Chapter 35 – Solitude

Ritone’s group went down to the lower floor.

Although one girl was covered in wounds, they still proceeded further.


For some reason, this golem, that had sunglasses on and looked like a macho-man, fired away with a large machine gun.

「 … Ku, “The glasses are its weak point”.」

The girl—Littlette was hidden in the shadows and wasn’t able to move.

「Haa, haa… What’s with this thing?! It wasn’t like this at the time when I was here with Norn’s group!」

She still complained while hidden. The Golems were only about D-rank when they first arrived in the dungeon, but suddenly a strong one appeared.

「What’s the use, nobody is going to save me even if I complain. It’s fine, I’ll just have to help my companions by myself then.」

The shining glasses, she found the Golem weak point.

「… An external power type. If that’s the case… it’s over there!」

Looking back, she returned to the entrance floor.

Examining the floor carefully, she discovered suspicious screws.

「Have to hurry… He’s here! 『Freeform Tool』, transform!」

The pliers in her hands changed into a driver.

Sensing the Macho Golem approaching her from behind, she desperately turned the screws.

「All right, it came off!」

A part of the floor open when the screws were removed. Opening it up, a button could be seen inside.

「That thing should stop with this… Guh!」

Suddenly, pain ran through her right hand as it bled.

As she looks back, the Macho Golem caught up to her, immediately aimed, and shot at her.

It seemed like she’d faint from the overwhelming pain.

「Like hell I will lose… I… I will save everyone!」

Still able to move her left hand, she used as much strength as she could muster to press the button.


The Macho Golem stopped with its gun pointed straight at Littlette.

「Haa… Haa… I did it.」

Littlette dropped to the ground feeling relieved.

Tying up her right hand with the bandage she brought, she drank a potion which stopped the bleeding.

「Uu… Uuu… Why is it like this…」

Sitting alone in a dark area, the dread and loneliness seemed to be creeping in.

「Can I truly save everyone… With this, I have already exhausted my potions.」

Since she came here alone, she has already been injured many times, exhausting all of her healing potions on hand.

「Do I turn back now… But…」

Until now, the way she had been fighting was the basics of avoiding engagements and running away all while poking at their weak points until they stopped moving.
[Daily: she was basically kiting the mobs.]

Even if she turned back, she wouldn’t be able to avoid fighting against a large group of machine golems.
She wasn’t confident that she would be able to return safely to the surface.

「It can’t be helped that I’m hesitating. Let’s go. On the final floor, that’s where she should be.」

Littlette’s feelings started to change as she descended down the stairs to the final floor.

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