Chapter 40 – But I’m not a Hero


Eyes closed, a minute passed by, but she didn’t feel anything.

「… What…?」

Timidly, Nady opened her eyes, and there before her stood a man’s sturdy back.

「… Hero-sama?」

Thinking that it was the hero she so yearned for, she timidly called out.

「Didn’t I say that I’m not a hero! Full throttle! 『Dragon Macho』!」
[Daily: ドラゴンマッチョ… I know…]

The masculine voice was familiar. The disgusting man who forcefully tried to make himself her fiancé. Though Mother’s divine protection was obtained, the Cowardly—Ritone wasn’t going to fight against the Demon Prince.

That kind of man jumped down intentionally to protect her.

「… Why?…」

「I don’t know- Shit! Hurry! I can’t hold on for long!」

Ritone yelled out as his clothes split apart from his temporary buff.

Desperately, he released all of his Ki to form a barrier in front of him so he could defend against the digestive fluids.

「… Good grief. This is troublesome.」

Littlette came down and tried to cut the threads binding Nady with her nippers.

「And you…」

「Despite those instances, aren’t we a party? As the White Princess Norn said, “A true adventurer doesn’t abandon his companions even in extreme situations.” I am an adventurer.」

With great difficulty, the threads restraining Nady were cut.

「I did it!」

「Go! I’ll defeat this thing somehow!」

Nady shifted her eyes to Ritone, and for the first time, she saw a hero.

(Damn… I tried to look good, did it work?)

While thinking, he desperately exerted his willpower.

(Think! A spider’s body is soft! That means there has to be something that can crush it! Something hard and solid, like the Grandpa “Rock”!)
[Daily: Probably talking about a famous giant boulder, it’s shaped like a dick… yeah.. don’t ask me]

Frantically, he remembered the trash he could summon from another world. With great difficulty, he remembered something convenient.

「That’s right! Abide by my will! Scrap from the other world!」

In desperation, he chanted and something appeared from the sky.

Falling with great force, it plunged into the spider’s soft back.


Being crushed by the object, Tsuchigumo cried in pain.


「What is that?」

Seeing the object that crushed Tsuchigumo, Littlette tilted her head in puzzlement.

「It’s a car which played an active part in my previous existence. I summoned this broken and abandoned object. This type is called a “Trailer Truck”.」

A gigantic broken 10-ton truck, filled with rust, was summoned on the spider.

If such a car appeared on its back, even if it was the strongest of the Six Demon Princes or Tsuchigumo, they wouldn’t be able to move.

Tsuchigumo who was crushed, squirmed and twitched while it bled green .

「I-I did it… Hahaha… Gaku-」

Exhausting all his willpower and magic, Ritone collapsed.

Littlette harshly scolded him.

「Look at that! Trying to show off, and stand till the end. Aren’t you a hero?」

「I told you, I’m not a hero, I’m just a weak young noble…」

Smiling wryly, he borrowed Littlette’s shoulder and turned to the warp.

At that moment, the web on the floor suddenly inclined.


「No way, that’s…」

Turning around, they saw that Tsuchigumo’s tough web couldn’t endure the weight of the truck and was rapidly sinking.

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