What if Japan sold its interests after the Russo-Japanese war?

~Notes Exchange History Alteration~

Author: Umiうみ

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Nihon ga nichirosensou nochi tairiku riken wo baikyakushite itara?
~ Note ga tsunagu rekishi kaihen ~


The war with Russia is about to start.
Suddenly, such scribbles were written on the notebook of a present-day Japanese boy. As the boy thought it was a prank, he replied in the notebook as a joke, and as he did so, the other person started writing again.
What the other person wrote in the notebook was that the Russo-Japanese War was currently in progress!
The boy who thought of it as a prank, wrote down the background of the Russo-Japanese War, and thereafter, the other person asked him about the future Japan. Thus, unintentionally started the alteration of history.

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