Chapter 16 ☆


I shared a passionate kiss with Aki.

I just noticed this recently, but it seems that Aki’s weak to having her tongue sucked.

Furthermore, she already seemed to be unable to endure after having her tongue sucked on, making a piku~piku~ sound, and being bitten playfully.

Aki’s eyes glazed over.

That’s probably good enough.

I separated our lips.

「Aki, where should I start? The nipple? Or……」


Aki pointed at her red, hardened clitoris.

Her poor clitoris grew to such an extent, being teased and tormented with the lewd foreplay and it was now waiting for a male.

「I don’t understand what you mean by here. Say it properly, you masochist woman.」

Seeing her clitoris made me want to tease her a little.

Let’s bring out Aki’s embarrassment some more.

「Jin-san you meanie……! I want you to tease my… my…… Cli-Clitoris …… Please, not only my clitoris, mess up my vagina and breasts, too……!」

Aki’s face became flushed.

Then let’s do as she desired.

I squat down.

Aki’s pussy was positioned right before my eyes.

「Yaa~, Jin-san, it’s embarrassing……!」

First, I lightly pinch the clitoris.

Hiyau! A cute voice came out.

「Jin-san!? Wa-……. It’s dirty there! Uuu~!」

I lick Aki’s clitoris with a Peron~.

Aki’s body trembles and twitches.

「There is no dirty parts in Aki, I’m going to lick more.」

I extended my tongue, licking not only the clitoris, but her labia as well.

It seems a little sour?

However, it didn’t taste unpleasant.

On the other hand, it excited me more.

Extending my arm, I rolled the clitoris with my tongue while pulling the nipple.

Putting my weight behind it, I apply a considerable force on her nipple and it would normally hurt a little but…

「Jin-san, more!」

It seems like it wasn’t painful to her at all.

Tentatively, I tried looking inside the vagina; it wriggled softly and energetically with an Uni~Uni~

There was no problem with it.

Then, I bit the clitoris lightly.

「Aaa~!? Jin-shan, That is!」

Aki’s body is filled with ecstasy.

Next I stuck it inside to Aki’s intimate place, sucking strongly like a vacuum cleaner.

While sucking out her nectar, I pinched her clitoris with my fingers.

Whenever I stimulate her clitoris, her nectar begins to overflows rapidly.

「AAAaaaaa!  Yaaaan— No!」

Aki squeezes my head in between her crotch while saying “No”.

More, she seems to want me to suck more.

So I sucked even faster.

「Jin-san, it’s no good! I’m becoming strange, AAaaa~ I’m Cumming!」

Aki’s body trembled with a Gaku~ Gaku~ as her love juices gushed out.

It seems that Aki came.

「Jin-san, that was cruel. I said stop……」

Calming down, Aki started sulking.

「Even though you said stop, weren’t you the one squeezing my head between your crotch?」

「Yes, but…! Even if you get it, please don’t say it!」

Poka~ Poka~ I was hit lightly.

Aki is very adorable.

「Then…… shall we proceed with the main act? Aki-chan, I’ll be gentle, so come over here.」

「Uu…… I understand.」

Aki-chan spread her legs as she approached me.

I sat in a position that made it easier for Aki-chan to straddle me.

So, we sat facing each other.

「Then, Aki-chan, can you put it in from that position?」

Aki-chan slowly lowers her waist as she straddles me.

「Yes, Suu~, Haa~, Uuu~, It’s innn….!」

My erect cock was swallowed into the depths of her vagina which had been teased and stimulated.

As her vagina wriggled softly with an Uni~ Uni~, my penis was engulfed lovingly.

The aphrodisiac effect had faded but although it was not as sensitive as before, it still felt very pleasant.

Every time I inserted it, I felt like I would never get tired of this sensation and instead, I would become even more enamored with it every time I inserted it.

Aki-chan’s vagina is demonic.

「It feels good, Aki-chan. Although Sakura-chan’s tight pussy is also good, Aki-chan’s soft pussy is the best!……」

I told Aki-chan my honest thoughts.

Both vaginas are supreme.

It is difficult to say which one is better.

「Jin-san, please fill me, please shoot your semen inside of me……」

「Is it okay? I’ll let out a lot though?」

Aki-chan smiled,

「Yes! Please fill me up Jin-san, give me everything……!」

And she said that.

Are there any males who would be able to stop themselves if they heard such a thing? No, I don’t think so.

I begin to move slowly.

It was not possible to move intensely while in a sitting position with Aki-chan riding me, but the feeling of penetrating her deeply is still very pleasant.

It’s a fact that I can truly feel the womb in her vagina, putting a moderate amount of strength as I ravish Aki-chan strongly.

Enjoying this degree of flesh inside Aki-chan is pleasant.

Sakura-chan is petite and skinny, there’s a hard place in her body that whenever it’s hit her ribs stand out.

It is wonderful in itself, a good degree of flesh is good and soft and becomes more comfortable.

This is a personal preference.

But I love both.

「Aki-chan’s body is warm……」

「Jin-san’s thing is hot.」

Swaying little by little while embracing each other closely, we lust for pleasure.

When her soft breasts come in contact with my chest, it feels very pleasant.

Breast milk spouts from Aki-chan’s nipples.
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Our bodies rub against one other as we were covered in each other’s body fluids.

We were like one big lump of meat.

I ravish both of her mouths and monopolize Aki-chan.

We continue having sex while making indecent Gujiyu~ Gujiyu water sounds.

I intertwine our tongues, suck her tongue and rub her gum with my tongue, and satisfy Aki-chan.

Aki-chan’s red eyes stare at me.

Her red eyes appeared glassy and glazed over.

Aki-chan’s eyes reflect my eyes, and my eyes reflects Aki-chan’s……

Neither of us can tell who is who.

But our bodies wouldn’t stop moving.

The speed at which she steadily climbs to climax increases.

The movements of Aki-chan’s tongue become intense.

As mine also reacts intensely, the entrance to her womb squeezes my penis as if it is trying to suck my energy.

I’m cumming!

Doku~! Dopyu~! ……… Dokun~ Dokun~……

Our lovey-dovey sex with kissing was out of this world……

When I casually look at the floor, I saw that it had been sullied by me and Aki-chan’s body fluids.

Sakura-chan is asleep on the bed so we did it on the floor, but I never thought it would become this dirty.

「Aki-chan…… I love you.」

「Yes…… I know, I also love you very much.」

We kissed again.

We couldn’t stop.

I filled Aki-chan many times, strengthening our desire as I dye her in my lust.

My penis grows again in Aki-chan’s vagina.

「Can we go again?」

「Yes, however will it be really possible to make a baby?」

「When that time comes, we’ll search for a zombie gynecologist.」
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Like hell I’ll let Aki-chan be alone!

I will create a new family so she won’t be alone anymore.

Our sex continued throughout the day–


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