Daily’s Spending Habits

Recently Daily has been eyeing a game called, ‘Stardew Valley’ which costs ten dollars on Steam. He really wants to buy a copy for him and his girlfriend, but his girlfriend says no because she isn’t a gamer and also because Daily has no money!

This isn’t the only incident of Daily thinking he has money to spare. Every time Daily and his girlfriend go on dates, Daily buys a Coca-cola drink at the restaurant. Now, everyone knows drink prices are super inflated at these places. He buys a 600ml bottle of coke for four dollars when a 2L bottle can be bought at a supermarket for half that price! Even a small pack of twelve 300ml bottles is only sixteen dollars there. Daily thinks he’s a king or something… ( ´థ౪థ) What a joke.

Now some of you may be thinking that Daily gets money from his translation work. That is true, but have you seen him do any work recently…? ( ′Д`)p Thumbs down, nope! Basically, he has absolutely no money so more often than not his (working) girlfriend pays for the extra costs.

Actually, why is Daily’s girlfriend dating this leech again? (ভ_ ভ) ރ // ┊ \\ Hit the road, Daily, we’re over!