Daily’s Usual Day

Daily’s day begins very early in the morning. He enjoys having bread for breakfast, but will sometimes crave instant noodles. He eats the bread with egg or with canned tuna. His drinks include chocolate milk or chocolate milk powder.

After breakfast, Daily usually talks to his wonderful girlfriend (me). That’s right, he’s taken! <(`^´)> They spend time chatting until his girlfriend has to go to school.

He then falls asleep. Daily sleeps for an average of six hours a day, which he thinks is enough for someone his age. He is completely wrong and should definitely sleep for more though.

By the time Daily wakes up, his girlfriend has returned home from school. They game together. The games Daily likes to play include: osu!, DOTA2, CS:GO, poker and puzzle games. Usually, Daily gets so absorbed in gaming that he misses out on eating lunch.

After an hour or two playing games, Daily takes a break. He eats dinner which usually consists of chicken and rice, or leftovers from that morning’s breakfast. He takes a shower and then he and his girlfriend have some more fun. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

At this time, Daily’s girlfriend is sleepy. He waits for her to fall asleep before he leaves to play games on his PC. His PC has a very colourful keyboard and mouse, which he adored so much that he used to take the keyboard to sleep with him every night! ( ´_ノ` ) Daily’s girlfriend was definitely not pushed aside!

He continues to game all throughout the night and then his day begins again.

Notice how there was no mention of translating? That’s because Daily doesn’t do any work! (๑′ᴗ′)و ✧