The Hero swore revenge

Underhanded, repulsive and detestable… I feel sick.

Every time I look around, each and every person is the same.

They betray while smiling, trample on good intentions while grinning, and administer poison while laughing loudly.

I feel like an idiot for trying desperately to save people like them, but without being able to rewind the time, I can only feel depressed.

It could be said that I am responsible for getting deceived, that’s why this conclusion is only natural. However, if someone says I should accept it, then heck no.

「………. We did it.」

「Geez, you’re a monster, really.」

「It’s finally over. All evil is purified in accordance to God’s will.」

While the source of life is spilling on the sword stabbed in my chest, my former friends, no, people I thought as friends surround me.

This is without a doubt a punishment, punishment to the me who blindly clung to the word ‘believe’.

Therefore, if there is a second time, I won’t make any mistakes then for sure.

Therefore, if there is a next time, I’ll definitely kill.

I’ll kill the princess, I’ll kill the knights, I’ll kill the villagers, I’ll kill the sorcerers, I’ll kill the soldiers, I’ll kill the Saints, I’ll kill the martial artists, I’ll kill the assassins, I’ll kill the dancers, I’ll kill the merchants, I’ll kill the King, I’ll kill the Queen, I’ll kill the nobles.

I will massacre them all, in the most cruel way; in the most sadistic way.

I will keep it engraved in the deepest, deepest, deepest part of my heart, so I wouldn’t forget it in the next life.

【 System Message: Holy Sword of Vengeance unlocked. 】

As my consciousness starts to fade, such a voice was heard. But my body won’t budge even a little bit, I can’t do anything.

『Hey, I wonder where did we make a blunder… What should we have done, to live in that game-like time forever……, or maybe, there was nothing we could’ve done… I wish it turned out differently…』

And then, I remember at the end of the killing, one woman killed another. She too was pierced the same way I was, laughing at her own helplessness, that woman was referred to as the Demon Lord.

「kukuku… ahahaha-ugguukku… bwahahahahaha!!」

A mouthful of blood mixed with her laughter. It truly is a hilarious story, the enemy of the world, the enemy they told us to fight who was considered the hero’s true nemesis was the only person that didn’t tell a lie. The pierrot was dancing a bit more longer.

「Tch, You still haven’t died yet!」

「No, he doesn’t have any power to stand anymore. But, the purification of evil will take a little time.」

「That’s right, he can’t even glare at us anymore.」

While feeling like they were about to laugh again, thoughts were suddenly surging.

Since he already lost too much blood, pretty thoughts were not settled there. Therefore, words that were engraved only by instinct came out.

「Ah… all of you, I’ll absolutely kill all of you by all means…… 」

Kachick- The sound confirmed the total depletion of his HP, and his consciousness sank into the bottom of the dark abyss.

I, Ukei Kaito died.

【 System Message: Tutorial Mode has ended.


Time Elapsed: 4 years, 112 days, 17 hours, 52 minutes and 35 seconds.

Experience(level) is decreasing over time…

Since the retrogression amount exceeds the accumulated experience points, resetting level to initial value, a deficit of- 20,000 is pooled.

Setting experience point to be locked at level 10.

Retrogression amount exceeded the deficit limit.

Revoking skills which fit to the retrogression amount it exceeds- retrogression process executed.

Retrogression of skills, revoking success. Skills were fully initialized.

Because retrogression amount exceeds skill, attempting retrogression process by revoking the special skill 「Spirit Sword」.
……… Attempt failed due to the effects of 【Holy Sword of Vengeance】.

Revocation process cancelled, moving on to attempt sealing the key amount of experience points.

Sealing process success. 53 of 58 forms of 「Spirit Sword」 was sealed.

Offsetting of the excess retrogression amount has ended.

Preparing retrogression to start mode…



… Complete.


Commencing retrogression to start mode.】

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