Chapter 14 – Farewell Ruu-tan

And on the morning of the next day…



In my room is Ruu-tan, trembling while in a dogeza.


「I’m sowwie, please forgive me!!! I’ll do anything~!!!」




「… but I have orders to kill you~ Ah, what should I do~?」


Hearing this, Ruu-tan suddenly raised her head.

Ruu-tan’s teary-eyed face paled. It’s somewhat exciting.


「Ruu-tan!! Ruu-tan will serve you Master!! I will listen to anything you say!! So please, don’t kill me~!!」

「Eh~ But I’m indebted to goddess-sama~ Frankly speaking, Ruu-tan is pretty worthless~」

「R-ruu-tan is pretty! Look, aren’t I cute~!?」


With both of her index fingers, Ruu-tan pointed at her cheeks.

So, she thinks of herself as cute?

Honestly, I think that’s bullshit.


「…Martha. What’s the menu for today’s breakfast?」

「Yes. It’s sautéed elf meat.」

「Am I already dead meat!!!~?」


Ah, somehow.


This is fun, but it’s somewhat unsatisfying.

The taste is a little lacking. Should I spice it up a little?



I think I’ll try that next.




「Then, Ruu-tan――『Endure this pain』」



「Stop! Ruu-tan is an exceedingly beautiful girl, but I am not deli――――eh?」







I flicked Ruu-tan’s forehead.

It’s actually light, there’s no real force behind the flick.

Yet the whites of Ruu-tan’s eyes were showing, and she looks as if she’ll faint…







… in so much happiness.


Good for you Ruu-tan.

Aren’t you enjoying this?




This time, I am going to use two skills


「Absolute Control」 and then 「Brain Doping」.


Just like the time when I used this on Charlotta ojou-sama, it will be the most powerful dose of 「Brain Doping」. There are little uses for it, but it’s not like it has none.

By combining it with other skills, the potential is limitless.




That is, a sign of danger.


Experienced during times of being injured, or when bleeding, it is the body’s warning.

Therefore, I don’t imagine what it’s like. No, it’s more like I can’t.

Thinking of pain, it’s something everyone unconsciously avoids.


That’s why it came to existence, the ‘Happy Set’ that I thought up.

It’s a killer technique that’s one-step short of crippling a person.

Its name is, “The Forehead Flick of Ascension”.


Even for me, it’s an uninspiring name.





Looking at the frozen Ruu-tan, it seems to be a huge success.

Whether a strange habit will form, that was my only concern.

Kekeke. Is it too late?

It’s the end.

Uwa, drool is spilling.

Moreover, aren’t you leaking? Ruu-tan…



「Oh well. Sorry, Martha. I’ll leave the cleanup to you.」

「Yes. Please leave it all to me.」


And so, I make the finishing touches to the dish.

I place my hand over the foolish elf’s head, and declare in a loud voice.




「Hey Ruu-tan, sleep forever!!――――『Order 42: Brainwash』!!!」

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