Translated by: Daily

Edited by: HnM_Peter

TLC by: Daily




Hello guys! Here’s the 3rd chapter! I’ve mentioned previously that I wanted to make these chapter posts sort of a blog, so at least there will be a bit of content in it. So here it goes. Kek.

I’m enjoying translating this novel so far, and one thing that’s very different from all the novels I’ve worked on before is that there’s a ton of research that I had to put into it, and I’m enjoying that process a lot. I also learn more about history which I’ve always found to be intriguing, so with that in mind, I can say I can finish the whole 154 chapters of this novel. Unless Peter here poofs on meĀ or some unforeseeable event prevents me.

Anyway, enough of my rambling, enjoy the chapter :3


Chapter 3