The Evil God’s Daily Life

The hero who exterminated the demon king.

That is, this world’s hero. A true hero.


The Britton Kingdom’s second princess, Yufilia Plantagenet.

Despite being the princess of a large country, she participated in the war against the demon king.

She awakened her talent as a hero and made the subjugation of the Demon King a success.


Although being a hero is a job, it is also the name of a class, and a title given to the person who defeated the Demon King.

Therefore, it’s a little confusing.

If that hero is a Sage, someone would refer them as Heroic Sage.

This is still fine, but for Yufilia, she would be referred to as Heroic Hero…


Anyways, while searching for her, I found out that she was in the bathroom.

It’s a violation of manners to look in there. So, I decided it would be appropriate to observe other places.


I won’t peek inside the bath or toilet. Although I can see inside her room, if there’s a scene that’s inappropriate for those younger than 18 years of age, I will change the channel immediately.
In other words, I won’t look inside the toilet.

This is “my rule”.


Perhaps some people may say: It’s a waste not to see!

But after becoming the Evil God, I have lost interest in such things.

The sexual desire has mostly faded away.


Such a thing closely relates to the survival and longevity of species.

For example, it is said that when some fish lay eggs, they will produce about hundreds of thousands to hundreds of millions of eggs.

Although most of these eggs will die, they will at the very least be able to prolong their lineage.

That’s why it’s necessary to give birth to a large quantity.

On the other hand, mammals give birth to a couple at a time. Humans, however, have one on average.


In other words, it’s enough for a human being to bear only one. Since they are already at the very top of the food chain.

In addition, if a more advanced technology is developed, from then onwards, humans will be able to become stronger and prolong their lifespan.

In my original world, many developed countries had declining birthrates. In other words, people who didn’t want to have children have increased.

And under 1 is only 0 .


Thus, longevity wise, people won’t consider it as a problem. Thinking that someone else will give birth.

But even at that state, it doesn’t mean that they have lost their libido.

Rather, their libido is normal. When one is on the verge of death or goes somewhere dangerous, their libido increases.




And then there’s the Evil God.

An Evil God is an ultimate living entity that is far above a human being.

Lifespan is irrelevant. There exists nothing that can endanger its life.


When it comes to such an existence, almost all sexual desire disappears.

I’m a little different from the others because of my reincarnated body, but at the very least, I have a male reproductive system.

As for the subordinates of the Evil God, despite being males, it seems like they don’t have it.

It seems like it will grow when needed. However, such a thing has yet to happen in the span of 1,000 years.


But after 1,000 years, I wondered if the male reproductive system can truly be used.

Therefore, I have tried doing solo activities. But it’s impossible.


I prepared myself for my life’s final battle and challenged the most formidable adversary. I thought with that amount of tension, I could somehow get it up.

That old geezer also said something like that.

Well, those situations are probably a once in a lifetime thing.




While I was thinking of such things, it seems like Yufilia came out of the bath.

Yufilia Plantagenet, 16 years old. She has long, golden, and wavy hair.

While she was on her journey to defeat the Demon King, she kept her hair conspicuously short, but now that she has returned to her country, she is currently experiencing school life.

She’s probably concerning herself with fashion now.

Under her long eyelashes, there is a pair of beautiful and clear emerald green eyes.


Though she is on the small side, her bountiful bosom and hips stand out, and she has developed even further this past year.

She is rumored to be the most beautiful girl in the Kingdom.

With wet hair and a flushed body fresh out the bath, she’s too charming for her age.

If I was a human man, then I would be nailed on the spot.


You’re probably wondering why I’m being so nosy about her figure and style when I have no sexual desire, aren’t you?

It isn’t as though I’ve lost my heart to say that beautiful things are beautiful.

When a human looks at a diamond, they’ll think that it’s beautiful compared to other jewels. However, it doesn’t mean that they desire it. It’s the same concept.


Well, even though I have been watching her for a long time, she is just spending her time living an ordinary school life.

Even though I said it’s a school, it’s a place where people can receive training to defeat monsters and the Demon King — in other words, it’s a school to train adventurers.


When one looks at it, the Demon King was defeated in less than a year, so to humans, it wasn’t much of a big deal.


「 Ashtal-sama, where are you going?」


After I finished observing, I stood up from the throne, and the old geezer asked.


「The only time I stand up is when it’s time for training. You understand that, don’t you?」


When I said that, the retainers waiting behind stepped forward and waited to serve me.


「Your Evilness! The Evil God’s First Elite Battalion will be accompanying you today! 」


Adrigory, the leader of the First Elite Battalion, responded excitedly.




The Evil God’s forces–it consists of the 1st to the 15th Battalion, and these battalions possess approximately 1,000 bodies each.

If we were to include those that are not directly under the Evil God, such as summoned beasts and magic creatures, then our combat-capable forces increases several times over.


The 1,000 bodies refer to the Elites of the Evil God clan.

You can think of it this way, each and every single one of them is equivalent to a Demon King.


And yet, every single one of them–had collapsed.

In the Dark Temple, there is a huge Colosseum. And that’s where the training area is.

Since training just started, not much time has gone by yet.


「Uggghhhh… Too strong, this is impossible.」

「Thank goodness… I didn’t die today either.」

「Unfair. Evil God is unfair.」



I heard the complaints of those who are unable to get back up.


「You bastards are all shameful! Like this, can you still call yourselves the Elite forces of the Evil God!」


Adrigory stood unsteadily on his feet and urged loudly.


「Those who can still move, head towards me!」


Underneath Adrigory’s feet, a huge magic formation appeared.


「Hmm, the army corp’s technique, huh.」


It’s a technique where if a large number of people are of the same spirit, strength will be obtained by the user.

Those who could still move transferred all of their remaining strength to Adrigory.

I held out my hand before me, and prepared to take the blow.


[Daily: Imagine Goku having a steroid moment]


A torrent of tremendous power arises from Adrigory’s body.


「Evil Burst!」


The power of an evil attribute shot from Adrigory heads toward me, causing a great explosion.

But the power doesn’t reach. On the tip of the hand I held up, there was something–a transparent barrier, which blocked the evil attributed magic.


「Not yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeetttt」


When Adrigory used up the very last bit of his power, with a ‘clang’ sound, he broke the barrier that warded off evil magic.


「I did it! I broke Ashtal-sama’s barrier!」


Adorigori raises both of his hands and pumps his fists into the air in triumph. Everyone from the battalion celebrated.


「We did it! This is a splendid achievement for the Evil God’s First Elite Battalion! We won against the 13th.」


I looked at my own hand. There was a little cut.

The wound immediately healed, though.


「My goodness. To make such a big fuss for breaking one small barrier.」


The old geezer, who was the only spectator, appeared by my side and shrugged his shoulders.


「Well, I guess this is fine, old geezer. It means that these fellows are growing up.」

「That’s right, Eurious-sama. In order to master this technique, how extensively did you think we practiced…」


By the way, Eurious is the name of the old geezer.


「The power of the Corp’s technique is quite good. I also want to try and use it.」


「That’s impossible. It seems that it cannot be used when one’s power differs too much.」


Adrigory explained while feeling ashamed.


「The Evil God’s Universal Barrier Sanctuary prevents attacks of all kinds such as physical, magic, and breath attacks. To be able to break this is quite an achievement, you should be proud of it. The original Universal Barrier Sanctuary automatically triggers. Furthermore, it also adds more and more layers. The fact that it was automatically generated means that the one he had on the hand he held out had weakened.」


When the old geezer explained it, Adrigory was surprised.


「W-what did you say! Was that how it is? We are still inexperienced. I have been enlightened.」


I watched Adrigory and Eurious’ conversation in amazement.




「Well, well. The old geezer sure is strict. Praising him would have been fine.」

「What. That guy is the type who grows impudent when praised. So a beating is necessary for him to grow.」


Although no one came for the past 1000 years, I still trained myself like this every day.

As a result, I became very strong. I don’t know about the strength of an ordinary Evil God, but according to the old geezer, who knew about the strength of the predecessors of the Evil God family line, it certainly is stronger than the previous generations.


「I gradually grew stronger. Because of that, the automatically generated barrier became strong as well. Therefore—I wanted to see how strong it was compared to the previous barrier. That’s why to be able to break it is quite an achievement.」


While saying this, I’ll checked my own status.




Race: Evil God
Name: Ashtal

Lv :999
HP :99999/99999
MP :99999/99999
STR :999
VIT :999
AGI :999
DEX :999
INT :999
CHR :999


Evil Eye     Evil Ear      Evil Nose

Miasma      Universal Barrier      Evil Attribute Magic Level 99

Auto-Regen      Auto-Refresh      Ability Restoration





Yup, it’s a status that isn’t functioning properly.

According to the subordinates, when they level up, their stats seems to increase by around 2-5…

In other words, if your growth rate is good, you’d hit 999 by level 200.


Though this is the existence of the Hidden Boss after all.

So it means that their statuses aren’t being taken into consideration.

Anyways, it’s rare for either a human being or a demon to raise their status to 999.

Therefore, it’s sufficient to just count up to 999.


Apparently, although it is displayed at 999, the actual status will continue to increase.

Growth doesn’t stop upon reaching 999, but the numerical value isn’t visible.

Levels probably don’t stop at 999 either.


After reincarnating I was immediately level 800, but I should have become considerably stronger after training for 1000 years.

It truly is the reality, without a doubt.


My subordinates have become strong too, but the ability level of those fellows are naturally restricted.

Although it’s easy to understand that levels will increase, it’s hard to measure actual strength.

Therefore, I thought it would have been fine to praise him, but it’s during these kinds of situation where the old geezer remains strict, so it can’t be helped.

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