Chapter 34 – Mother’s Divine Protection


It easily pierced through the 『Strong Dragon Fist’s』 barrier and then through Ritone’s shoulder.

「E-everyone hide!」

They panicked as they hid in the shadow of a nearby machine.

The golem with the camera-shaped barrel revealed a number of wings from its body and flitted around in the air.

It flew about as if it was keeping watch of the surrounding area.

「I give up…it seems like some kind of a drone and laser combo.」

In Japan, this type of thing would be generally known as a drone according to Aviation Laws, but it seems to be a thing that this Ancient Civilization commonly used.

「It can’t be helped. 『Summons』」

He waved the wand he brought, but the attack missed the flying golem without even touching it.

「Damn! My magic control is a problem… it looks like I haven’t trained enough.」

Right now they had no method of fighting enemies that could fly.

At that moment, Ritone remembered something.

「Rin, can you create some fog?」

「I can. 『Water Mist』」

Steam welled out of the wand in Rin’s hand and spread out within the room.

In the blink of an eye, the surroundings were shrouded by mist, and it was practically impossible to see anything.

「Alright. With this, we’ll be concealed and the laser’s power should be decreased. Everyone, time to crawl forward.」

With Ritone at the front, they began to crawl forward on all fours.

As the laser drones had lost their targets, they started to wander around.

「Alright. I wonder if we can make it to the exit like this…」

Ritone was thinking optimistically, but a heartless voice rang out.

「Target lost. Switching to Defense Mode」

The laser drones gathered in front of the stairs leading down and sealed the exit.

When Ritone saw that, he ground his teeth.

「Damn it! Since it’s like this let’s go for it. 「Summ-」」


As Ritone was waving his wand to summon near the drones, Nady stopped him.

「If you do something like that, then we’ll get attacked at close range and be screwed (destroyed).」


「I’ll see if I can do something about it.」

Nady started to cast a spell.

「I am an apostle of darkness. All paths lead towards the sublime darkness. 『Dark Ice』」

A dark shadow came out of Nady’s wand and covered the drones.

From the darkness, a creaking sound could be heard and then thumping sounds soon followed.

「… I did it. Turned out alright.」

Nady wiped cold sweat off of her forehead. The drones had been frozen and had fallen to the ground.

「That’s terrific. It’s a collaboration between mist and ice huh? Like this we can defeat enemies that float in the air.」

Ritone said in admiration.

「Fufu. Somehow it feels like power is welling up within me. It might be because of that milk. We’ve gotten the Mother’s Divine Protection.」

Nady laughed with a flushed face.

「I’m sure that’s what it is. I also felt that I’m stronger than before.」

「Our combo is invincible.」

Nady and Rin clasped each other’s hands in delight.

「And me?」

Ritone spoke with a lonely and appealing tone, and Nady looked at him coldly.

「You’re a shield. You buy us time to use our magic to defeat the enemies.」


From then on, the dungeon exploration consisted of Ritone acting as their shield to draw the enemies, Rin covering them with water magic, and Nady freezing them to disable them. Their teamwork went smoothly as they continuously conquered the Spider Dungeon that was by all rights meant to be the last one.

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