Chapter 10 – Feeling sick

Simona Cuernos.


She was a lonely girl.

The Simona Family runs a company that presides over this region. Therefore, they were very busy and hardly had any time to take care of the young Simona.

With jealousy over her parent’s success, and her reserved character, she was left out by the other children in the town.


Born in a cold home, and unable to make friends with the other children, she could only play with the unsold stuffed toy. That was the entirety of her life.


Then, one day, Simona met a strange boy.


He was the rumored genius son of the feudal lord―Eginhardt-sama.


It was an unexpected change for her. Because he didn’t know her, she thought that she might become his friend.

Although it was impossible for her to call out to him. She hoped that he would notice her and kept standing stock still.



Thinking back, that encounter was just liked a dragon carried off a princess. However, it was still a “fateful encounter” for that girl.



Until she met me, she was always carrying the stuffed toy――Popo-chan.

But the truth is, deep inside her heart, she knew it was not her “friend”.


It was a “wall”.

A “shield”, from the ignorant world that forsook her, she took refuge under that convenient fantasy.


To be suddenly taken from her, the figure of the boy reflected in her eyes changed, and she finally understood.

Even if the feelings of wanting to cling unto me and be spoiled whispered to her, her reasoning still shouted out.



Holding onto Popo-chan was a mistake.



Therefore, Simona had to kill Popo-chan.

The wall blocking reality was broken, and the shield protecting her heart was thrown away. From now on, she would live for my sake.


In order to become my friend.





Slave Editor (Lv2)

Subject: Simona Cuernos
Race: Human
State: Skills disabled

Passive Skills:
□Safety Management
□Disclosure request
□Working Control

Active Skills:
□Thought Stop
□Brain Doping
□Behavior Adjustment

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It was too easy to manipulate a person’s heart, such a thing was only an arrogant conceit.


Tying them with invisible chains was enough to make a slave harem.


Even if the level of slave editor went up, and being capable of changing their hearts became possible, I would rarely use it.



Because that way… was boring.




《I will brainwash my slave.》



This was the only rule which was decided immediately when I was born in this world.

Well, that’s only it though.




To hell with the “rewarding the good and punishing evil” thing. A bad boy would lord over the world.

Until the day they became my slaves, all kinds of inhumanity would be carried out.

Eginhardt-sama would be a complete super evil in this [game] world――――





「――With that said, Charlotta. From now on, will you please treat me well?」

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