Chapter 4 – Stuffed Toy

「…Young master… Eh?… I…」

Simona-chan cast her eyes down, appearing to be bewildered.

The most likely reason was to suppress the new feelings taking root inside of herself that she didn’t yet understand.

Active skill――[Behavior Adjustment]

It’s a skill that changes the subject’s original objective into a desire that becomes a motivation for the sake of acting in the interest of the targeted person.

The strange stuffed toy Popo has been very well taken care of by Simona. Having such a normal activity is common for a child in their developmental stage.

But what if one day suddenly, those feelings disappear and fade away ?

For Simona-chan now, it’s not Popo-chan she wants, but rather me, who is “the one to take care of”.

But it’s strange, even if she thinks about what it feels to meet the son of the lord for the first time.

It’s strange. Even though she doesn’t understand the reason, she can’t let go of my hand.


「Then, Simona-chan, I’ll see you later.」

「――!!?? Wait!!」

When I waved my hand and try to leave, Simona-chan desperately gripped my clothes.

Her eyes showed that she doesn’t mind about the stuffed toy that fell on her feet anymore.

Having unilaterally broken off her relationship with Popo-chan, it became soiled, covered in mud.

「Young Master… Young Master…」

Then, while pulling me, Simona-chan’s shoulder trembled.

Droplets of water trickled down and wet the ground.

Arara. I made her cry.

「… Sorry Simona-chan. Then, you can call me Eginhardt.」

「E-Eginhardt-sama… don’t go…」

「Hey, see you tomorrow, we can meet again tomorrow.」


「Yes. Because Simona-chan is my first friend!」


――This skill isn’t very powerful. I can manipulate the feeling, but the reasoning is another thing.

Simona-chan selfishly wants to be together with the lord’s son, but it can’t be accepted. I can understand a child’s heart.

That was what I thought, but the way she acted was outside of my expectations.

Frankly speaking, I was dumbfounded by her behavior.

「… It’s this one’s fault…」

Eh? She muttered it in a low voice. So I didn’t hear it.

「I understand… if this one wasn’t here… I will… so please…」

Little by little, I noticed her strange appearance.

However, I watched her calmly because it was interesting.

Soon after, Simona-chan smiled like an angel and said.

「Wait Eginhardt-sama… I will kill this guy.」

――*buchi* (whack)

Simona-chan picked up Popo-chan at her feet and began tearing it with all of her power.

――*buchi buchi* (whack whack)

In front of my eyes, the thing which was Simona-chan’s friend had turned into garbage.


This is the first one I got.

I decided to change my evaluation of Simona-chan.

「…Thank you Simona-chan. I am very happy.」

「Ehehehe. I did it for Eginhardt-sama.」

Ah. It’s the best.

There”s nothing more to do in this town.

Having overlooked the highest material like this, my eyes must have a problem.

This way, I obtained a new play thing.

Being patted by me, Simona-chan’s cheeks blushed.

Simona-chan’s eyes reflected nothing but my silhouette.

In that girl’s world, the only thing there was me.

This is the end of Simona Cuernos, yet also the beginning.

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