Chapter 33 – First Adventure

「As expected of an A-rank adventurer. We’re almost at the final dungeon, and even though strong monsters are appearing, they’re being defeated.」

Ritone murmured as they continued further through the dungeon.

Along the well-paved, concrete floor, there were incomprehensible machine-like monsters lying broken and scattered around.

In the surrounding area, there were some kind of manufacturing instruments lined up.

「This, I’ve never seen anything like this. Some type of a slime maybe?」

Before long, Rin picked one up with her head tilted in confusion. The golem was 30 cm in diameter, both round and flat.

「I’ve read about something like this before. It’s a D-rank monster 『Rumban*』.」
[Daily: Something like a cleaner robot.]

Nady explained.

「…So this is D-rank! Its power rivals a Holy Knight’s that has received a blessing from God, as expected of a high-level dungeon.」

Just as Ritone said that, a flat shadow suddenly appeared.


The instant that the mechanical voice spoke, a *shakin* sound accompanied sharp blades protruded from the edges of the disc.

「Crap! Both of you hide behind me! 『Strong Dragon Fist』 Release!」

Protecting Rin and Nady, he released his Ki at full power.

The next moment, the Rumban made a gyuuiiiin sound and started to attack.


「D-damn it! Be obedient!」

Ritone was desperately holding the Rumban back as its rotating blades scratched him.

Even if his defense was on par with full-plate armor, as it was, it would soon break through and cut him in half.

「Leave it to me! 『Water Ball!』」
From behind, Rin waved her staff and engulfed the Rumban in a water ball.
Letting out a *poof* sound, the Rumban stopped moving.

「You saved me… certainly the natural enemy of electric appliances is water. If you use water, then usually they’ll short out and break. Good job!」

「Ehehe…amazing? Somehow… I’m overflowing with power from that milk.」

Rin was feeling happy that Ritone praised her, but suddenly Nady shouted out a warning.

「Careful! We’re surrounded!」

Before they realized it, lots of Rumbans had gathered from every direction.

「Shit! This is bad!」

Immediately, Ritone gathered Rin and Nady, lifting them onto his shoulders.

Thanks to Mother Dragon’s training, he had leveled up. He could now easily carry the two girls on his shoulders.

However, at his feet, there was a great number of Rumbans, and they were grinding and shaving away his defensive barrier.

「Ow! Rin hurry!」

「Ok! 『Water Slider』」

Rin waved her wand, and a massive amount of water gushed forth, centered on Ritone and soaking all the Rumbans.

Like that, they were barely able to continue forward.


After that they were chased around by refrigerator-shaped golems, trapped in a room that worked like a microwave, and attacked by human and dog shaped metallic golems.


The featureless human-shaped golem that was attacking was hit by Ritone and had a hole opened in its chest.

「『Water Spear!』」
Rin aimed her water spear at that very hole and skewered it. The human-shaped golem shorted out and fell over.

「Both of you are amazing!」

Seeing them work together to defeat the golems, Nady was amazed.

「Ehehe. Actually, I’ve been training my magic with Mother. So I can protect Milky-chan.」

Rin let out a carefree laugh. Even before that she had the makings of a first class magician.

「…I’ve got to work hard too.」

Just as Nady fired herself up, there was a *hyururu* sound, and a number of flying type golems appeared.

「What are those?」

They looked kind of like video cameras with little helicopter blades on top as they floated in the air.

The very next instance, the camera let out a *kyun* sound and hit Ritone with a beam of light.

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