The Evil God

I like observing.

In a classroom, I like sitting in the back seats. Because from there, everyone can be observed.

I like watching battles between PCs of a certain simulation game, where the aim is to conquer the world.

I even like watching sports more than playing them.

Also, I like watching s*x. Ahh, but that’s just because I haven’t gotten the opportunity, even I might say it’s close to nothing or zero.


And I, who was such a person, died in an accident and was called by God.

Saying that there’s a perfect reincarnating destination for an observation enthusiast like me.


ーThe Evil God.


In an RPG, the designated last boss is the demon king. However, I am an existence which reigns over it. A.K.A. the hidden boss.

The power of the Evil God far surpasses the demon king’s power, and the power of the Evil God’s army is overwhelming to the point that it can annihilate the demon king’s forces within a day.


My role is to fight the hero who defeated the demon king head-on at the dark temple.

And until then, I have to wait while observing the world.

Truly, this is the ideal life for me.

With that in mind, I readily agreed to transmigrate without hesitation and was incarnated as the Evil God, Ashtal.


And so, I observed the world while continuing to wait for the hero who defeated the demon king –for 1000 years.


Hey, isn’t this too late? 1000 years have passed, and yet no one is coming.


「Again, with this argument…」


The old man is tired of having that talk.

While there are no life spans for wicked divine beings, we do age. However, we have the characteristic to be reborn in fixed periods.

But because the memory is inherited, we treat it as being the same person. Even so, no matter how you look at it, the old man will always be the old man –though he has the appearance of an ikemen in his mid-20s.


I was already old when I was reincarnated into this world and became a watchdog.

Thereafter, I continued this duty for 1000 years.


The Evil God-kin’s appearance closely resembles that of a human being. However, there are small differences such as something like growing horns and fangs.

Though the biggest difference is that there are big, black wings. However, once they’re concealed, the appearance looks almost the same as an ordinary human.

But they can’t hide them any longer when it’s time to display the best of their abilities and fight with their utmost strength.


As for my appearance, it is the same as from my previous life. I guess my eyes look slightly evil, though my face leans toward being average. [Lore: Ehhh, weren’t you an ikemen??]

And like my previous life, I have black eyes and raven-black hair. Some brown is mixed in, though.




10 years after I became the Evil God, the demon king was defeated for the first time. In the AS calendar, it would be 11 years.
[Daily: I think AS stands for After Subjugation]

At that time I was nervous, waiting for the hero’s party to come.

Although I won’t die a natural death, my existence will obviously disappear if I were to be killed.

So, my wait was filled with tension.


But they did not come.

No matter how many years I waited, a hero’s party did not come.


So, I ordered an investigation.

It seems that they didn’t even know about the existence of the secret boss who was waiting for them in the first place; after struggling to defeat the demon king, they refrained from continuing.


In the first place, the hero’s journey was meant to defeat the demon king.

That’s the basis of the story. It’s basically, go to the castle, defeat the demon king, take a cheap farewell gift, and then leave.

Therefore, after defeating the demon king, they would think that the condition was cleared.


Well then, on the other hand, what about the Evil God? It seems like he wasn’t included in this story.

There’s a legend told in a village located deep in the mountains of a certain region, but that’s just it. As it can be understood, this is a quite a foreshadowing; and yet, everyone ignores it.

Perhaps you might not have even heard of the story.


My residence ー the Dark Temple.

Only during the period where a demon king has been defeated, the entrance which is a dungeon appears.

In addition to that, I made it appear silently so no one notices.


When the demon king is defeated, a new one is reborn after a fixed period of time.

The time period may range from six months to several decades. Though, there were several times in which it was not born for more than 50 years.


And during those times, the dungeon was there in its place.

However, no one came.


Whatever the circumstances may be, this is too cruel. With that said, I secretly took a survey.

The question was 『Do you know of the existence called the Evil God?』


Answer: 2% knows. At first, it may seem low, but if there are 1 million people out there, then that means that 20,000 people knew.

So why is this happening? This was then re-examined.

It seems that most of the people who answered YES meant YES to the answer that they know of the word Evil God.


You will understand if you think about it for a bit, you know! What would be the purpose of asking for the meaning of the word 『Evil God』.

The Evil God exists. I asked if you know about that!


Well anyhow, no matter how you look at it, there’s probably someone who noticed the Evil God in the past.

So, why isn’t anyone coming? That’s the question that pops up.


Although this isn’t necessary for the story. More like, an additional element.

Is there something good from defeating me? No, and there aren’t drops either.

Even if there is a drop, there won’t be an opponent to try it on.


Therefore, if they come, it’s either to test their strength or they’re just considerably curious.

But for 1000 years, such a fellow did not appear.


If it was a game, then I could be a test of their strength; however, in this different world, it concerns life and death.

Even if I have no intention to kill, the other person would still assume that I would.


「After much consideration, I think that I should go to them. 」

「Even though I’m unable to understand your reasoning, I have to reject it.」


It seems that my voice of the heart couldn’t be heard by that old man.


「To begin with, God gave you the chance to reincarnate with some condition, isn’t that right?」


As the old man said, God attached some conditions at the time of the reincarnation.

The Evil God can’t go to the hero’s side, and defeat him. Because if not, the story would become ruined, right? Well, that’s no wonder.

If only one person –even though it’s plausible to think that only the hero’s party would come– comes to the temple, I’m not allowed to see anyone.

According to God, the impact is the main factor.


The Demon King’s castle cannot even compare to the super-high difficulty of the Dark Temple dungeon.

Bypassing it with all possible means, the challenger who reaches the innermost depths will be filled with desire, before I kill him. That seems to be the duty of the Evil God.


So, I overwhelm the hero’s party and then send them away.

And at that time, the human race will know. That there exists a wicked existence that far surpasses the demon king. The Evil God.

And humanity will know of true terror.


Such is the production God requested me to carry out.

Though it will probably take a while until the first challenger comes. And because of the enormous amount of spare time, there’s no choice besides observing in the meantime.

That’s why he can only request me who is an observation enthusiast for this.


And that’s why 1000 years have passed already.

No matter how anyone puts it, isn’t 1000 years too long?

The demon king has already been beaten dozens of times. The hero has also suffered the same number of defeats.


Currently, the extermination of the demon king has been carried out, and mankind has reached the world’s victorious ending.

Even if I say that it’s the ending, it’s different from a game as everything is far from over.

People’s lives don’t just simply end like a tale.


It’s just not something you would particularly talk about.

The world where the demon king is defeated becomes peaceful.

And the people lived happily for a while. A happy ending.


This is troubling, don’t you think? Even from the standpoint of the one who observes.

The previous young demon king Malcok was defeated a year ago.

ーIt was the most boring time.


Even if the demon king disappears, human beings start wars among themselves.

Well, that also was quite fun to watch.

However, within a year after the demon king is defeated, the human race doesn’t become that reckless.

That sort of thing only happens when the demon king doesn’t come out for several decades.


Mankind has come to understand that the demon king repeatedly appears.

So even if a country becomes peaceful, it will have to continue reinforcing its armaments.

Saying that the demon king’s appearance is late, several countries then start to seek outlets by trying to conquer other countries.

And at some point, someone will try and conquer the world, or something similar like that.


But only a year after the demon king has been defeated, such things don’t happen.

As expected, I was bored.


I can watch any existing place by using these Evil Eyes and magic.

And today too, I have decided to observe.

After such a long time, let’s see how the hero is doing.

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