Chapter 1 – Goddess of the World

“Congratulations! You have just died!”

Eh? For real?

Before I realized it, I found myself standing in a mysterious kind of ‘white space.’

Right in front of my eyes was a lone floating girl who was observing me with a beaming smile across her entire face.

What’s this place? What’s going on?

“XXX-san, welcome to the afterlife! I am the great goddess-sama~ Media!!”


“Now then… because it’s so tedious to go here and there all and explain the causes of death to everyone who dies, we’ll just move past the two questions it’s pointless to even ask about, ok~!!”

“Hold on a minute! I have no idea what you mean by that!”

Just like that she completely pushes aside any of my complaints and makes a peace sign just like some old lady.

“Alright now listen up properly! How would you like to be reincarnated?”

Reincarnated? So, was it me that died then? …really…?

Though I don’t quite understand it, it seems this girl really was some kind of goddess.

Before my eyes, the little girl was lightly floating about, and there was some kind of a shiny halo around her.

Fuee~… That must be some kind of divinity…

Well, since that’s the case, it seems the answer is already decided.

“Please! There’s gotta be something you can still do for me!”

Yes, of course there is…

Taking the opportunity, I tried drawing forth her sympathy.

After I did, the goddess-chan looks at me amazed and begins to clap her hands in applause.

“Oh! XXX-san, It seems you have some sort of regret after all, huh~? Now see here, while it is unfortunate, you still won’t be able to return to Earth at all!!”

Hell yeah! [Reincarnation to another world] It came!

However, it might seem suspicious if I appeared too happy about this, when I just a moment ago appeared to be sad about it.

“N-no way… then, what kind of place will I be reincarnated into?”

I wonder if I will be able to choose it?
If at all possible, I’d like the world to not be very hard to live in.
Also, I should ask if there will be a cheat ability.

Listen to me and rejoice! The world where you reincarnate to… I, Media, am the creator of that very world! A world with swords and sorcery, it’s sort of like…umm…. ah, a game? It’s a world like that!”

Ohhh! My tension is rising!

Now what kind of cheat am I going to get?!

“…However, Goddess-sama~ I’ve never even touched a sword before… at most only something like a kitchen knife… so with that being the case, I think I might die pretty easy…”

“Calm down! Your reincarnation will start from you being a baby. In that way, you will have plenty of time and support to raise your power and abilities!”


“That’s right! Specifically, you’ll be able to skillfully use magic. Your physical strength should be much higher than ordinary people! And of course, I will also leave your past life’s memories intact as well!”

Fumu, Fumu.
While those specs are not bad, but quite honestly, it’s still kind of plain.

Alright, let’s give it one more push.
For example~

“Goddess-sama… to tell the truth, I wasn’t very good with human relations in my previous life… I can’t help but worry if I will be able to get along okay this time? I’m considerably uneasy about this…”

“Hmm~, If you were to demonstrate your power a bit, don’t you think most people would yield to you?”

I guess if that’s how it is, it’s no use huh?

A snake cannot give you trouble if you cut off the head when it is asleep.

“I beg you! So that a friend could absolutely never ever betray me, I would like a power like that!”

Goddess-chan seemed to ponder deeply in thought for a while.

Closing her eyes, her head shook from side to side many times, before a good idea finally seemed to flash in her mind.

“Ok, I got it! I can’t help feeling like it is kind of a cheat, but I’ll trust in you and give you this one bonus power! Which happens to be called…”

― Brainwashing Skill «Harem Slave»! ―

Oh, hell yeah!!

The strongest type of cheat skill I could hope for, and furthermore it’s got a brainwashing effect!

I’m definitely saying it now, I am gonna get girls and make a harem for sure with this!

“Thank you so very much! I will never ever forget this favor!”

“Yep, yep.
When you arrive on the other side, please give it your all at that time! While I won’t be able to help you much because I’m very busy, I’ll be cheering you on! Now then, It’s about time for your transmigration to begin!”

With a ‘pa’ sound, little by little my body was wrapped up in a light and began to vanish.

From this moment on my second life will begin.

I can only look forward to the life of debauchery awaiting me!

Ku ku ku…

And this was the way in which I, had reincarnated into a new world.


I think he at least has more decency than lecherousness, so things should be good enough.
A person of ordinary stature would drown when matched with such an unsuitable power.
Though, it is certainly my hope that this boy will break apart that unreasonable world~!”

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