Chapter 11 – Ruu-tan

Another spring had come.


I was now 7 years old, and along with my growth, I became even more handsome with each passing day.

The day that I’ll become the object of admiration of every girl from Timoria is not as distant anymore.


Since that event, Charlotta became afraid of me.

Even though I played with her thoroughly during her stay. Such an ungrateful girl.

I heard that she turned 10 and publicly enrolled to the magic academy.


That magic academy is not the royal academy, which is in the Royal Capital and is instead situated in a slightly remote academic town, called Odio.


Unlike the royal academy, which is centered around the aristocratic society, the magic academy is not concerned with social status. When mentioning “Academy” in this kingdom, it basically refers to one of the two.

Charlotta anticipated that my parents would enroll me in the royal academy, so she escaped to the magic academy.


Kekeke. It was futile.


「After hearing Martha’s story, I decided to enroll in the magic academy, didn’t I?」


「Because Odio is the City of Youths. It will certainly suit master’s ambition.」


Then, for that reason, I also need to study earnestly.

Though, I am a genius. I didn’t live 7 years just for show.

My noble etiquette and swordplay were flawless. I even mastered advanced magic.

Even with all of that, I still thought that at some point, I would be in need of Martha as my private tutor.


「…As a son of a nobility, you’re first-rate. There would be no one from the same age who can be compared to you. However…」


「Ahh. You wouldn’t be so sure about it if you were to make the comparison with someone not from the same age. Is that it?」


Martha nodded reluctantly.

Right. The legendary heroes extolled throughout the kingdom’s history were all complete monsters, who were a cut above other heroes

Besides, there are also natural enemies of humans, such as the demons. It was said that the demon lord had already been sealed, but that sounds completely flag-like too.


In any case, relying on the Harem Slaves would turn the tables on me someday.

For that reason, I will train the children in the territory――


「Mhmm. What we need is a teacher.」

「…I’m really sorry.」


She obviously looked dejected, so I gave her a piece of candy.


A teacher who has the knowledge that Martha doesn’t, and could be a war potential. I needed a person like that.

Though they couldn’t be conveniently lying around somewhere. Should I discuss it with papa?


One day, just as I was thinking of so, I received good information from Simona






Upon entering the bar, I immediately found the person I was looking for.

Wearing an ashen robe, there was a suspicious person with their face planted on the table.

Surrounding that weirdo are men who are making a big fuss.


「…Ughh… Ruu-tan… Ruu-tan can’t drink anymore…」

「Gahaha!! Hey, drink more! Today’s our treat!!」

「Right right. Did master completely forget?!!」


――That person.

When I took a step forward, Martha stayed behind and whispered to me.


「Please be very careful. I heard that they’re users of powerful magic.」


「Understood. I won’t be careless.」


When I advanced further, lots of strange glances were turned to me.


「The young master!? Why are you in such a place…?」


「Ah, I’m sorry. I have some business with that traveler. Is it okay?」


「Uhh, feel free. But with such drunkenness, I don’t think you can have a proper talk though.」


Because the seat was kindly vacated, I sat next to her without hesitation.


「Excuse me. Can we talk for a bit?」


「…Hmm?… Oh, a child. You shouldn’t come to a place like this.」


「But, you also look young.」


「…Heeeh? Are you trying to hit on me?」


Looking a little interested, the woman got up from the table.




This is… kekeke.

I licked my lips.

This is the legendary tribe, one of the beautiful people of the forest. It was an encounter with an elf.

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