Chapter 5 – Earl’s daughter

I am 6 years old now.

My daily routine these days consists of playing with the children in Timoria town.

「Eginhardt-sama~. Ehehe.」

「Hey, Simona-chan. I said quit it. Ugh… You know I can’t manage when you get like this!」

The girl clinging to me is Simona.

She is my first companion, and also my childhood friend.

She became mine. She does all kinds of things for me, and even lives for me, and for me, she would even put her life into my hands. She has become a splendid slave.

Well, her appearance is no different from the other children around here.

Just a child who appears to be painfully in love with the lord’s son.

I am a silver-haired ikemen. By harnessing both physical and magical power, I have become the star of this town. Even though Simona-chan is at this age yearning for such a childish dream like marrying a prince when she grows up, but I guess that’s natural.

Recently she was called the “Young Master’s Azure Bride” by the people of this town.

Because it was Simona-chan herself who told me this, it might not be entirely true.

Then, when we were playing by the forest, my personal maid Martha ran up.

「… Young master, please return to the mansion. It seems like Simeon-sama has arrived.」

「Grandfather? He’s back earlier than expected.」

「Eginhardt-sama~… are you going somewhere?」

「I’m sorry, Simona… wait, do you want to come with me?」

「Really!? Yes. I want to go too!」

Then let’s clean up. My voice reaches the surrounding children.

「Alright, everyone’s attention please. Let’s end today’s playtime here. Good work everyone~.」

The children scattered into groups by my order.

Underneath their empty eyes, they held wooden spears in their hands.



Simeon Argypheos

He is my grandfather.

He is the founder of the Argypheos Household and the hero of this town.

He usually lives in the royal capital and only returns home several times a year.

I like my grandfather. The reason is that he has plenty of connections in the royal capital.

And he is a sweet person, therefore as his grandchild, I can easily deceive him to get as much accommodation as I like.

When the three of us returned to the mansion, the carriage had just arrived.

In front of the mansion, mother and father were talking with someone.


A small girl.

「Ooh! Eginhardt. Have you been well?」

When I was preoccupied with the mysterious visitor, grandfather beside me, noticed it.

「――Yes! Though, grandfather seems to be feeling better than me.」

「Hahahaha. I can’t lose to the younger ones just yet!」

Rather than that gramps, who is that child?

Simona noticed the girl and grasped onto my sleeve tightly.

「――Aa, this girl is Miss Charlotta Orphninon.」


Isn’t that the Earl’s House. Why is she in this rural area?

While I was still a little surprised. The girl with sepia hair politely bowed to me.

「Nice to meet you. I am Charlotta Orphninon.」

「It’s a pleasure to meet you. I am Eginhardt Argypheos.」

I awkwardly return her greeting.

Grandfather, who was watching us nodded with an uh-huh.

「Miss Charlotta, what do you think of… my grandchild?」

「Yes. He is very manly. It seems that he is loved by the citizens of the territory.」


Oh… no.

「… This is my friend, Simona. I intended to lend her my book, so I brought her to the mansion.」

「Now now! Seems like we have the same hobby! You, let’s talk later.」

「Y-Yes… err, Charlotta-sama.」

Phew. I somehow managed it.

However, grandfather suddenly passed by.

「―Eginhardt. I understand your feelings, but she is your fiance whom we had decided on a long time ago. During her stay, you must escort her politely.」

But of course grandfather, I will. I will welcome her courteously.

Courteously, right?


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