Chapter 37 – Self-introductions

「Littlette! Wake up please!」

「Open your eyes!」

As they shook off Tsuchigumo’s pursuit, Ritone and the other two nursed Littlette after escaping to the upper floor.

However, the girl who was struck by a paralyzing poison still hadn’t moved as if she had passed away.

「…It can’t be helped… According to the instructions, I should feed it to her mouth-to-mouth…」

When I was about to take off the cap of the PET bottle containing milk, Nady, who was next to me, snatched it away.

「You disgusting monkey. I’ll do it.」

Just like that, Littlette started drinking the Mother’s milk as it was transferred to her from Nady’s mouth.


As soon as she drank it, her sickly complexion gradually returned to normal, and the venom was later spat out along with a coughing fit.

「…That’s good. You’re still alive.」



When Littlette saw me staring at her white skin, while feeling relieved from the bottom of my heart, she tilted her head in puzzlement.

「Oh. Rin-chan and Nady-chan? Was it you who saved me? Thank you.」

After the two introduced themselves to Littlette, she replied with a bow whilst giving her gratitude.

「No, it’s not that big of a deal.」

「… It’s only natural to help a comrade of my mother.」

Rin was feeling shy while Nady blushed as she answered for some reason.

「Err… I’m here too though…」


Though Ritone tried to appeal that he also helped, Littlette didn’t put much effort into her response.

「F-first of all, shouldn’t we withdraw for now? We were able to save you, but you haven’t fully regained your strength yet, and that’s the same for us too. To begin with, taking on one of the strongest Six Demon Princes in your first battle as an ordinary person is a grave mistake… Let’s leave it to the hero, who will be an adult in a few years, to defeat it.」

To the Ritone who feared Tsuchigumo’s strength, Nady and Littlelette shook their heads in disapproval at his suggestion.

「…Useless. We haven’t even rescued my mother yet.」

「Not only my companions, my family in the «Copper Rank» Lilliput Family were also detained. Now is my only chance to save them.」

Hearing such an honorable declaration, Ritone felt bad.

「Well… these kinds of things… isn’t it the duty of the hero to fight against the Six Demon Princes though…」

For Ritone to chicken out at this point in time, Nady and Littlette coldly glared at him in response.

「You can leave if you’re scared. Because even if I’m alone, I’ll still fight against that thing.」

「… I’ll fight as well. A non-hero coward can stay out of it.」

After the pair of them said that, Ritone finally caved in.

「… I get it already. I’ll fight too.」

To Ritone who reluctantly agreed, Rin merely cheered.

「It’s alright. My Onii-chan is strong. We can beat a guy like that up!」

Seeing Rin laughing innocently, Ritone’s heart stirred up.

(That’s right. Even though I’m not a hero, I’m Rin’s older brother. I shouldn’t show any of my bad points to my younger sister. However, how exactly should we fight that guy…)

While desperately pondering about what they should do, the immobilized Macho Golem caught his eye.

「This golem was originally the boss of this dungeon. That means that it should be pretty damn strong. Then… an eye for an eye, a boss for a boss.」

Ritone was finally able to come up with a strategy that could oppose Tsuchigumo.

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