Chapter 12 – Super-big idiot

Similar to a golden thread, she had hair that emanated a dazzling radiance. And long ears.

As for her appearance, despite being intoxicated by alcohol, her youthfulness seemed not to have been affected.

That was what the elven girl, Ruth, looked like.


「Eginhardt? It’s a kind of foolish name, isn’t it!?」


「Can’t I say the same about this Ruth, who goes around being called “Ruu-tan”?」

「Ruu-tan is not stupid!!」


No, it’s definitely stupid in all aspects.

Ruth angrily chugged her liquor down.


「Puhaah!! It’s because of moments like this, that Ruu-tan came into existence~!!」


She seemed to be dim-witted at a glance. I selected her as my next target.




「So then, how exactly was it that Ruu-tan came to be in this town?」

「I ran away from home!」


Uwaa… How idiotic.


「Ruu-tan and Darling loved each other!! But, Darling was cheating on me!!」


Huh? So she was a married woman? She’s a young elf though, so it’s surprising.

Well, the outward appearance of Elves can be a bit deceptive, though.


「Is that so. I can see that such a thing is painful..」

「That’s not why. Because that kind of thing is nothing unusual.」


Darling, as it seems, isn’t just your usual scumbag.


「“How he cheated” isn’t important. However, what the woman he was fooling around did is what made Ruu-tan angry!」

「So there’s another reason. Is it alright if I ask what exactly happened?」


「She went and sold it off!! Ruu-tan’s most important treasure!!」


You sure are being taken advantage of every day, aren’t you?

So Ruu-tan? Aren’t you just stupid?

What on earth happened with this elf for her to have completely become like this?


「Is that so? well as for that… my condolences.」


「Right!! That’s why Ruu-tan ran away from home!!」

「It was hard for you wasn’t it, Ruu-tan. Although it seems you are in a slump, you’re still healthy. If it’s about treasure, it should be fine if you go search for it again.」


To my words that appropriately comforted her, Ruu-tan began to burst into tears.

Yeah… troublesome…


「Waaahh!! Surely, (that person) is crying right nowww!! It’s all Ruu-tan’s faultttt!!」





「“Is crying?” What’s the matter?」



「Hic, hic… Ruu-tan’s cute treasure…… Ulrika-chan… my daughter…」





Her own daughter has been sold off!?

What is with you Ruu-tan… you really are a big idiot!!!

Terrible. Too terrible.


She’s already so good at being a slave, that I don’t even have to use [Harem Slave].

This is beyond my expectations.


「…Ruu-tan, uh… Where is your daughter now?」

「… Hic… I wouldn’t have any difficulties if I knew!! Tell me everything you know!!」


You don’t know. Or rather, I don’t know either.


「If that’s the case then Ruu-tan, will you come to my house?」

「What’s this so suddenly? Do you want to die?」


What the hell?


「Our house, the Argypheos’ household, is deeply connected to the Imperial Capital. I’m sure we will be able to help you.」

「Don’t wanna.」



An immediate response. How about a little time to think about it.


Well, Ruu-tan’s intentions are irrelevant anyway.



「Ruu-tan doesn’t like aristocrats. Besides, there is no reason for me to receive your help… perhaps, you had your sights on Ulrika-chan!? Then I’ll kill you!!」

「Of course not.」

「Then I forgive you.」


I exchanged looks with Martha.


「Well, I’m thankful that you tagged along for Ruu-tan complaints. As a show of gratitude, I’ll give Gegenwart a reward.」

「I am Eginhardt… but, what will you give me?」


I was just a bit attracted at the word “reward”.

To one such as I, Ruu-tan gave off such a smug look.




「I will give you the privilege of putting all your money in front of Ruu-tan, and then get lost!」




My Harem Slave bursted into a super-big idiot Elf.

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