Chapter 32 – Spider Dungeon

«Copper Ranked» Lilliput House

The nobles of this house are said to be the successors and inheritors of the magical civilization which had flourished in ancient times.

In the center of the Territorial Capital Shelter, there was a dungeon made by the people who fled the last war—a refuge; in that dungeon, the Lilliput tribe had escaped and hid themselves away from the demon tribe.

As for the leader of the clan, even now they still live in the lowest level of the shelter, rarely coming out and onto the ground.
[Enzou: coming out to the surface?]

And as for the above ground mansion, it is the home for those descendants of the Lilliput clan who have traveled out from the lower shelter.

In the topside mansion, among all of the relatives of the feudal lord to return, was an eccentric young girl.

「Grandfather! Has the magical elevator been repaired?」

The third daughter of the feudal lord, a girl who went out above ground to become an adventurer, Littlette, listens for the answer.

「No… when looking at the shaft, all you can see is it blocked up by some tough spider thread. That devil seems to have gone all the way to the lower stratum from this point.」

After hearing that, the silver-haired butler could only shake his head sadly.

「So… The elevator is blocked up with thread. Then it seems after all that you’re going to have to pass through the industrial area.」

「That’s dangerous! That area has automaton-golems running wild all through it!

The butler frantically tries to dissuade the idea.

They are residing in the “Spider Dungeon”. Originally, it was the shelter that possessed the most expansive area .

However, 400 years ago when the demons invaded, and because of that, golems were employed to repel the demons, it came to be that they would run wild even when being manipulated.

Unavoidably, the elevator which was a direct line to the surface had to be abandoned due to it being sealed off from the lowest level housing area.

「I understand already… mou, you are all idiots like pops! Even if those dangerous golems are wandering around upside down on their heads, if they cannot throw away the housing area because it’s convenient, then they can all stay shut-in there then! That way you can say the talks went sour and that’s why I left!」

Getting tired of dealing with her shut-in relatives, she went outside into the open air of the world and stamped her feet in frustration.

「There’s no way. After all, master didn’t like the outside world because of how unruly it was.」

The butler smiled wryly.

「Can’t be helped, I will have to go alone! It’ll be fine. When I was fighting together with Norn, I’ve generally come to understand the weak point of the golems anyway.」

Saying that, before the butler had time to stop her, she entered the dungeon.


After several hours, Littlette enters the dungeon while Ritone and company arrive at the mansion.

「Excuse me, is Littlette-san here?」

As soon as Ritone had descended from the coach, he asked the butler.

「In trying to help her family, Ojou-sama has entered into the industrial area. However, we are still very concerned about her… even now there has been no sound indicating she has turned back.」

The butler seemed to be a bit on edge waiting for a reply.

「That’s bad news… However, there might still be time. Rin, Nady, let’s go!」


「Let’s rescue mother!」

And so, the three of them that made up Ritone’s party, went and entered the Spider Dungeon.

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