Ring and Piercings

However, Ritone, with a cold face, made a declaration.

「Each and every one of you has been unable to pay your debts to our House in 3 whole years. Our patience has run dry. Starting from today, we are going to have to renegotiate our relationship.」

Hearing Ritone’s statement, all the nobles’ faces began to turn pale.

「Pl-please just wait for the reimbursement a little longer! We have all done our best.」

「Ye-Yes that’s right. Besides, we gave you our house’s heirloom as collateral.」

Hearing the nobles’ shriek, Ritone laughed cruelly.

「Ah, those things. Bring them here.」

The maids brought in all the heirlooms that were supplied as collateral.

Ritone, giving the items a glance and confirming them, started to laugh.

「We have already done an assessment of these heirlooms and whether we can sell them or not. All of these items are things that cannot be sold, or even if they can be, they are garbage that won’t fetch any considerable sum.」

Before the nobles, all the heirlooms that were used as collateral were lined up as he said those words.

The nobles were angry, due to the fact that their heirlooms were treated as garbage.

「What do you mean by worthless? This is a slipper that the legendary hero Artemis used, a valuable piece of history!」

「A drawing made by the genius artist Bakaso who started a new artistic style. How can you be dissatisfied with that!?」

「For you not to know the value of this fundoshi that was granted by the majesty of some generations before!」

Even while everyone loudly asserted themselves, Ritone kept calm.

「Is that so? In that case, I will give you a week. In that time, can you find a merchant that will buy those heirlooms at a high price? Either way, our house doesn’t mind it as long as we get our money back.」


Hearing that, all the nobles went silent. As Ritone said, even though all these things were owned by influential people, they had neither a monetary value nor utility.

Seeing the looks on the faces of the nobles, Ritone informed with a mild voice.

「However, I have seen that for all of you, these are far more important. So, I will return to you the heirlooms that were used as collateral.」

「Is that true!?」

「Yes, of course.」

As he ordered, the maids returned the heirlooms to their respective owners.

「Thank goodness… With this, I can face my ancestors’ graves.」

While the nobles were happy about it, Ritone made a signal to the maids. One maid exited the room as she was given the signal.

「However, in exchange, you will have to put a certain item on yourselves. Gufufu… then please…」

「Yes, as you order.」

The young maid beside him, stood up and brought two boxes and opened them. Inside of them was a large quantity of rings that were shining brightly.

「Eh? What is that?」

「Among the servants of our House, most of them are purchased slaves. They have been using the “Slave Collar” until now. However, it’s really embarrassing because they are immediately identifiable as slaves. That’s why, I thought of a solution to this problem and the solutions were the “Slave C*ck Rings” and the “Slave Piercings”.」

As one of the maids heard Ritone’s speech, she blushed and pressed her chest. She had an outline on her neck, indicating that she had been using a choker just a few days before.

「The men will put the “Slave C*ck Ring”, while the women put the ‘Slave Piercings’ on their breasts. You will offer your bodies to us as your collateral.」

At the moment Ritone made that statement, the hall burst into complaints.

「Don’t mess with us! Are you saying that we will become your slaves?」

「You’re wrong. Unlike the slave choker, this one can be hidden. Putting aside its function, with this, you will be able to maintain your positions as nobles.」


「Until you put these on, you won’t be able to return to your homes.」

The moment Ritone gestured the signal, knights armed to the teeth entered the room. The knights quietly pointed their blades toward the nobles.


「Well then, the women will be in another room. The maids will put in their piercings. The men will have to put the c*ck rings on by themselves.」

While feeling disgraced by Ritone’s cold words, the nobles had no choice but to put them on.

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