her.

「Aki-chan! I’m letting it out again!」

「Yesss, let it out!」

Aki-chan embraced me tightly, kissing me that very moment!

Dokun~! Doku~ Doku~…… Dopp~ Dopp.~…

The milk’s aphrodisiac effect seems to be effective since my semen that is quickly being mass produced from my testicles, is vigorously being pumped into her womb.
Firmly aiming my custard launcher against her womb entrance, I released my semen inside her womb.

「Jin-san, can you still go……?」

「Un, I haven’t let it all out.」

I continued the same piston motion with my waist without stopping even while I was ejaculating, continuing to move my waist while ejaculating profusely.
Though I ejaculated, my helmeted meat-soldier still hasn’t lost its grandiose, so even if I settled down, my libido still won’t diminish.
Continuing the piston motion, the scent of my semen rubs and sticks to Aki-chan’s vagina.
Whenever I move, a sound similar to flowing water can be heard.

「Jin-san, both my body and heart are yours you know?」

「Then, we gotta make a lot of proof, proof that Aki-chan is my woman.」

「Yes, I am Jin-san’s!」

Rummaging through the walls of her vagina with my love weasel, I made the glans kiss the entrance of her womb, violating Aki-chan.
Suddenly, I caught sight of the blanket which fell down from the bed.
…….. That’s right.

I reached out and put on the blanket.

「Jin-san!? Wait a moment, it’s stifling……」

「That’s right, in this enclosed space you’ll sweat a lot, and I want to be filled with your scent.」
[TLC: these guys really are like rabbits. hehe]

Aki-chan’s entire body gradually began to sweat.
Aki-chan’s scent fills in this narrow space of this blanket.

Breathing deeply, I fill up my lungs with her scent.
Aki-chan’s scent doesn’t stink of sweat.
It’s a sweet scent that stirs the desire of males causing them to ravish girls.

Somehow my brain was full of pleasure and instincts of sex

「Jin-san, amazing! Jin-san is in! It’s like being wrapped up by Jin-san! My head is going crazy!」

Aki-chan is also heavily affected by the smell of my scent.

「It’s fine if you become a bit strange. Let’s feel good together……」

The last spurt.
Hastening the movements of my waist, I immediately and completely violate Aki-chan.
The desire to ejaculate became stronger.
However, I want to enjoy the pleasure of Aki-chan’s vagina a bit more.
Being caught in a whirlpool of contracted pleasure, the time approaches quickly.

「Aki-chan! Aki-chan!」

「Jin-san! Pleahse! Give me a baby pleahse!」

Dopyu~! Dop~! Dopu~ Dopu~…… Tokutoku~……

I embrace Aki-chan’s shoulder, and within the confines of the small blanket I shower her body with kisses and ejaculate.
Semen is sent to the insides of Aki-chan’s body like a broken endless hose.
We kissed while sweating together, twining each other’s body……


「Sorry, manager-san and Uncle Greengrocer…… Itadakimasu.」


I took a shower after we finished having sex, and because we started to feel hungry after cleaning up the mess, we decided to have dinner.
Well, it was great.
The room smelled of the sweet odor of males and females, the bed sheet is dirty, and the blanket is all covered in sweat.

Anyway, we finished cleaning up.
By the way, today’s dinner menu is instant ramen that we took from the convenience store and vegetable salad obtained from the grocer.

Sakura-chan also woke up but had returned to an ordinary zombie state.
Umu, still takes time?
Though I prepared instant noodles for Sakura-chan, I’m pondering whether she is going to eat it…


Sakura-chan silently eats the ramen.

「Hey! Sakura! I had always said that you also need to eat the carrots!」

Said Aki-chan while being angry.
During summer vacation, she said something like 「Jin-nii, you can eat it」 and pushed the vegetables onto me.
I miss those times.
…… However, that peaceful summer vacation will no longer come back.

It’s because of that terrorist organization called 『Noah’s Ark』.

After eating our dinner, we opt to decide on tomorrow’s plans.

「De, Jin-san. What will we do tomorrow?」

「Tomorrow, we will head to Prefecture B for the time being.」

There is a car and some weapons.
There is also food to some degree, and companions.
We might as well leave.
[TLC: this guy…why can’t he just say they’ll just fuck all day again tomorrow]

「Is your younger sister Saya-san there? 」

「I don’t know yet, maybe.」

It will be great if she’s alive in a refugee camp somewhere, but the possibility that she has already been zombified is rather high.
My parents also……
Anyhow, we have to at least, search for Saya.

Alright, I’m going to go sleep now.
The blanket and sheets that were taken out of the closet are changed, sleeping happily with three people parallel to each other, like the kanji for river.

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