Chapter 3 – Lakeshore Town

Since then, it has been about one year.

I spent every day happily.

Specifically, my younger sister Elena was born, and father danced madly in joy, readying for a fiancee with a face yet unknown, my [Harem Slave] skill raised to Lv2, and I have completed my task of making my beautiful slave maid absolutely obedient to me.

But, I have already become tired of the experiments in my home.

And I am eager to advance to the next stage already.

“…no matter what I think, it comes down to what should I do?”

“How about the Magic Academy? If I was to sneak into the women’s dormitory, I could practically choose to my liking any daughter of a noble family, but then of course their friends if so inclined might come to steal her back….”

because I am still only 5 years old.
It would be impossible as I would be too conspicuous going to an academy yet.
Besides there are limits on brainwashing everyone I would meet, to think of how many I would have afterwards is scary.

“If that’s out, then where can I go in the territory? If it’s a place where the influence of the Argypheos family reaches, then it should be a place where it’s easy for the master to move to.”

“So that’s it after all.
Although Timoria is a shitty little country town, and there is never anything interesting happening in this shit neighborhood, it is a nice quiet little place to live too.”

“Then, shall I take a trip?
The preparations for imprisonment are already in place.”

On this street, Martha grew up splendidly.”
I now understand my feelings on the matter, I will have them reach the point where they only know how to devote themselves to me.
That is after all how I had brought up Martha.
Ke ke.

With that as the reason, Martha and I have been strolling around town aimlessly.

We live in Timoria, which was a town built on the shores of lake Timor.
Even in the far history, from when the kingdom was coming into existence, this place had been flourishing as a beautiful tourist attraction, this is a historical territory.

Now while it is made up to sound good and all, in fact, it simply does not have any sufficient industry to speak of.

Lanes with little pedestrian traffic.
Markets that do not bustle.
Pleasant, where a tourist can hop on a boat and just play around.
As the successor to this city, this kind of scene only leaves me with a headache.

“Well, to be blunt, I have absolutely no intention to be the successor to this city.”

Master is not fit to have such a place.”

I agree.
I will become the Harem King!

That’s that.
As we were talking, there was someone watching us.


That child, do you know them?”

However, judging by her appearance, I would presume she is a merchant’s daughter.”

I do not understand the discrepancies in this neighborhood.

But the one looking this way, was a little girl with lapis lazuli colored hair.
She also seemed to be about my age.

The little girl was holding a strange stuffed doll in her arms while gazing this way at the other side of the street, she made a slight quiver.

“Is it possible that Master might be interested in that one?
Since Master rarely goes out.
In that case, shall I -secure- that girl?”

“That is true-…
Though she is the cute type…”

At five years old it’s more like she is still a kid.

But, that stuffed doll.
It might be convenient for my experiments.

ke ke ke.

I easily drew near.

“Hey you, do you have some business with me?”

“Uh.. that… young master… umm…”

Though it looks like she is starting to talk, she hugs her stuffed doll and tries to hide her face away behind it, and just ends up making muffled mumbling sounds.
She is unable to converse properly.

Such things as a child’s bashfulness? Well, it’s fine.
I quickly extend my hand out to the young girl.

“I am called Eginhardt.
I’d really like to know your name.”

“…It’s Simona.”

Simona-chan eh~.
Yep Yep.

It should be sufficient knowing just that much.
Afterwards, I can use [■Disclosure Request] for the rest.

I made a grin and smiled, and then told this to Simona-chan.

“Simona-chan, Let us become friends~ [Harem Slave]!”

Slave Editor (Lv2)

Object:Simona Cuernos
Status:Skill Selections

Passive Skills:
■Safety Management
⇒Forbid hostile actions towards the master.
⇒Suppress disclosure of master’s information.
■Disclosure Request
⇒Hiding information from the master is prohibited.
□Working Control

Active Skills:
□Thought Stop
□Brain Doping
■Behavior Adjustment
⇒Replace a specific desire.

Close Menu

With this, it should be good.

After choosing the active skills, the slave editor was closed.

“Simona-chan, can you hear me?”

“…eh? …. are?”

In this way, when I am in the skill selection menu, during that time the consciousness of the object is completely gone.
Incidentally, if I was to choose [Thought Stop] I could have that mindless state continue on indefinitely.

“Simona-chan, the precious stuffed doll you are holding on to, what is its name?”

“…It’s Popo-chan.
My…. friend.”

“Well, of course it is.
―― Then, how about from now on [Eginhardt will replace Popo-chan as your friend.]”

the plush doll that was held by Simona-chan fell uncaringly out of her arms and onto the ground with a plop.

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