Chapter 41 – A Small Hero

「Uwa! This is bad!」

「Hang on!」

They frantically held onto the warp. As the net broke, both Tsuchigumo and the truck fell to the bottom of the elevator.

「Did that actually kill the Tsuchigumo?」

「I don’t know, probably.」

When Ritone muttered, a spark flashed as a sound came from the bottom of the elevator.

Ritone looked on in a panic.

「Hurry up and climb! With this, the promise could be…」

Urging Littlette on, he mustered what little strength he had left to climb up the warp.

The second they finally arrived at the upper floor, a huge explosion went off with the elevator and underground residence area becoming engulfed in flames.

「Tsuchigumo… was defeated? By you? Despite not being a hero.」

「Onii-chan! You’re amazing!」

「Thank you for saving my family.」

Though Ritone was receiving praises from those three, his face still turned pale.

(This is bad. The airborne fortress Pegasus Wing is at the bottom… What should I do?)

Destroying the hero’s ship which would enable the hero to go to the Castle in the Sky Labuta*, he was now at a loss as to what the next best course of action would be.
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(This is bad, this is bad… Huh?)

Suddenly the air became sullen.

「Onii-chan! Are you ok? Stay with us!」



Hearing the worrying voices of those three people, Ritone’s consciousness fell into darkness.


「… Huh?」

When Ritone regained consciousness, he found himself in a white sickroom.

For some reason, there were three girls, including Rin, who were sitting on chairs around him, asleep.

「What’s with this situation?」

While Ritone pondered, the door of the sickroom opened and several men and women entered.

「You’re Nady’s fiancé, the hero Ritone-chan? Thank you. You saved us.」

The first to approach was a smiling, white-skinned, peerless beauty. She held a PET bottle with white liquid in her hand.

「… I’m in your debt.」

A stocky dwarf slightly bowed his head.

「Certainly, for such a boy to defeat Tsuchigumo, against whom I couldn’t win… Moreover, to be surrounded by lovely children! Damn, is this a genuine hero!?」

A good-looking swordsman expressed his frustration. It appears that the members of “White Princess Norn” were completely mistaking Ritone for a hero.

「N-n-no, that’s…」

The last person took up Ritone’s hand as he was trying to explain.

「Hero Ritone-dono, our family earnestly thanks you for saving us. The «Copper Rank» Lilliput Family will brand you. A true hero…」

A strange man with a grown mustache, although visually young, was deeply moved to tears.

「That’s not true! I’m not a hero!」

Although Ritone desperately denied it, since that day the rumor of the “Little Hero Ritone” spread to the 12 states.

The room suddenly became noisy, and the three people woke up.

「… Ritone, you’re awake? Are you o-…」

The moment Nady started rising from her seat, two shadows moved.



Rin and Littlette embraced Ritone with all their might.

「Are you okay? Does your body feel any pain?」

「You, I thought you had died! I was worried!」

The two people shed tears as they clung to him, while Nady, who had a late start, sat down on her chair idly.

Looking at her daughter as such, the smiling Norn was laughing.

「What’s the matter? Why don’t you go?」


Nady shook her head silently.

「Well, well, at last, an ideal hero has suddenly appeared in front of Nady-chan~ 」

Norn laughed with glee.

「This guy, is not a hero.」

Nady pretended not to care and turned her face away.

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