Chapter 36 – Successful Rescue

Ritone’s group was watching with admiration as the golem’s movements being suspended.

「It seems like Littlette already came this far. However, it also seems like she had survived the fight.」

Ritone shivered as he looked at the powerful-looking Macho Golem. Because of its size and its machine gun, even if he had infinite lives, he thought it still wouldn’t be enough.

「There’s a button here, was its movement stopped with this?」

Rin squatted down as she pointed at a section of the floor.

「… I see. It’s an emergency stop system in case they ever run wild. It’d be foolish to straight up fight it.」

Ritone became discouraged upon remembering the fights up until now.

「… Leaving that aside, let’s hurry. She’s injured.」

Nady said as she looked at the floor. There are traces of blood scattered from where she moved around the floor.

「We can’t hang around here. Let’s hurry onward.」

The three advanced to the industrial area’s final floor.


The last floor seemed to be a warehouse. A large number of finished golems could be seen sleeping in boxes.

In addition, there were various electronics which resembled household appliances, with canned goods and other provisions arranged on the shelves.

「It’s quiet…」

Looking around, Ritone muttered.

Tsuchigumo isn’t so careless as to let either Littlette or the moving golems be.

「Over there’s the magical elevator platform. It seems to be a wide area.」

Nady said as she examined the map drawn on the wall.

「That’s what it says.」

The three advanced inside.

「This is… incredible.」

A gigantic hole has been blown through the magical elevator all the way up until the surface.

At the bottom there is an enormous spider building a nest.


While raising a cry, it spat out a white thread from its butt.

On the nest there were many groups of people scattered about.

「This… is…」

「Mn, it is.」

The three nodded after exchanging glances. Within the closest group there was some sort of a person bundled up, wearing a red hood.

「For now, let’s help them. 『Summon』!」

Aiming at the person’s form, Ritone waved his wand. Then, a girl with glasses appeared.

「Littlette-san, please hold on!」

Even with Rin shaking her, Her white eyes had been giving no sign of a reaction.

On the nape of her neck, there was a mark of being stung by an insect, and the area around it had turned green.

「This is bad… She’s been poisoned. If we don’t cure it… Tch! Hey!」

Tsuchigumo, taking notice of its prey being stolen, approached fiercely.

Going straight for Ritone’s party, it opened its mouth.

「Damn! 『Dragon Shield』」

Coinciding with the spider spitting out digestive fluids, he set up a barrier for cover.


Tsuchigumo, angry he was defended against, turned its rear end towards them and shot out a thread..


The thread coiled around the barrier as if to cover it completely.

「This is bad! Retreat!」

Ritone’s group, carrying Littlette, retreated to the previous floor.

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