Daily’s Old Age

Daily has recently been embracing the old man lifestyle. Not too long ago, he claimed to only need six hours of sleep. After his girlfriend’s persistence, he has begun to sleep a little longer. However now, rather than sleeping for six hours, he’s only awake for six hours! Daily has become an old man who needs to take a nap every so often. (- o – ) zzZ

More evidence supporting Daily’s aging is the need to for some reason drink a lot of coffee even when he is sleeping for eighteen hours a day. Not only that, his brain is deteriorating and he mistook flour for creamer… (´д`、) It makes Daily’s girlfriend very concerned. Readers should be a little bit kinder to Daily-ojisan, since he has been sleeping so much that he cannot work on any translating!

Daily’s eyesight has also become bad. He keeps asking his girlfriend how to see stuff on the webtoon he is working on. He frequently complains about how his eyes hurt after cleaning.

He gets mad at his girlfriend for revealing the truth about him. In fact, he is just a cranky old man. (ÒДÓױ) Do not be disillusioned.