Chapter 2 – Eldest Son of the Viscount




-Eginhardt! hah hah hah, I’m your da-da!~

Did I reincarnate after all?

I attempt to open my eyelids, but they aren’t behaving.

That’s to be expected.
I do not yet have the ability to use them.

– Dear… mou.
you completely frightened Eginhardt. –

Is… that my name?

Eginhardt, eh?
That sounds pretty impressive.

It would be good if it was a noble’s name.

Still, I can’t help but notice that I can properly understand the language my parents are speaking.
Was it something like [Language Comprehension]?
Goddess-chan, she really went all out with the service.
With this I’ll be able to save time learning to study, and can spend more time collecting information.

However… yeah.
It will still be a while before I am able to do anything.

For the moment, I am just a normal baby.
Until I grow a bit more, the only thing to do is eat and sleep.
But that’ll likely just be [Milk].

Can’t help that.
Instead, I will think about my plans for the future.
With the cheat the Goddess-chan gave me, I wonder what I should do?
In this world, how shall I live?

Delusions follow wildly.


Eginhardt Argypheos

This is the new name bestowed on me.

This town of [Timoria] is governed by the eldest son of the Viscount Argypheos.

With silvery hair inherited from his mother, he’s very suitable to being called an ikemen.*

My family consists of only father and mother, from there the only extra person I know of is just my grandfather who lives in the castle town.
In other words, I’m an only child.

Though I am an aristocrat, it’s a shallow bloodline, having only been elevated to nobility due to the achievements of my grandfather.

As for my handling, well… I am a young master. (TN: Bocchan)

The long-awaited heir.
Moreover, because I was a boy, my father was really attached to me.

While he appears to be a good man beloved by his fiefdom, when he comes to hold me and rub-rub his beard against me, it’s the absolute worst!

My kindly mother is originally from Timoria, and the two of them met and fell in love when they were attending school in the castle town.

By the way, though I was just born into the house, time has flown by and I am now 5 years old.

Time has flowed by fast.
However, for these last five years, I haven’t been goofing off.

The cheat abilities I received from Goddess-chan.
Over time, I’ve generally come to grasp what it is.
Though I am only five, my physical strength is on par with an adult male.
If I continue to nurture it as I grow, by the time I enter school I will be considered a child prodigy.

And as for the magic talent that was mentioned, I ascertained that I had it as well.
For example, just by chanting something like [By the name of the Great Goddess — Let there be light!] then a ball of light will appear in the air.
As for the things written in the tome of magic, I have roughly mastered it all.

And now, for the crucial skill [Harem Slave]

After a certain opportunity, I had been made aware of how it is used.

In our house is a young maid named [Martha].
She was hired on as my exclusive maid from the time I was four years old.
Because of that reason, I was tempted into using it.

Actually, there was a maid who took care of me even before her.
It was an old woman who was originally working in my grandfather’s house.
She had extensive experience in raising children, and was a very talented maid.

However… she was an OLD woman.

A grandmother dressed in frilly clothes who came to take care of me and often tried to be ‘too helpful.’ (meddlesome, that is.)
I adopted the tactics of thoroughly disliking this menopausal old lady.
Absolutely refusing to listen to anything she said, I did the opposite instead, and kept on doing my best at it until she became disenchanted and gave up.

And the final attack, it came at my 4th birthday party, I looked at my father and said “I want an onee~chan!” triggering the attack with upturned puppy-dog eyes, as I begged for one.
With that, the old woman voluntarily applied for a leave of absence.

In that way, Martha came to serve me.
She was a youthful maid as I had so desired.

Possessing fiery red hair, and almond-shaped eyes she was a strong-willed girl who would follow me.
Her skin was transparent, and it was beautiful much like you would expect from a princess.

As for her age? She is 12 right now.
For what you did for your son here, Papa, I am truly grateful to you!

In short Martha, because I had need of a guinea pig, she has become the servant of this house.

After a few days had passed, Martha had come to stay at our house from a certain day onwards.

On a day when my parents were absent, I called her to my room to practice using the brainwashing skill.

“Hey Martha~.
Will you read this picture book~”

“… I don’t want to.
Besides, little master can already read those characters, right?
How shameless.”

— It came to this.

Not accounting for the unexpected, I only had this one plan.
It seems that Martha was woman who had a good intuition.

Perhaps the facts that led to the old woman being dismissed she might not know about.
While I was cautious at first, after just a few days it seems my mask had peeled away.
It seems I was too active for being a aristocrat’s child, I would do something on the sly every single day, the existence of a person like me could only be considered weird by an exclusive maid like her.

In other words, I was avoided.


I really want melt to read it though.
Maybe I should tell on you to daddy~”

“If you want me to get fired go ahead.
I don’t really mind at all.”

Martha, who is stubborn to the end, retorts firmly.

However, she is unaware that she is nothing but a carp on a chopping block to me.


“…? What’s so funny?”

“Then, I’ll just have to read this book to Martha!
You should be fine with that then, right?”

“…haa… if it’s just listening…
then I will be sitting down here.”

Martha sits on my bed after speaking in a fed up voice.

However her defiant attitude will only be allowed this far.

“–Then, I’ll begin reading.
… …[At the beginning, there was only darkness in the world]… …’

The book I was reading aloud, was about the mythos of this world.
The Goddess who created this world, The Salamander who serves the Goddess, Gnome of the Land, Sylph of the Wind, Undine of the Water, these were the spirits of legend.
It is something someone of Martha’s age has already gotten tired of hearing about.

Being completely careless, she yawns.

If it’s now, I won’t be suspected!

Firstly, I refer to the words of the spell I learned in the tome of magic, and begin reciting them.

“…In the name of the Great Goddess Media — [Harem Slave]!”

By no means did I ever expect that I would hit a bull’s eye on the first try…

Then… it happened.

— Shuin~


All of a sudden an arrow of light appeared from my body and pierced the head of Martha.


Raising a scream, Martha fell with a plop, and ceased moving.

eh? Is she possibly dead?

Hurriedly, I look into her face and see that she is still properly living.

However her eyes are empty.
They are vacant eyes, without focus.

For now, can I say it was a success?

Now then, what to do from here on…

Is the suggestion given like hypnotism, where you have to imprint a suggestion? It seems I have no choice but to try.

“Then… Follow me.”

— Pyuin


What is it.
I swear I could hear something like an electronic beep, but… what?

Then, I noticed it.
The light particles surrounding Martha started to gather in sequence.

They began to take the form of a square board in front of me.

This is… a menu screen!

In words it was written there [menu].

Slave Editor (Lv1)

Subject: Martha Erythros
Race: Human
Current Status: Skill Selection

Passive Skills:
■Safety Management
⇒Forbid hostile actions at master.
⇒Forbid the disclosure of the master’s information.
□Disclosure Demand
□Full Control

Active Skills:
□Thought Stop
□Brain Doping

Close Menu

…The corners of my mouth lifted a bit.

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