In front of a boy whose eyes are hidden underneath his hair, inside the classroom of a certain school, a certain fatty expressed a laughing smirk.

「Kufufu~…… Rin, it’s been so long. Fufufu~, such a girly smell. 」

Drawing his sultry face towards the nape of Rin’s neck, he sniffed her fragrant smell.

「Iyaa!! Save me! Onii-chan!」

A young girl with a lovely face, and light blue hair, dressed in maid-attire, held out an arm to the the boy with hidden eyes, asking for help.

「You fat-bastard! Return Rin-chan!」

「I refuse. To begin with, there’s no reason to return her to you. Reason being, because she is my slave.」

The collar attached to her neck was shown. The boy with hidden eyes, in bitterness, ground his teeth.

「Damn… Curse you, money-grubbing Ritone.」

「Hmph~… However, I’m not a demon. Once you’ve acquired The Sword of Heroes 『Artemis』, then I will release Rin.」

Having heard those words, fear began to show on the face of the boy with hidden eyes.

「Bu-but over there a monster is…」

「 I’m being nice, otherwise I wouldn’t have been merciful enough to have left you with some hope. If you’d have said no…..」

The fattie who is called Ritone, lewdly licked Rin’s neck.

「Kya~~~!!!! Iya!」

Seeing the young girl distort in disgust, the boy became determined.

「OK, just you wait!」

The boy dashed out of the classroom and headed towards the mountains where the sword was sealed.


In front of the shrine

「Err… I only have to pull out the sword right?」

Having reached here after fighting the monsters, covered in wounds, the boy went up to the altar, and pulled out a bright star-like sword.

Seeing how the sword came out so easily, the boy expressed a satisfying smile.

「I did it. because of Rin-chan will!-」

Just as the boy had sensed, the ground in front of him had already begun to crack, and all of a sudden, a deep rift appeared.

「Guwahaha! I am Demon Emperor Dark Kaiser! Thou who bears the blood of the heroes. You have my gratitude for releasing me!」

「 As the one who draws the blood of the brave heroes, I do not fear you…」

「 In gratitude for releasing the seal, thou shalt not be killed by my own hands. Go and live a quiet and fulfilling life, in a place where our eyes should never meet.」

As the following seconds passed, tens of thousands of demons suddenly appeared. As they flew up to the sky an incredibly huge demon plunged out of the rift, and began to follow them as they flew away.

「I…… I never wanted…」

The boy hung his head dumbfounded.

The opening screen appeared as music resounded.

「…It was quite ordinary.」

While thinking these things, a growing fat man played the game system.

This 「A Happy Future With You」 Adult RPG game.

At first, the boy’s name was expected to be 「Kichiku」 or Kii but when reading it conversely at the heart of it, it was said to be「Netori」, though at the start, it was pretty ordinary.
[TN:一部では「キチク」もしくはキーとなる少年の名前を逆に読んで「ネトリ」と言われているほど心にくるといわれていたので期待していたが、最初の始まりは平凡だった。 Kind of confused here.]

「……Not yet. I will advance next.」

The man proceeded with the scene. When returning to the classroom, a conversation started with Ritone.

「Gufufu. Excellent, you brought it. Now choose, the sword or the woman…」


The Sword of Heroes 『Artemis』 or 『Rin』 which to choose? These were the choices.

「I’m worried… However, there might be a companion event later. The sword!」

Refused to hand over the sword.

「…… Cruel……」

「Gufufufu. Now, Rin is mine. There……」

Pulling the chain attached to the collar, they were taken somewhere. The following scene became an adult scene of Ritone and Rin.

「……Te! Suddenly the heroine is like this!」

The man was surprised at the adult scene of the heroine riding the large package all of a sudden.

「Surely, with this……」

The man expected, the girl who he used to get along well with in school, would definitely be enslaved to Ritone.

That way, the journey could be advantageous and easy if he selected the item for the exchange.

If he chose the item, the game would’ve advanced quickly but also lonesome with no companions.

If the girl had been chosen, although the game would have been fully loaded with happy events, with the number of companions increasing, the game would’ve continued to be difficult.

「Indeed… there are various ways to enjoy this. With this it will be close.」

Unnoticed, the man was gradually getting addicted to the game, enjoying the various situations.

Even if you defeated the Demon Emperor Dark Kaiser, the protagonist would get pierced by a deserting heroine in the final ending, dying a regrettable death.

Time was rewound each time by the divine protection of the Goddess, Verdandi, to the starting point.

「Haa…Haaa… Finally it’s here!」

The growing fat man, having remembered his hardships, was overcome with deep emotions.

Having suffered hardships from recapturing the 6 heroines from Ritone, and all the Legendary items that Ritone monopolized, the Demon Emperor Dark Kaiser was finally defeated with everyone’s cooperation.

Before the hero’s party, having received the true ending, trembling with joy, the boy stood alone.

「Ritone… You Bastard! How many had to die.」

「Truly, everything was destroyed…The demons are overflowing through, people who are refugees are enslaved, weapons are bought and sold so my home gains worth. The obstructions are gone.」

Ritone’s face turned dark.

「You! For the sake of these things!」

The boy who became a hero and the six heroines poised their weapons, bursting with rage.

「Good… I will show you. The Demon Emperor isn’t able to be defeated so easily. Summoning 『Great Demon Lord Dark Millennium」!」

When Ritone finished chanting the summoning magic, the air distorted and a huge demonic shape appeared.

「AHAHA… Kill them- What?」

The Demon grabbed Ritone’s body, lifting him.

「Ba, Fool, not me. Them! Gya~!」

Roles reversed, Ritone was eaten by the Great Demon Lord.


The heroines frightened, they nestled closer to the protagonist.

Patting them kindly, the hero smiled.

「Okay. If all seven of us combine our power, we can surely bring down this Great Demon Lord.」


The six heroines smiled sweetly.

「Everybody, lets go!」

The hero’s party challenged the Great Demon Lord to fight. After the fierce battle, he was at last defeated.

「Fuu~…. he’s finally down.」

The result of the fierce battle which lasted 30 minutes, ended with the Great Demon Lord’s defeat, receiving a true happy ending.

「I did my best, it worked.」

Talking to himself, he fell onto the bed, suddenly dying as everything turned empty.

「……What will I become hereafter?」

Though he originally worked for a bank, he retired due to interpersonal problems as per requested, having hunted for a job a long time… he later became absorbed in gaming becoming a NEET.

It wasn’t possible to return to his parents now, everyday he intently escaped reality.

His chest collapsed, becoming severely painful due to his lack of faith for the future…

「Haa…Haa… This is different! This!」

Chest painfully tightened.

「Certainly, Heart Attack!」

The man’s consciousness fell into darkness.

「Hello. I am the Goddess Verdandi. Uhm, I have a favor to ask of you.」

Consciousness returned, waking to a white space. A pure angelic voice was heard.

「Verdandi, from the BRUTAL game?」

「 Yes… Actually, the game that the creator made is the foreseen future of my world, it’s a somewhat troubling situation.」

「Troubling situation? Will the hero defeat the Great Demon Lord and reach a happy ending?」

「There is a continuation…」

The Goddess Verdandi began to explain what continued after the end credits.

The ending was too hopeless, the man became speechless.

「So after all, the foolish hero only had strength… was the political situation impossible? Reality is such a harsh world.」

「Yes… the way things are going, my world will not destroyed by the Demon Lord but the hero. I want to avoid this situation someway.」

With the goddess’ eyes sincerely pleading , the man’s heart was moved.

However, the man couldn’t accept it.

「I sympathize with you. However, I’m not good at anything.」

「No. Acquiring financial knowledge in the modern world, knowing the pain of a person, I believe it will definitely change the future for the better. Please, reincarnate to a new person, and please save the world.」

The goddess bowed to the man.

「…I understand. In any case this body will die. If possible, I’ll do it.」

「Thank you. Then, your soul will be sent to my world. Because there is a connection with the formal world, though there are restrictions to the inherent magic originally, please try to cheat it somehow.」

With a shake of the goddess’ staff, the man’s consciousness, shrouded in darkness, began to shine.

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