Between the End of This Life and the Beginning of Another

Note: This chapter is extremely confusing, but to make things clearer, this was written in 1st POV, MC’s POV.
The dialogues are a little confusing too, so I color coded the speakers. Not sure if we’re gonna keep it tho.


「…up, …ake up, wake up!」(???)

「… Nn~, shut up, you don’t have to yell so much.」(Soujirou)


I lifted my heavy eyelids while grumbling towards the voice resounding directly inside my head.


「So bright…」(Soujirou)


I groggily opened my eyes, and my view was met with a bright space.

Although I said that, I absolutely had no idea where the light was coming from. It was as if the entire space itself was emitting a soft light.

Moreover, my senses were telling me that I should’ve been lying on the ground face up, but I felt nothing touching my back. It’s as if I was suspended in some sort of viscous light…



「Eh, did I die? Ahh… That’s right, I was stabbed by my father.」(Soujirou)


The eyes that I had seen at that time undoubtedly belonged to my father, who had left the mansion three years ago.

It was a good thing he left the mansion the way he did, but I didn’t think he’d be able to survive on his own.

In those three years, where he might’ve sunk to the lowest depths a human could go, he became acquainted with dangerous criminals so that he would be able to cooperate with them to steal the treasures from our warehouse. I imagine it was that kind of place.


「You… For a brat, you have an interesting train of thought.

Though it may have been legitimate self-defense, you killed people without any hesitation, one of which was your very own father.

You didn’t hold back even a little, did you?」(???)

「Well~… No.

Certainly, what kind of feelings do you think I would have for that creature that was my father? He, who because of financial difficulties, broke into the mansion of his ex-wife’s parents, and in the end, stabbed his own son?」(Soujirou)

「Hou, this is rather refreshing. This may certainly be interesting.

Alright then, god, or whoever you are, would it still be alright if this lad came with me?」(???)

「Huh? Did you say god?」(Soujirou)


「What? You’re asking me if I want to go to another world… Hey, wait a minute, your voice sounds different from the person a while ago.」(Soujirou)


I surveyed the vicinity trying to find where the voice is coming from, but there was no else here besides myself.


「Conceptually, you can say that I’m a god, or more precisely, a higher being. But it is completely different from the religious gods described in your Modern Era, but even if you understand this, you wouldn’t be able to perceive my actual form.」(???)

「Ahh, I still don’t think I understand; well that’s still fine, that’s just how it is…

Since I’ve never seen you, it’s still the same as not knowing you, right?」(Soujirou)

「That’s cold… Did you forget the three years we spent together, sharing the same bed?」(???)



What it said just implied that we did something immoral together, but, I’ve never even had a girlfriend, so I’m presently still a virgin and that doesn’t apply.

Three years? It said three years, that was around the time when Grandfather gave me “that”.

Whilst thinking of that, I noticed that I was holding onto something.


「Perhaps… this is you?」(Soujirou)

「Kukuku~… Perhaps it is me.」(Katana)


Immediately, I lifted the sword in front of me. The beautiful katana, which could cut cleanly through human bone, gleamingly shined without any nicks.


「Ah! That was dangerous. I got too excited.

If that’s the case, then I believe what you said before. Certainly, I was feeling an intense connection between us.」(Soujirou)


Feelings of pure joy erupted from me as I lifted the katana.


「I see. It’s a little embarrassing since thou seems to be so fond of me.」(Katana)

「No, please don’t be like that. If we ever do meet face to face, don’t be embarrassed to say it.」(Soujirou)


「Oh, my bad. This is the first time I’ve felt this excited talking to someone since time immemorial」(Katana)


The request wishing that we proceed onto the main topic then came from the god-like being. That god has zero dignity, huh


「In the end, what is the current situation?」(Soujirou)

「Fumu~, I also don’t understand either… This god seems to be the will of this planet.」(Katana)


The katana roughly explained the events it heard from god before I woke up.


「”In short, since this planet would get destroyed in the distant future if it went on like this, how about you go to another world for a bit and check out how that place is doing” is what he said, right?」(Soujirou)

「Well, aside from that, there are other complicated things. But that’s the gist of it.

Well, even though it said near future, it’s still from a god’s standard. But, for a human, the distant future is far ahead.

However, it’s a fact that it’s now impossible to return to Earth since you’re already dead, but you can go to another world beyond that.」(Katana)


I see… That’s not bad. Either way, literally speaking, I’m already dead. Even if I narrowly escaped death, I’d have to keep this uncomfortable feeling if I continued to live.

In the discussion with god, it seems that I’m going to be sent to a world where I can be myself. Though I feel uneasy to what kind of world it will be…


「You will also come, right?」(Soujirou)


I asked my lovely katana.


「Alright. I will answer your feelings for these past 3 years.

To be honest, I was also getting tired of being kept as a mere decoration every day in that world.」(Katana)


Then we’re good.


「I understand, then let’s go.」(Soujirou)

「Hou~, an immediate answer. To be loved to this degree is much more than this katana deserves.」(Katana)


Somehow my lovely sword seems delighted… wait, what should I call this lovely sword?

I’ll postpone this problem for later, following the main pattern of the story, I must confirm an indispensable part of that conversation right now.

I don’t know whether I will meet this god-like being in the future or not.


「Hear me out, shouldn’t I obtain special powers at times like this?」(Soujirou)



God’s answer is “cheating is no good”.

What kind of a slogan is that!


「I don’t know how it is in your own world, but you probably can’t just mess with another world’s truths willy-nilly.」(Katana)

「I see, it’s not like I don’t understand. It can’t be helped. Well, I suppose just having you here is enough.」(Soujirou)

「I appreciate the thought but… that’s unimportant, don’t you think? Be that as it may, being in a world where one doesn’t understand right from left, and with only the clothes on one’s skin right now, as one would expect, be too harsh, god?

If this person, whose soul I took the effort to collect, died shortly right after, wouldn’t it be a waste of effort on my part?」(Katana)


I see, I see, collecting the information from the soul of someone who has “moved” over, and has accumulated experience before dying, how “ecological”.



「Is there some power that may be useful to gather information? And the details too.」(Soujirou)


「『Language』, 『Comprehension』 and 『Simple Appraisal』… In other words, I don’t have to worry about conversing, reading, and writing. Uhm, although Appraisal may take excessive power, but that’s just the way it is. Then?」(Soujirou)


No cheats huh, wonderful. Well, to be able to comprehend the language alone is something I have to be thankful for. Furthermore, if it’s just up to the point of being able to read and write, then I should be able to manage somehow. I mean, these kinds of special abilities for this different world seem to be the most basic of all.



「After I’m sent in, there should be a job most suitable for me… Ah hey, send me to a nice place.」(Soujirou)


It might not be particularly god’s power, or it might be that world’s default is what I thought, but I won’t say it. Anyhow, it’s no different.



「Nope, there’s no particular reason to be angry…」(Katana)


「Eh, then you’re saying that aside from this katana, I can still bring any one thing from my world, as long as I can hold it in my hands?」(Soujirou)


I kept pestering. If I could bring anything I wanted, then it would have been a firearm like a handgun, on the other hand, even something of value, like a gold bar, a smartphone… wouldn’t be useful once the battery was dead though.

Now, what would it be… Although I thought of various things, but as expected.


「Then Dojigiri (Dojigiri Yasutsuna), Onimaru (Onimaru Kunitsuna), Mikazuki Munechika, Ōtenta, or Juzumaru one of these Tenka Goken.」(Soujirou)

「Hey! Even though you have me, you’re going to bring an inferior sword which only has fame!」(Katana)

「It’s fine, it was a joke.」(Soujirou)

「Master… but, that’s—」(Katana)


Still, I don’t think I will get a national treasure of that cultural importance willingly. Also, the main point is that it troubled my lovely katana as it is sulking.

Consequently now, I removed the kodachi which was still sticking on my back and held it with my lovely katana.


「It’s fine if I take this with me, right? I’ve been feeling pain for some time now.」(Soujirou)

「Of course it’s painful since it was a fatal wound. Anyway, do you really not mind taking the same katana that took your life?

If this sword was in the storage, then it would be something like a fellow companion to me, so I wouldn’t hate it even if we went together.」(Katana)

「No, the wound isn’t painful.

What’s painful is by far the regret that this katana feels at having been the one used to wound me by that guy.」(Soujirou)


Right, I’ve had that feeling ever since I arrived at this space.

The feeling of sorrow, cursing itself of its own weakness, and the intense regret from being unable to do anything due to its own powerlessness.

At first, I thought that it was the guilt of having killed my father. However, as I recalled, I felt no discomfort when I stabbed my father.

“Then what was it?” While thinking that, I noticed the kodachi on my back.


「Master truly loved us katanas since childhood…

Whenever you had free time, you would never get tired of coming to the warehouse and drooling while watching us katanas with your sticky fingerprints on the glass cases.

We’ve watched you all this time for sixteen years. As for all the katanas in the warehouse, everyone loves master. For us who can’t have offsprings, we loved you as if you were our own child.

But even if we say that the bad one was that man who killed master, this one still regrets and cannot stop regretting.」(Katana 2)


Ahh right, I was watched the whole time by you katanas. No wonder the warehouse was so comfortable.


「It’s good, in fact, I also implore you.

Although it’s a young sword of around a hundred years, it will surely give its all for Master.」(Katana)


I got the consent from my lovely katana, and once again drew the two swords close.

Thus I called out to the small sword to please take care of me, and the prickling pain of regret felt from it faded little by little and become replaced with the feeling of joy.

With this would you… stop regretting?




I nod without hesitation at the last confirmation from god.


「It’s fine, let’s go.

Ah, that’s right. I have to say my farewell to everyone back at the warehouse.」(Soujirou)


Though I understood there was no reason for that god to hear my final request, that just once before I left, I wanted to say goodbye to everyone.


『If you do your best over there, you will surely meet them all again.』(god)


Although my consciousness was gradually fading, strangely, I had a clear feeling that god said this.

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