Chapter 38 – Boss vs Boss

「Alright, push the button.」

As Ritone said that, Littlette prepared herself and pushed the start button.

Then, the eyes of the Macho Golem began to shine red.

… Rebooting… Enemy Extermination Mode…

Before the Macho Golem began to move, Ritone waved his wand towards the ground.

「Summoned Floor!」

The very next moment, a hole in the ground opened up and the Macho Golem fell to the lower floor.

After a while, a gunshot followed by a terrible scream was heard from the lower floor.

「Kill you!」


As Ritone’s group carefully listened while searching for signs of battle, the fight between the bosses suddenly commenced.

They left the stairs and headed for the elevator shaft.

While proceeding down to the lower floor, they cut apart the threads that stood in their way.


Elevator Room

「Listen well, the spider’s thread has a warp and a sticky weft. Don’t touch the weft.」

Ritone warned Nady and Littlette.

While Rin was waiting upstairs, the three followed the warp down the elevator hall.

When they reached the deepest area of the factory floor, they saw a huge nest that Tsuchigumo had spread below.

「That thing is fighting the Golem, right?」

Nady pointed towards the warehouse, and the dreadful sounds of battle could be heard from there.

「Can the golem defeat that thing?」

Littlette questions uneasily.

「I’m not sure. However, while it’s fighting, let’s rescue Norn-san and the others.」

While the two major bosses were fighting, they descended along the warp to the center of the nest while concealing their presences.

「But, what should we do from here? It’s impossible to help them without touching the weft.」

Looking around, Nady despaired.

Distant from the center, there were human-shaped cocoons that they couldn’t reach.

「If you use your summoning magic…」

「It’s impossible to use anymore, I’ve already used considerable magic power by coming here. If I summon them one by one, I’ll faint from magic depletion, and if that thing returns, I can’t fight back.」

Ritone calmly reasoned and denied Littlette’s thoughts.

「Then, how!?」

「I’ll handle it, summoning 『Cardboard from a Different World』!」

When Ritone waved his wand, a large mass of cardboard appeared.

「Is this fine? Crush it like this and make your way to the cocoon.」

After the cardboard was flattened, he placed it on the spider web.

Thus, a path was opened, and they finally arrived at the place where the human-shaped cocoons were piled up.

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