A Certain Comic Book

One month later

The nobles who have beaming smiles on their faces came to pay the bill for the first time.

「Everyone, I thank you all for your payments.」

Ritone bowed his head to the nobles in appreciation.

「Please don’t lower your head, Ritone-sama is our saviour.」

「Since then, the clothes were selling like hot cakes, and I was being pestered by the merchants about when are we going to re-stock, so we would like to implore you once again.」

Apart from the payment, they paid a large amount of gold for the purchase.

「Yes, it’s been prepared.」

The nobles received a great deal of clothes with overjoyed faces, and in return, Ritone earned a large quantity of gold coins.

Eagle who has witnessed many business transactions, watched with shocked eyes as the nobles with joyful faces came for repayment willingly.

「What a stunning view. It’s the first time I’ve seen a person repaying their debt with such a smile.」

「Well, their purpose is not for repayment, but for clothing purchases.」

Being admired by his Grandfather, Ritone smiled wryly.

「With this, we don’t have to receive meaningless collateral and we are exempt from its management. So people who were unable to pay us will be revitalized as people who could give us high return.
They are going to sell the clothes like crazy to pay their debts; in exchange, I’m going to sell even more clothes to them, creating more profit for us.」

「Yeah… Although, why weren’t the clothes handled by our house? We could have earned more if it was sold directly to the merchant.」

Eagle wondered.

「Because they’re afflicted with debt, they have a grudge against our house. With this, their dissatisfaction will dissipate, and they will become devoted servants who will sell it at the wholesale price.」

「I see.」

Consenting, Eagle deeply nodded.

「One of our family’s problems is solved with this.」

「Hmm. However, there is a lot more additional work to look into because of this. You are still green.  If it fails it’s hard to recover. When you become the lord, it is better to be conservative by any means because a failure will cause trouble for many vassals and the citizen of the territory. For now, I will permit what you did to some extent.」

「Yes, Grandfather-sama」

Ritone replies obediently, as Eagle stares at Ritone reliably.

Shylock Territory

In the warehouse, Ritone started summoning garbage from the other world.

「Abandoned books from the other world, come!」

A hefty amount of books appeared at the same time as Ritone was praying.

「Onii-chan, this cute picture. How was it drawn?」

Ritone tilts his head in confusion as he picks up one of them.

There was a picture of a cute boy and a dignified man embracing each other for some reason.

Panicking, Ritone quickly takes it.

「Rin must not see it! T-this, this, in any case, is useless.」

「Eh? Onii-chan is so cruel!」

Rin, trying to take back the book that Ritone took, jumped with all her might. However, due to her small stature, she couldn’t reach it.

「I-it’s better if you read this instead.」

Ritone hands over a child’s book of a healthy boy to Rin as he panicked and presses the comic to the head maid Nellie.

Looking puzzled, Rin opened it and expectedly didn’t understand.

「As expected, I don’t understand.」

「Is that so, it’s because it is written in Katakana. Here I’ll read it to you. Once upon a time, there was a Grandfather and a Grandmother…」

While reading the book, it was being translated into the language of this world.

「Hee~ Interesting.」


Rin and Milky, with shining brilliant eyes, queued up in line next to Ritone as they listen attentively.

At the side not so long ago, the maids eagerly were looking at the comic.

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