Hero VS Evil God


Early summer of Year 1005 in the AS Calendar. I spent the time as I usually did.

All the servants seemed to be out.

Well, they probably have to undergo training or other various things.


I wonder where I should observe today? Although I say this, the world is generally in a state where there’s not much to see.



While I was thinking about that, I remembered feeling a sense of unease.

Though someone has arrived, what’s with this presence. It’s definitely not one of the servants…

Don’t tell me!


The throne room was wide open. Although the other party’s form was tiny, I was able to easily distinguished their presence with Evil Eye.


— The Hero, Yufilia Plantagenet.


There’s no doubt. This day has finally arrived

Having been continuously waiting for this day for 1,000 years, I began to tremble.

My heart too was pounding really fast. I might be getting nervous.


The Hero’s party then appeared before me.


「You are… the Evil God?」


Yufilia scowled at me.


「What an evil and ill-omened aura…」


A girl, who had an appearance of a Sage, frowned.


Sage Tiraiza. One of the members of the party that subjugated the Demon King.

She has blue, medium-length bob cut hair.

Her figure was delicate and daintily small.


A Sage should be calm and composed, have an expressionless face, and not reveal their emotions.

However, due to my evil aura, she was unable to maintain her poker face.


— Miasma.


It is the aura that any Evil God emits. It’s different from people’s, an overwhelming presence.

A normal human being would have already passed out from this.

As expected of the hero’s party.


「To actually be in a place like this.」


Yufilia started to display a dubious expression.

A cascade of sweat started to flow from her body.

She has only come face to face with the Evil God, and yet she already looked completely exhausted.


「Yufi! What should we do!? Can we actually defeat this guy?」


While preparing her axe, the Warrior Jamie asked Yufilia for her decision.


「I can’t imagine that we came all the way here only to just back away…」


Yufilia seems determined.

And as expected, she didn’t choose to escape.

As requested by God, I have to make them leave after they experience the true terror of an Evil God.


— Now. I shall teach you true fear.


I suddenly spread my large, jet black wings open with a thud, fully prepared to talk.


「Howjw ablen fodn yotn heyoes Daredmple! (Translation: How admirable for you heroes to enter my Dark Temple!)」


Haaa? What the hell is this, I can’t speak properly at all.

Because my voice betrays me, even I myself, don’t understand what I just said.


I suddenly remember. It’s been well over 1,000 years since my previous life.

I wasn’t good at speaking with women.

I couldn’t even converse with a young girl.

So when I speak, it becomes like this.


Only, this was a story of my previous life; I didn’t think this bad habit of mine would remain even though I became the Evil God.


「What’s with this guy…can he not speak?」

「But the demonkin were able to speak normally.」


Warrior Jamie and Priest Iris conversed with vigilance.


「Anything is fine. I’ll do it!」


Yufilia resolutely shouted and prepared to launch an attack.


「Hya, wat tmyoment! (Translation: Wait, just wait a moment!)」

「No more discussion!」


As Yufiria responds to my obscured words, the battle began.




「What’s with this guy. Damn, isn’t he really weak?」


Jamie tilts her head, looking puzzled.

Stained with blood, I collapsed.


「Or rather, he has yet to launch an attack.」


Tiraiza looked like she finds the current situation troublesome.

Where did that initial tension go?

They are probably thinking that fighting with me is boring.


Ah, that’s right. To someone like me who can’t even talk to a girl, I can’t possibly fight against one.

Because of my nervousness, my body isn’t moving the way I want it to.

My heart is pounding while my body shivered and trembled.


I thought that I shook because it’s been 1,000 years since I last fought with a hero, but that isn’t it.

I became nervous because I encountered women.

After all, it’s been a thousand years.


Naturally, it’s outrageous to even think of attacking.

If there was a man, I would have beaten that fellow into a pulp, but all of the party members were women.

Just why! When the demon king was defeated, there was a man in the party.




Yufilia looks at Iris, the priest.

Since earlier, Iris has been using her fingertips to fumble with her brown hair.

I wonder if she’s thinking that they attacked too soon; she looks like she’s about to criticize them.


「Ummmm… There is a legend passed down from the people of my village. That there is definitely a Dark Temple.」


Iris desperately attempts to explain.

I see, so the reason they knew about this place is because there is a girl who lived in that village which passed down the legend.


「There is definitely a legend about an overwhelming existence that surpasses the Demon King– the Evil God. And the Evil God’s forces can defeat the Demon King’s forces in just one day. It seems like it’s not true at all」


Huh? Come to think of it, how were they able to make it all the way to this place? Without fighting against any of my subordinates?


「Even if you tell me that… I simply conveyed the legend word for word…」


Iris’ voice was getting softer and softer.


「Or perhaps I should say, I’m doubtful that this guy is the Evil God.」


Jaime said doubtfully.

I too was considering this question myself. Nevertheless, there is no mistake that I am the Evil God.


「I don’t think it’s a mistake. He did say “My Dark Temple”.」


When Yufilia says this, the three people are surprised.


「Oh!? You actually understood that guy’s words?」

「Yes…for the most part.」


Yufilia responds with a somewhat perplexed feeling.




Tiraiza is far from even half-convinced and looks at Yufilia with doubt.


「Come now, it’s not worth caring about that guy’s language. By the way, is that guy dead I wonder?」


I’m still living without a doubt. With that, I answer Jamie’s question in my mind.

I am in a state of automatic regeneration. This is the ability to automatically restore HP.

And then there’s the restoration ability. With this, my body can turn back to how it was before. Even if it’s the heart or the head, it seems like I can be restored to my original state. As long as I have HP that is.

And my regenerative power is higher than their firepower. Therefore, it’s impossible for these guys to kill me.


Presently, my HP is full. I am in perfect condition.

Of course, since I had temporarily had some wounds, I still had blood on me.

Therefore, they seem to think that I appear to be on the brink of death.

Although if I think about it sensibly, there is no way I would energetically get up in this situation.


Getting up now would only complicate the story, so I remained collapsed on the ground while listening to them.


「Although he is still breathing, he’ll probably die if we leave him alone.」

「So what if he survives? It is puzzling to have such a weak Evil God in this temple. Besides, there has been no information of any losses for 1,000 years. This has really become a waste of time.」


Tiraiza seems to want to return quickly. For 1000 years, I haven’t harmed a person. Therefore, I am harmless and inconsequential. Or so it looks that way from a human perspective.


「I don’t know whether it was a waste of time or not yet. If we look around, we might find some treasures. After all, this dungeon is of the highest difficulty.」

「The legend says that even after the Evil God has been defeated, he will not drop anything. Because of this, there’s little chance of there being a treasure.」


Tiraiza expresses a negative opinion to Jaime’s proposal.


「Let’s try looking around just in case. Because this place is considerably wide, it will probably take a while, though.」




Tiraiza replied very reluctantly.

Thus, the hero and her party left the throne room.

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