Harmful Books

「W-What is this?」

「I understand that butt is butt…… But how is it written?」

There is no culture called manga in this world. Also, they touched a more special culture of the manga in Japan that is unique among all others, which sparked curiosity from the housemaids in mind and body.

「……It is only Ritone that understands this language, so it is inevitable. Let’s ask Ritone to read for us.」

They waited for Ritone to finish reading the folktale, and hand over the manga.

「Ritone-sama, this please.」

「I wholeheartedly decline.」

Ritone ruthlessly declines to translate it.
[TN: I would, too. Who want’s to read a BL manga to curious maids, imagine the destruction.]

「Will you be able to? Uhm, the pictures are very artistically drawn, and we also would like to read it.」

Somewhere along the line, Ritone was now surrounded by curious housemaids.

「It’s because I don’t have the heart to bring BL art to this world. This harmful book will now be incinerated.」

Due to Ritone refusal, the housemaids grumble.

「Such a thing! So cruel!」

「That’s wasteful. This, this will absolutely sell!」

「Ritone-sama is stingy!」

Even though Ritone was severely criticized, they were still not able to make him concede.

「Call it whatever, it’s useless! This pernicious book.」

「…… Then, this is not okay?」

Nellie, the head maid, picks the book Ritone secured himself with a cold face.

It was filled with the dreams of the youth.


Shaken for a moment, Ritone responded firmly.

「It’s because of the art.」
[Daily: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)]

「Men are really selfish……」
[TN: No this is not about being selfish, but for the sake of the world.]

The head maid Nellie stared at Ritone with a cold face, but he firmly held his ground.

「However it’s called, this is not good. It will be art if it’s about men and women loving each other, but this is taboo BL art of a man with another man.」

「……If that’s the case, then there is no other way. Let’s ask Kurie.」

One of the housemaids calls for Kurie.

It was the usual, but Kurie, with an emotionless face, was ill-humored from the start.

「What’s the business? Making such a racket……Hm?」

She turned silent as her gaze fell upon the book Nellie handed her.

After a while, she looked up silently.

「……Where’d you find this treasure?」
[TN: Oh no…]

「Ritone-sama summoned it from the other world. So I was hoping for Kurie’s opinion.」

Nellie mumbles something in her ear. Kurie’s glasses gleamed with a flash.

Upon seeing this, Ritone felt even more uneasy.


「 It is one of the wind magic 『Speech Resonance』. A special ability that can understand a person 『Speech Concept』 and copy it if the person using it has the magic affinity with wind. Kurie-sama can use it.」

Nellie explained it triumphantly.

「Is that so, wait, that means!」

「Kurie-sama who can copy Japanese can also teach it……」

Seeing the expectant faces floating on the housemaids, Kurie nods.

「It’s fine, adopting the advanced culture of the other world for the sake of this world.」

Hearing it, joy rose in the housemaid faces.

「Sa~, Kurie-sama please 『Receive』.」

「I understand.」

The expressionless Kurie blushed slightly as she answered.

Then Ritone-sama as the 『Sender』. Please read this.」


Though he tried to decisively refuse, he was immediately suppressed by the Housemaids by force.

「Saa, please we all wish to learn. Why do the young boys embrace each other naked?」

Like that, they open the page of the manga mentioned some time ago before Ritone forcefully.


In the end, he was forced to carefully read every single page.

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