Chapter 1 ☆

When I was suddenly bitten by a strange middle-aged man, I woke up. Then there was hell.

If what the radio says is true, then this world is already crawling with zombies…. it’s only been a week.

A certain terrorist group developed a virus which propagated throughout the whole world, turning humans into zombies.

Though I have to say, these zombies seem like normal human beings. But, apparently when a person gets infected and turn into a zombie, their intelligence decreases dramatically.

When a person gets bitten by a zombie and gets infected, cognitive function rapidly deteriorates. When it faints, it then turns into a zombie.

And then, it will turn into a monster that attacks people indiscriminately.

It was said that this virus that infects humans could also infect other life-forms. This information was provided by a source that watched a crow infected with the virus become more ferocious.

It’s easy to tell the difference between a human and a zombie.

When a living being gets infected by a zombie, their eyes redden because of the virus.

As for the person that was infected and about to turn into a zombie, their eyes will also redden because of the virus.

It is recommended to kill infected people before they completely turn into zombies.

Though killing the victim without discretion is concerning, it must be done, since the vaccine for the virus hasn’t been developed yet.

Moreover, the government isn’t functioning; though the Police and Self-Defense Force are taking action and committed on the rescue operations, it doesn’t seem to be going smoothly though.

…… the aforementioned information was checked and obtained from the internet.

It is much worse than I could ever imagine.

Besides, I don’t know how much longer it will be until the internet gets cut off.

Electricity and gas are still usable for the moment, but……

It’s just a matter of time before until it runs out.

I―― Fujiwara Jin decided to turn off the radio which broadcast this hopeless news.

I’ll only become more dreary if I heard more of it.

It was at the time when I was walking back to my apartment from the university that I attend.

I was suddenly bitten by a middle-aged man with bloodshot eyes.

I fainted from shock.

I then woke up, only to suddenly see hordes of zombies surrounding me.

Thinking I’ll get bitten again, I escaped from that place with all my energy. I got back to my apartment safely.

I made my way to my room trying to understand what has happened, I turned on the television, but all that was displayed was a black sandstorm.

All the channels were the same.

Somehow, the TV station must’ve been overrun by the zombies.

I listened to the radio instead. Having felt my stomach grumbling, I decided to eat instant noodles while listening.

Afterwards, I started to investigate in various ways using my laptop.

My eyes abruptly fell on the mirror I use for shaving.

One of my eyes was dyed red.
[TN: is that you Kaneki?][PR: It’d be way funnier if it were Rikka.]

As expected, I’m turning into a zombie.

However, I found it strange that none of the zombies ran after me while I was escaping…

But why is it only my right eye?

Is there evidence stating that there were zombies incompletely turned?

I don’t think my intelligence has diminished, and I can still speak properly unlike the zombies who say “Ahh~” all the time……

Perhaps there are things such as antibodies for the virus in my body?
[ED: Ellie?]

Hence why I didn’t completely turn into a zombie… Is it likely that it only infected a part of me, which is why only one of my eyes is dyed red?

With that being said, it is more natural to think that if another was bitten, there’s a 100% probability that that one will turn into a zombie. So there must be some kind of antibody in me.

I want to think that the effects won’t turn much worse than this because one week has passed since I was bitten.

However, to have lost consciousness for more than a week.

That explains why I felt hungry.

Although a vaccine for the virus might be produced using the antibodies from my body…… Before all of that, I have to help Saya first.

Saya, Fujiwara Sayaka, is my younger step-sister.

Though my beloved step-sister and I aren’t connected by blood, she’s still important to me.

Saya is still a grade-schooler.

If I don’t help her quickly…… No, considering the situation, she might’ve already been turned into a zombie…

Saya and I are not connected by blood, so it is likely that she doesn’t have antibodies for the zombie virus. However, perhaps――

No, this isn’t good, it’s bad to have high hopes.

I have to change, or my heart will break completely.

It is necessary to assume the worst.

……Somehow, those thoughts gave me a feeling that they lifted a heavy weight off my mind.

I decided to leave my apartment.

There’s a nice weather outside, it’s not cloudy.

First of all, should I prioritize securing a supply of food or means of transportation?

There’s a limit to traveling on foot.

I don’t own a car, but I do have a license.

Though I rented a car from Rent-a-car, I can’t say that it’s still rented now.

Let’s just say I rented it for good.

It’s a state of emergency, so there shouldn’t be any problem.

Located near the apartment, the usual convenience store I used to go to fell into ruins.

Commodities were scattered, bloodstains everywhere.

Neither the customers or employees are around.

Though, I thought there might be an employee who is a zombie around here somewhere.


There is, it’s a zombie.

「Aki-chan, you turned into a zombie.」

There she was, Akiko Yuzawa, the most popular sales clerk of this convenience store.

[Yuzawa] was written in her nameplate, in cute adorable letters.

Aki-chan was a highschool student who lived near this convenience store with a devastating bosom that couldn’t be compared to other female students. Her hair was black and long, and she was equipped with a smile that radiates like a child’s.

However, the current her who had turned into a zombie had a stiff expression……


「She’s still cute after all……」
[TN:( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)][PR:( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)]

The cuteness which made the male university students create a fanclub was still there.

Though Aki-chan is nothing more than a story now, the zombie seems to think of me as a friend and is unresponsive.

However, zombies quarrel among themselves, so I am refraining from attacking.

The always cheerful Aki-chan….. reduced to this……

Although I should say, Aki-chan still looked nice even in this figure.

Zombies on the outside are usually stained by the victim’s blood, but Aki-chan is still beautiful with just a small bite mark in the neck, and even infected she’s still beautiful.

…… Is it possible to have sex with her?

My conscience is breaking, what am I supposed to do.

I intended to be a good Onii-chan to Saya if she was here, but, Saya isn’t here anymore.

No one is here to judge even if I acted on sexual desire.

「Aki-chan, can you hear me?」

It is unresponsive as usual.

I looked at Aki-chan’s face.

This kind of Aki-chan is also cute.~

……However, she smells a little.

But, it is not the stench of decaying flesh, it smells of slight sweat which could also be my smell.

For one week I haven’t taken a shower or bath, which also can’t be helped.

But…. this smell, it excites me instead.

It’s a woman’s scent, it’s a smell that could incite a man’s carnal desires.

「Aki-chan, can I kiss you….?」

I waited for a response.

Aki-chan was, of course, unresponsive.

All there is, was silence.

I put my lips on Aki-chan’s.

I only put my lips. I didn’t have the courage to insert my tongue in like one would expect.


Aki-chan actually slipped her tongue in!!

I was going to pull back and fall from surprise, but I couldn’t as I was embraced before I knew it…… !!

Was it because she’s a zombie? Her tongue movement felt slightly constrained…

…… After a while, Aki-chan, seemingly satisfied, finally released me.

But, why all of a sudden…

Which reminds me, zombies tend to mimic what they usually do before they were infected.

The reason that is why Aki-chan was here before she was infected


「Then that must mean Aki-chan is a bitch, That she put her tongue in while we kissed. Just how many men in this world had she toyed with?」

I didn’t think it was possible, that this cute chick had been with men before.

She may not even be virgin.

The men in the Aki-chan’s fan club worshipped her like the virgin mary! Though sadly, reality is cruel.



Aki-chan just shook her head a little.

Is it my imagination?

Zombies don’t have the capability to understand a person’s speech, that was said on the net but…

「A~Aah My first kiss with the exception of family, was Aki-chan, but I did not know that this wild chick had this kind of character.」

Aki-chan started to shake her head.

I wasn’t mistaken.

……Does a zombie also have the capability to understand a person speech?

Also, information from the net is unexpectedly unreliable.

「However, you must have opened your legs for other men, right? That’s why it’s fine, right?……to violate you.」

I pushed Aki-chan down at the counter next to the cash register.

Aki-chan didn’t resist.

It feels like a lie that before she was holding me with power not possible for a girl just before.

「Well, I am different from the man I was before, so I won’t be using a condom. I also don’t have the money for that.」

I stripped Aki-chan’s clothes.
[TN: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ( ͡° ͜ʖ ( ͡° ͜ʖ ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ͜ʖ ͡°)ʖ ͡°)ʖ ͡°)]
[PR: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ]


The chest asserting itself on the clothes with strong power flies towards me.

The breasts were strapped by her bra.

「I will make your oppai comfortable in a moment~」

I’m currently doing what my normal self would never do.

It was in all and every way, somewhat desperate.

I unhooked her bra and massaged her two swellings without mercy.

The soft sensation was pleasant.

Though a zombie, it is still a living thing.

Her body has body-heat present, and maybe due to touching, the nipples have become hard.

Aki-chan’s cheeks reddened too.

「Aki-chan, are you getting off from your breasts getting fondled? Pervert.」

As I said that, Aki-chan’s face reddened even more.

This type of Aki-chan is so erotic and cute that…….my son erected.

It is said that zombies are monsters, totally separate from human beings, but looking at Aki-chan, it contradicts all that.

「It would be rude to the pussy if I focus entirely on the breasts, wouldn’t it?」

Next should be the bottom half, if I started from the top half.

I stripped the remaining clothes that Aki-chan had on, and gazed at her full body.

「This is dangerous… It’s amazingly erotic.」

If the wound on her neck wasn’t there, this would be the perfect body.

The nipple that became hard had a beautiful pink color, too, and I haven’t played with it yet.

And….I gazed at Aki-chan’s womanhood.

「Aki-chan, you have quite of them grown, you didn’t deal with them?」

It seems Aki-chan haven’t shaved her pubic hair area, which could indicate that she had screwed around with other guys.

I pushed through her pubic hair and touched her slit.


「Aki-chan, I only groped your chest yet you’re soaking wet. You’re surprisingly a lewd highschool girl」

The proof of Aki-chan’s horniness has stuck on my index finger.

It is amazingly erotic.

That’s it, let’s do it.

Aki-chan is an escape from this male virginity.

I took off not only my jeans, but also my underwear and showed off my desiring rod to Aki-chan.

Though the false phimosis, the size is not little.

「Look Aki-chan, my thing has become like this because of your eroticness. So you must take responsibility.」

So to call, I drew Aki-chan’s waist at my mercy close to my custard launcher.

Aki-chan cock sheath is now located close to my raging cock.

「Lotion shouldn’t be needed, since it’s already this wet.」

Aki-chan is only staring at me with a red face.

I slowly thrust my waist, among Aki-chan’s wet love juices, the tip went in.

「It’s tight…… It went in, but only the tip is in, and only that won’t free me from my virginity….」

I sway with force and thrust it deep inside Aki-chan quickly.

「Did everything went in at once?」

Moving slowly inside her tight pussy, to ease up Aki-chan a little.

During this, it has become easier to move.

「Uwaa… Amazing! It doesn’t compare with an Onahole….」

It is damp and warm unlike an Onahole, the pleasure brought by Aki-chan’s inside was the best.

My waist could come off from the pleasure it never experienced before.

The entrance tightens, and it greets the man and wrapped around it kindly, with the entirety of her pussy seeking the man’s custard.

「Superb, Aki-chan. It feels too good.」

Demanding more, Aki-chan feet and waist shook with pleasure.

Aki-chan’s vagina twines around me.

It seems to squeeze down.

「Aki-chan, I will release it inside, that’s fine, right……」

Feeling like I’m about to cum, I fondled her breast while waiting for my climax.

I pushed my waist recklessly.

I did not think about Aki-chan’s feelings, I who felt too good selfishly moved.

The only sound heard was the sound of bodies bumping to each other…

Once I regained all my senses, I removed my hands from Aki-chan’s chest, and licked her hard nipple.

Mouth, nose, ear, eyes, pleasure was avariciously lusted for while feeling Aki-chan’s whole body.

「Aki-chan, take it out!」

Retreat, retreat……

I spit out my desire in Aki-chan’s vagina, while I murmur to Aki-chan.

I rub my glans against the womb entrance, the womb was stained by the impure white liquid.

There was this feeling of conquest and satisfaction one got when they got the woman called Akiko Yuzawa.

「Aki-chan, It’s the most pleasant graduation of male virginity.」

I pulled out of Aki-chan’s insides slowly.

……Eh? It’s dirtied with blood.

Well, that’s unexpected.

「Aki-chan, you were a virgin?」

Aki-chan nodded deeply.

Guilt suddenly rose within me.

I suddenly recalled calling the virgin Aki-chan a bitch.

No, rape in itself is a crime.

「I’m sorry, Aki-chan….」

Having entered Sage-mode, I feel that what I have done is terrible.

Though there are no human rights for a zombie……

Aki-chan shakes her head.

「Dai-i… Su-u… Ki-i…」

Aki-chan with a red face skillfully moved her mouth to convey her feelings.


「……Aki-chan, did you like me?」

Aki-chan revealed an enthusiastic smile and nodded many times.

Since Aki-chan can’t pronounce well, to convey her intention, she uses her emotions and movements

Somewhat like a dog.

That sort of Aki-chan is cute and pleasant, moreover it has irresistible lust.

「Aki-chan, let’s feel good once more….?」

Aki-chan can’t be helped, I was hugged close by the face that expressed the same desire.

In the end, I said my apology one more time.

The pent-up sexual desire that I accumulated over an entire week enabled me to go five rounds.

Though I demanded to keeping going, I had to consider that Aki-chan was a virgin just a short while ago.

「Aki-chan, isn’t it painful, your body?」

Aki-chan shook her head.

The zombie is insensitivity to pain, it can only obtain pleasure thanks to the transformation to the zombie…. the sex with the virgin Aki-chan is proof of that information.

……Is Aki-chan truly a zombie?

Her eyes are really red, and her pronunciation isn’t too well either.

However, she has considerably high intellect.

Why? Is Aki-chan an exception?

No, Aki-chan was the same as the other zombies until it came to contact with me—


I was pulled by Aki-chan while I was thinking of various things.

What? Aki-chan pointed at something conveying to look at that……

It is a zombie.

The mouth was dirtied by blood, male zombie.

That reminds me, there is this thing that I looked at the zombie.

It has the dossier of the convenience store.

Will this zombie repeat its actions from before it became infected meaninglessly again, too?

「Please go somewhere else……」

Even though it didn’t attack, it’s bad for my heart that there is a zombie nearby.



The zombie went unsteadily out of the convenience store

What is this?

When it heard my voice, it really left.

「Aki-chan, wait a moment here.」

I ran after the zombie.

There were zombies wandering around the convenience store.

As I thought.

I talk to the group of zombies nearby.

「You seem like zombies, dance if you’re really a zombie」

The zombies who heard my voice really began to dance!

Oh, it isn’t a graveyard here.

These zombies dance really poorly though.

However, they began to dance as I order it.

……Since there is no music, it is considerable surreal.

The contents of the video which the terrorist provided before the virus epidemic played through my mind.

『The human will reach true equality with the virus, and it will be manage by a new ruler!』

A new ruler.

The special infected who can give commands to the zombies to start with.

The terrorist called it a special infected by the video. But……

Is that…me?

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