Novice Son

Elemental Territorial Capital

「Uwa~… Amazing, this is my first time seeing so many people.」

Rin, looking at the city from the carriage, cried out in excitement, while Ritone on the other hand, felt anxiety.

「Ahh, yeah me too.」

Ritone answered half-heartedly, and pondered for awhile.

「Onii-chan, you look down. Is your stomach hurting?」

「No… I didn’t mean it like that. If possible, I wanted to arrive earlier.」

He observed the city while heaving a sigh.

In cliche stories, a lord’s son is usually born, and then gets a cheat ability, or so he thought. But, up until turning 12, he was the child of a certain tenant farmer in a rural area.

In other words, he had no inkling of the world or what it means to be a noble.

Regarding the summoning magic that he learnt from his mother, although he had practiced it as much as possible, his magic was still self-taught.

It was still far from a cheat.
[TN: You can summon the body parts of others… What’s stopping you from summoning someone’s heart from his body causing a IK.]
[TLC: Too bad it’s not a r-18 novel he can summon you know what 😉 ]

「 I wonder if I could do better from now on.」

「It’s alright! Because I’m here!」

Said Rin, trying to encourage him, though Ritone still felt insecure about the future.

The carriage arrived at the Shylock residence shortly after.


「Ah, this ain’t no mansion, it’s totally a castle.」

A reinforced castle surrounded by huge walls.

When the wagon had entered at the gate, hundreds of Knights in tough armor were lined up and ready.

Each held the flag of the house that I belonged to.


With such a grand welcome, the anxiety rose higher and higher.

It took 10 minutes from entering the castle gates, and at last they’ve finally arrived at the inner castle.

「Welcome home, Milord.」

Wearing glasses, the strict aunt said her greetings.

「Kurie, did you call my relatives about the new child?」

「Yes milord, all the representatives of houses of every affiliation have been gathered.」

The aunt named Kurie answered without hesitation.

「This is my grandchild Ritone. The child Josephine left behind.」

「Young lady……」

This, was the first time her face showed sadness.

「This lad’s debut will be announced in three days. Prepare for it till then.」


Kurie and the maids took Ritone.

「Uh-Uhm, I……」

「We have decided for Ritone to employ you as a maid belonging exclusively to him. Please leave it to the head maid.」

This time, a young woman who had housemaid clothes with high stockings appeared and took Rin along.

The struggles of these two people had just begun.

Three days later

「Everyone, we are gathered here today to introduce my Grandchild, the child of Josephine, Ritone. I recognize this person as her legitimate child in the Shylock family, and after becoming an adult, he will succeed me.」

「I am Ritone Shylock, because of my inexperience, I ask of you to please guide me from now on.」

A grand announcement aside, Ritone drenched in sweat greets them.

Ritone was instantly pierced by hundreds of gazes, like arrows.

「……That is the illegitimate child? Humph! That person does not look like much.」

「Coming out now of all times. If not for that guy, I would have sent my child away for adoption」

About half the glances that pierced Ritone were filled with hostility.

「This boy seems like a fool, let’s send my daughter to be his wife……」

「Gufufu~, If I marry him to the Miss, then the debt will be repaid……」

Everyone else thought of using Ritone’s position for their personal gain.

(…… As I thought, there are no friendly looks. They either think of me as an obstruction, or a person to utilize. When a child gets thrown into this kind of environment…… of course their personality becomes twisted.)

Even he, who has the mentality of an adult, seemed to wilt under this pressure. What if he slips up? Ritone took a guess that what he saw was the cause of Ritone’s distorted personality.

(However…… This is an opportunity. I will firmly remember the faces of both these factions. While Grandfather is alive, they must either be destroyed or be forced to obey. I myself, have to gather up power.)

Ritone made up his resolve.

Everyday, he will diligently study the nobles.

First, was a classroom study of the history of the Shylock family. Necessary etiquette as a noble, and necessary knowledge of the Shylock territory.

Madame Kurie acted the role of the teacher, as expected.

「Well then, first let’s talk about the Nobility System.」

The Kingdom is ruled by the King, then the Knights are divided into the 【Gold Rank】,【Silver Rank】,【Copper Rank】,【Iron Rank】,【Tin Rank】ranks. Next we have the Nobles, and then the Commoners and Merchants. Additionally, the demi-humans, which are the Beast-kin, were controlled by the Demon-kin and became enemies but later were turned into slaves by the Kingdom.

「Our Shylock family, when you add together the vassal’s territory and farm lands altogether, is around 2.5 million sq. km . North of the territory is the Ashina mountain range, the territory of the Lilliputs whose main source of income are the copper mines. Because of constant rainfall and the cold temperature, there are not many villages in the area. Furthermore, if you go towards the south, you would reach the Fuji mountains. There the mother of dragons, a Mother Dragon, made it’s nest.

Ritone learned the knowledge that Kurie-sensei taught. Though he has a rough understanding of the geography from the BRUTAL game, he still had not understood all of the small geographic relations.

「The Shylock Great River flows from the forming of the circumference of the granary area. The Roswell village where you’re from, is one of them.」

She explained while showing the map.

「And, there is the Elemental Capital almost in the center of the territory. Furthermore, the river descends down and exits towards the sea.」

Though Ritone saw the map of the Shylock territory, he noticed something strange at the center.

It was stained there with a black smudge.

「Sensei, what about here?」

「That zone has magic accumulating which causes the demons to spawn, humans cannot develop or pass through there. There is only a village for the adventurers who barely hunt demons in the vicinity. Furthermore, in that region there are humans who have turned into demons, demi-humans.」

While seeing the map, Ritone was lost in thought.

「Indeed…… Therefore, here and there, the roads have been cut into parts. So, the way this is made is so these parts may be avoided? That is interesting.」

「It seems the Boss monster is in the area where the most magic accumulates, nobody can accomplish the subjugation of it…… No, there was one person in the past.」

「It’s the Hero Artemis?」

Ritone asks, and Kurie nods.

「Yes, because the region where the hero had been was attacked by demons, it is now liberated, that person reached a point where he could live at ease. The descendants of the hero, are the Royal Family of our Roselia Kingdom.」

The cane of Kurie-sensei, pointed to the east of the Shylock territory. There were vast plains there.

「Our Shylock family, is a house of merchants who’ve fought alongside the hero, and the one’s who had prospered. The first priority of this house is always money, and the family businesses apart from this territory of that which we operate, are also moneylenders to our other noble partners.」

Kurie-sensei, this time began lessons concerning the industry of the Shylock family.

「We’re moneylenders?……」
[TN: TOP KEK, MC past life was a banker…][Daily: You mean loanshark.]

「Yes, the first king recognized this house for it’s privileges. Our house works hard to strive for generation after generation, that it had become the most influential house in the whole kingdom.」

Next, Kurie-sensei presented another map. It showed the position of different figures of the noble houses in the territory which have debts to the Shylock family.

「This much?」

It scatters all over the land of the Roselia country.

「Yes, although sometimes we are accusedly referred to as misers or scrooges, it can’t be helped. Ritone is to become the heir of the Shylock family. It is inevitable that you’ll receive unjust criticism from now on, but to such poppycock, please pay it no heed.」

Kurie-sensei declared emotionless.

At that time, the door opens, Eagle enters.

「How is it? Are the studies advancing?」

「Yes, Ritone has received education from the young lady it seems, the reading and writing were learned perfectly. Especially, from calculating his magic, it has reached levels that represent a magic academy graduate. Moreover, he studies the class lessons very seriously. The student doesn’t have any faults or trouble.」

As usual, Kurie-sensei praises me but I can’t tell since there’s no change in her expression.

「Is that so? As expected of my grandchild.」

Eagle rejoiced with a foolish expression.

「Uhm…… I want to ask Grandfather, is it true we are moneylenders?」

「It is so.」

「Excuse me, but why? Even in the village I’m from, we had little concern towards gold. We believed that respecting honor, is more valuable than gold……」

Ritone asked cautiously. Eagle returned the question.

「You, what do you think?」

「No, I don’t think so. Father wasn’t able give up his dreams of becoming a knight, all his successful training became useless and didn’t work out. Mother suffered in poverty, and had often quarreled with Father as well.」

Hearing those words, Eagle nodded profusely.

「Is that so?…… Josephine, my daughter, who was raised like a princess, was oblivious to the outside world. Falling in love with a guardsmen with nothing but goodness and strength in his heart. And for that reason hath run away, neither knowing the harsh reality of life. How much do you think I regret?…… Ritone, you who have already suffered hardship at a young age understands this.」

With upcast eyes, he shed tears.

「My home of 2 generations far, is obsessed over fame, but there was a time where we used gold at the time as humble people. After entrusting the gold trade to the nobility, which gave privilege at the time to the merchants, it resulted into repeated dissipation, which shouldered a large debt. I also, as a child, suffered hardships of poverty.」

Like recalling a memory, he talked heartily.

「…… You lord over 2.5 million sq. km?」

「That’s right. It’s a useless association, the indifferent display of pride towards the nobles, and devouring the merchants with their words. My father introduced some sumptuary edicts when my grandfather died, and confiscated the loan licenses from the merchants to promote new industries in his own trade and territory. Thanks to that, we are where we are now.」

「…… Indeed, therefore our house prospers.」

He looked through the list of houses once more that borrowed from the Shylock family previously. Surprisingly, a large amount of gold was also lent to the Royal Family.

「That’s right, it is a nice opportunity, what an amusing display.」

Eagle guided Ritone to the Shylock Family treasury.

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