Chapter 39 – Crisis


Eventually, Nady screamed out when she saw a wand sticking out of one of the human-shaped cocoons.

Ritone hastily stopped her as she tried to cling onto it.

「It’s alright! She’s not going to die!」


「I feel that White Princess Norn is safe. Therefore, it’s alright.」

He comforted the frantic Nady who had lost her cool.

「… I understand.」

When Nady settled down after a while, Ritone and the girls retrieved the human-shaped cocoons and carried them to the upper floor.


「… Good. This should be the last one. Did we make it in time…?」

With the last cocoon retrieved, Ritone felt relieved. He had no intention to fight against the Six Demon Prince. After saving Norn’s group, he’ll quickly run away.

「I’ll leave the collection of the “Earth Orb” to the hero for when he becomes an adult. At any rate, since the airborne fortress* [Pegasus Wing] is being kept under there, even if we leave it alone, the hero will come. Ah, but since Tsuchigumo will spend several years without food, he should be starving to death.」
[Daily: 飛空挺 not quite sure]

While thinking about that convenient matter, they carried the last cocoon to the upper floor, but out of nowhere, the warp suddenly shook.



Because of the huge tremor, Nady had fallen and got stuck to the nest.

「Ritone-kun! There!」

Littlette paled and pointed towards the warehouse. Tsuchigumo was there, swinging threads of its nest.

「That thing… Damn! Just a little more and we would’ve been done!」

Ritone ground his teeth in vexation. Tsuchigumo had a considerably hard time bringing down the Macho Golem, three of its eight legs were missing. There were also holes on its body, and its movements were dull too.

Still, it approached Nady, its eyes seething with hatred.

「W-we must escape quickly.」

「No! I won’t!」

Nady was entangled on the sticky weft, unable to move.

Aiming at Nady, Tsuchigumo approached while clacking its mouth, ready to bite.

Nady calls out to the two people up top.


「Tell the hero-sama… that I wanted to fight alongside him.」
[7th: No, you don’t want to fight together with that genocide child- murdering idiot.]

With her body stiffened tightly, she forced a smile to the two people.

With its mouth agape, Tsuchigumo started to spit its digestive juices to eat Nady.

「Goodbye… Mother! 」

Eyes forcefully closed, Nady resigned herself.

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