Not a Hero

「How could you know our territory would be in crisis! You are likely the one who instigated Tsuchigumo to attack our household! Because of you, Norn-sama… used every single antidote and every instant recovery elixir that we had prepared, the only one who escaped from there was me…」

Suddenly, Littlette, while still crying, pulls out some pliers from her pocket and took a stab at Ritone.

At that very moment, Ritone felt an immense threat.

However, Ritone calmly replied.

「…Doing something like that, how would that benefit our house?」

「T-that is… To snatch away my family’s territory…」

「Assuming for the moment that was the case, then what of the warning?」


Littlette was at a loss for words.

「As for White Princess Norn, she is my fiancee’s mother. And that is why I went so far as to warn her. However, I am honestly surprised that the activity of the Demon Tribe has begun already… I thought this event wouldn’t happen until much later…」

「”This event”!? What exactly do you know about it!?」

Once more Littlette becomes heated.

「I don’t know whether or not you will believe this, but I have undertaken a mission from the Goddess Verdandi.」

Ritone starts speaking about what he knows.


「No way… From here on the Demon Lord and the Six Demon Princes are reviving and plan to attack the world….」

After hearing everything, Littlette was stunned for a short while.

「From the foresight of the Goddess, of the Six Demon Princes, Tsuchigumo was supposed to appear last as the strongest one. And the hero, in cooperation with you, was supposed to defeat it, thereby coming into the possession of the “Pearl of the Land”. Using that, they could restore the legendary ship “Pegasus Wing”…」

「Enough already! Are you looking down on me with such a bullshit story!?」

Finally, Littlette became so angry that she left her seat.

「Hold it. Where do you think you are going?」

「I thought if I came here I might’ve learned something, however, it was a waste of time. I’ll rescue everyone by myself. I don’t need any hero!」

And so, she hurriedly went and left the castle.

Ritone, left alone sitting on a sofa, sighed.

「Well, who would believe such a story anyway? It’s not like this world is the game. The crisis happening to her family is real, and if I had treated it just like an event I’d probably become angry too.」

Even if he reflects on what was said, Ritone still wouldn’t know what he should do in this situation.

But the thing bothering him the most was the knowledge that the revival of the Demon Tribe was not advancing in accordance with what he knew.

At that moment, the door to the room opened, and Nady came inside.

「…So mother really went and let herself get captured by a Demon?」

Nady had the look on her face like she would burst into tears at any moment.

「Oh, did you overhear that? Yes, unfortunately, that’s what happened.」

Nady became silent when Ritone said that.

「…It happened exactly as you said it would. I’m sorry I didn’t believe you before.」

For a short while, Nady bowed her head in apology.

「…No, it’s fine. It was just a prophecy, it’s natural to think it ridiculous until it happens.」

「Then I’ll believe in what you said just now. Therefore, what should I do? If we seek the assistance of the hero, then we can save my mother, right?」

She clung onto Ritone, desperately awaiting an answer. However, Ritone slowly shook his head from side to side.

「I’m sorry to disappoint you, but right now our hero is merely a commoner. Even if we relied on the hero, he probably could not rescue her from Tsuchigumo.」

「No way! Then, then what if…」

Nady was in a state of grief, and Ritone was still in thought.

After a while, with a plop, a hand rested on Nady’s head.

「If I abandon Norn and the «Copper Rank» Liliput family here, then it could cause two of the heroines I need to capture to dislike me. I guess I’ll go. But I certainly won’t like it.」

Looking at Ritone, whose face showed that he really hated the idea, Nady’s face also seemed pained.

「You don’t have to put on any airs about helping me. Also, don’t try and capture us so selfishly. Such a calculating person is what I truly detest. Besides, can you even call someone who abandons a person in trouble a hero anyways?」

「It’s unfortunate, but I’m not a hero at all. But for the sake of obliging my heroines, I will go fight against the Demon Prince. Therefore, if I am able to help your mother, then you should be grateful and fall in love with me.」

Ritone laughs jokingly at the sad state of affairs.


And so, Nady slapped Ritone.

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