Necessary Item

「Well… if one wants to fight the Demon Prince, then there’s an item that’s absolutely necessary. I’m being serious.」

While grumbling, Ritone entered Milky’s room.

Upon his sight, Mother was nursing Milky.

「You idiot! You should at least knock first!」

「Ex-excuse me!」

Ritone hurriedly left the room, as it seemed like Mother was about to get angry.

「… Whatever. So, what do you want?」

Ritone tried asking Mother about Tsuchigumo’s poison.

「Does master happen to know about such symptoms?」

He discussed the symptoms of Tsuchigumo’s poison that would arise in humans, something which he had heard about from Littlette.

「In fact, I do know about that poison. It’s actually a magical virus. Though the only thing that can oppose it is the immune system.」

「So how can we cure it then?」

Shortly after, Mother puffed out her bountiful chest and confidently declared.

「… The milk of the Dragon King’s mother, so my milk.」

(As expected… the hero from that crude game must have obtained the fluids from mother by doing xxx to her. What am I supposed to do!)
[Daily: Don’t ask me… >.>]

Hearing that, Ritone was at a loss for words.

「So what will you do? Don’t tell me you want my milk, because I haven’t got any for you.」

The mother smirked while standing in a daunting pose with her arms crossed in front of her chest.

Instinctively, the figure of the handsome man became timid. Things weren’t looking good after all.

「… Master, if I manage to land a blow, then you must let me squeeze out some of your milk.」

「Fine. Only if you can land a blow that is.」

In the room, a fierce fight had unfolded.


「… Thank you for waiting.」

While Nady and Rin were waiting in front of the mansion, Ritone, who was in tatters, appeared before them.

A bruise had formed on his face, and his right hand was enveloped in a triangle bandage. His left foot was fractured, so he needed to use crutches.

「Onii-chan, are you alright?」

Rin rushes over and cures him.

「… What did you do? Even if you fought against a demon, you wouldn’t receive these kinds of injuries.」

On the other hand, Nady was coldly staring at Ritone.

「… I received this from my Master.」

Saying that, he takes out the PET plastic bottle. Inside, it contained some white liquid.

「This is?」

「It raises immunity, so this medicine can counter Tsuchigumo’s poison. I almost died to get this.」

With those words, Ritone swallows just a drop. The pain he felt from his body lightened.

「Rin, Nady, both of you take a sip too.」

He handed the PET bottle over to Rin, and as she drank a mouthful, her face surprisingly turned bright.

「Nwa~ Milk is very delicious. Gulp~ Gulp~」

Rin, who liked the milk, purrs with great relish.

「F-fool! You drank too much! AHH」
[Daily: Orz]

When he snatched it back in a hurry, it was already almost gone.

The remaining drops were left for Nady, and now it’s empty.

「… There is no helping it, just wait a bit longer.」

Ritone’s shoulders drooped, and he entered the mansion.

When he returned an hour later, again he had suffered injuries which left him half-dead.

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