The Hero amused himself by stomping

「Aa… ugh, gaah…」

「Higguu… Gguukk, Aagh…」

After a few minutes, the room wasn’t filled with words but moans. When her reaction didn’t please me anymore no matter what I did, I stopped.

Her face was so disfigured that you wouldn’t know who it was upfront. All of her fingers were broken, pointing at odd directions.

Finally, when she couldn’t handle anymore beating, she curled up and foamed from her mouth.

「Well then, shall we do it again?」

My desire for revenge isn’t going to be quelled with just this, but if she’s not showing any reaction or whatsoever from the torture, it’ll be meaningless.

When I regained my composure after acting violently, I used a healing magic on Princess Alesia while enduring to impulsively stab the short sword in her.

A small amount of magic was absorbed through my hand, and a faint light welled up. That light was from the 【Verdant Green Crystal Sword】.

I obtained this one form of the Spirit Sword when I fulfilled the requirements in the Forest of the Elves.

The short sword is approximately 15 centimeters long and it’s like a green crystal. And if some magic is poured in, there will be a healing effect on the target.

However, it’s not an instant recovery. So in the meantime, I will recollect my thoughts.

「I thought it was just my imagination, but why does my body feel heavy…」

What I understood during the battle was that my physical ability has evidently deteriorated. Why that happened, I have a few ideas.

「Hmm… Maybe it’s a curse?」

What pierced me before, the 『Deus Slayer』 was a sword that has the ability to steal attributes every time you inflict a wound on the opponent, and that debuff effect is why the church treasure it. That time when I had equipped it, the effect of my Spirit Sword was nullified.

My inherent skill 『Spirit Sword』 has the ability to acquire numerous forms every time I meet a certain requirement for my exclusive use.

Those four years weren’t for naught, among the many forms that I obtained, there’s one that can cure any ailments. So first of all, I have to investigate about how to deal with the sword.

「Status Open」

As if adhering to my voice, a pale semi-transparent board; the status window, emerged.

In there was a list of the attributes of the person who called it. Without using some type of appraisal, skill or magic, they wouldn’t be able to see it except me.

In there was amazing information written inside.

Ukei Kaito | 17 years old | Male

HP: 531/545 MP: 347/412
Level: 1

Strength: 224
Stamina: 324
Endurance: 545
Agility: 587
Magic Power: 117
Magic Resistance: 497

Inherent Skills: 「Spirit Sword▽」 「Language Comprehension」

Skills: 『Punch Lv1』

Condition: Excellent

「……What on the earth is this?」

I rubbed my eyes and closed the status window thinking that it was a bug. I shook my head and I opened it again.

「Status Open.」

Ukei Kaito | 17 years old | Male

HP: 531/545 MP: 347/412
Level: 1

Strength: 224
Stamina: 324
Endurance: 545
Agility: 587
Magic Power: 117
Magic Resistance: 497

Inherent Skills: 「Spirit Sword▽」 「Language Comprehension」

Skills: 『Punch Lv1』

Condition: Excellent


There were many strange attributes so I unintentionally muttered that question.

Firstly, my age.

I was summoned about 4 years ago, when I was in my second year of highschool and I was 17 years old, now I’m 21 years old.

What could’ve happened? Had some secret technique been activated? Or not?

Well, I don’t have any problem with this.

Next was level.

I defeated the Demon Lord, and the experience I gained after fighting her was bountiful. It exceeded above 300 levels, and it rose to nearly level 400. Before departing, the leader of the knights, which was considered to be the Kingdom’s strongest person was about level 121, there were also approximately 270 participants during the Demon Lord subjugation, that was also something to consider to know what extent it has risen.

Of course, if my level goes up, the attributes are affected too.

But I’ve never heard stories where your level decreases, the only case was when you continue to skip training for years.

But I’ve never heard of a rumor where your level decreases in one go from level 300.

Or rather, in this world only infants are level 1.

Even when I first came to this world, I was at level 3.

And to match my level 1, my attributes had decreased extremely.

And lastly, my skills.

My Perfectionist trait, it’s something like a hero correction skill and unlike the inherent skill. If you’re suitable and you fulfilled the conditions, then with enough time you can get it.

The skills have proficiency and level. If you train several times they level up, and then you can master it.

Basically you don’t have any other choice but to spam the skills until you level up, in other words, my skill 『Punch』 which I had spammed relentlessly was the fruit of my hard work.

「Ahh! Silly me… The 『Sky Walk』!!」

The princess’ consciousness hasn’t come back yet, but most of her wounds were already cured so I interrupted the treatment and cancelled my Spirit Sword.

I kicked the ground, and then kick the ground one more time using magic as my foothold, I jumped to the air.

The skill I hurriedly acquire is 『Sky Walk』. With this skill, I can make a foothold beneath my feet, making aerial battles possible.

This skill has helped me on the battlefield. It was certainly activated. It had activated, but…

「Is this a joke…?」

He gasped as he was dumbfounded at the excessively crude activation of the skill. The consumption of magic power and the activation speed, it can’t be compared to my own senses.

「Status Open!!」

Ukei Kaito | 17 years old | Male

HP: 531/545 MP: 297/412

Level: 1

Strength: 224
Stamina: 324
Endurance: 545
Agility: 587
Magic Power: 117
Magic Resistance: 497

Inherent Skills: 「Spirit Sword▽」 「Language Comprehension」

Skills: 『Punch Lv1』 『Magic Manipulation Lv1』『Sky Walk Lv1』

Condition: Excellent

When I opened the status window, the skill that I used just now, 『Magic Manipulation Lv1』 and 『Sky Walk Lv1』 were registered.

When I tapped the word 『Sky Walk』 on the status window, I sighed.

「Sigh-, just as I feared… 」

『Sky Walk』 Skill Level: 1

Skill Proficiency: 1/10000

A skill to make footholds in the air with magic.

That was written in the status window.
In other words, the skill was treated as newly obtained.

My drained MP proves it.

Like I said before and to put it briefly, the skill level indicates how much you are used to the skill.

When you successfully activate the skill, your proficiency will rise up. And with that, you can use it more efficiently.

To elaborate, when Sky Walk levels up, the MP cost and casting time decreases.

Frankly speaking, a level 1 skill is garbage. Most of them have a consumption rate so bad that you can’t use them in actual combat.

Just in case, I checked the other skills
but they were level 1 too.

「It doesn’t seem to be an effect… of a curse. If there were a tremendous effect like this, I wouldn’t have lasted that long on the battlefield.」

Actually, before I had awoken here, if my memory serves me right, I had every skill on advanced level, making it possible to use 『Sky Walk』 and 『Magic Manipulation』 while chattering, and fight alone for a year or more.

If there was a sword that has a skill effect that can reset one’s level and skills, then there is no need to rely on a hero, because you could just defeat the Demon Lord in one hit…

…Nah, although that’s impossible, you could defeat her with ease.

「That moment, before being killed… Nah, I’m going to assume that I survived because I’m still alive. And while I was unconscious, they afflicted me with a new kind of status effect?」

In the status window, it’s stated that my condition was excellent, but the status window can be full of flaws so I can only use it as a reference. And my status window could’ve been deceived by an obstructive and high level status effect.

That’s why, to recognize what type of effect I have on me, I opened my status window again and used the appraisal ability that the Spirit Sword has to obtain a more detailed information of my condition.

If this is really a new type of effect, then I have to grasp the effect without fail, otherwise I won’t be able to perceive the requirements to cancel it.

「Well then, Appraisal!


Apprai…… sal?」

And when I was about to chant the appraisal ability that the sword has and use it on my status window, I stopped my movement.

「It, can’t, be…」

While making a wry face because of an awful premonition, I tapped the 『▽』 icon next to the Spirit Sword.

Then, there listed were numerous names of the Spirit Sword where I had overcome innumerable hardships until now.

However, most of them were displayed in dim gray, and next to them was a mark of a padlock. By touching the mark, there indicates the necessary amount of experience required to release that type of Spirit Sword.

「This is a joke, right…?」

I tried to bring out a few of the Spirit Swords that are colored in dim gray, but none of them worked.

It appears like it’s only the grey ones, because I can use the ones colored in white.

Again, to the point of dropping tears, this time, she had passed what she can tolerate, together with the irritation and anxiety, her emotions were going in circles.

While pretending to be unconscious, she attempted to chant a spell from her mouth, so I kicked her to interrupt it.


「You really do like surprise attacks, Alesia. For what purpose do you think did I heal you? Don’t die before I give you a beating.」

It seems like that was a low-grade fireball, but because it was in an incomplete state, the fireball exploded inside the mouth of the princess.

Surely, the inside of her mouth had become something very serious, so serious that it feels great.

Although I won’t say it, I want you to oppose me with every being that you have except killing yourself.

Seeing Princess Alesia-sama self-destructing, it’s very fun. It’s very pleasant.

As I thought, taking vengeance for myself is refreshing. While thinking that, I suddenly found a notification on the upper-left of the status window, something that I never saw.

Until now, I never saw that icon once, so I don’t know what type of effect has.

「H~m, what to do…」

「Guahkk… Gau…vuaahh…」

For now, I’m pressing my bored feet against her stomach while she glares me intensely. Enjoying the disfigured appearance and voice of Princess Alesia-sama.

Suppressing my shock for losing many forms of the Spirit Sword, I slowly pressed my right-hand finger on the email icon.

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