Littlette Lilliput

「A married woman huh? Hey, hey, what is Norn-san’s family like?」

The red-hooded little girl, Littlette, inquired.

「Ufufu. It’s a secret~. But I have a daughter. One about the same age as you… ah, pardon my rudeness since you, a Lilliput, are already well over 20, aren’t you?」

「Mou~ I’ve been waiting for a while already. By any chance has something interesting happened?」

From Norn’s bag, a letter was taken out with a ridiculing laugh.

「What’s that?」

「A letter from my daughter came. There may be a great adventure for us to embark on after this.」

Now that Norn expected something to happen, her eyes twinkled in anticipation.

Soon after, a gray-haired Lilliput came rushing into the Guild office.

「Big, big trouble!!! Help me!」

While ranting and raving inside, an uproar came from nearby.

「Huh? If it isn’t gramps. What’s going on?」

After assessing the situation, Littlette called out to him.

「Little-ojousama!!! I’m so glad!! Please spare me from having to come to this kind of place~!」

Out of concern I understand he’s scared and worried, so perhaps worry or terror? he clings onto her.

「O-old man, calm down already. Speak properly! Did something bad happen?」

Borrowing a separate room in the guild, those gathered attentively listened to his detailed story.

「Huh? Even the lift to the house isn’t working anymore?」

From listening to the grey haired old man’s explanation, Littlette’s eyes narrowed.

「T-that’s how it is. Those of you who know of Ojou-sama also know that our «Copper Rank» Lilliput castle is located deep underground and is directly connected to the magical elevator which was constructed in the ancient past. However, while sealing off the area called “Ruins*” some kind of demon intruded and completely shut down the elevator!」
[Daily: Koujou コウジョウ has too many different meanings like a plant, mill, factory, castle ruins, but seeing they’re in ‘lilliput castle’ we’ll call it ruins for now until we get confirmation.]

The grey-haired butler of the «Copper Rank» Lilliput Family took a deep breath and then drank some water after explaining everything.

「No way! Well then, what about Otou-sama and everyone else?」

「Ah… that. The only ones able to escape to the surface were none but us, your retainers. As for the others of the «Copper Rank» Lilliput household… They seem to be trapped in the underground household area.」

In response to the butler’s explanation, Littlette stood up.

「I must go help at once!」

As she appeared worried and about to take off, Norn pulled her back.

「Ahh, just hold on a moment. It’s very likely that the demon there is quite strong. And trying to fight it by yourself might result in your defeat.」

「But Norn!」

Norn grabs Littlette, who’s about to start crying.

「It’ll be alright. Let’s go after we prepare. Fufufu… Something like this is what I’ve been waiting for after all!」

Etched on Norn’s face was the expectation of a great new adventure.


Several days later

At the «Gold Rank» Shylock house, an emissary from the «Copper Rank» Lilliput house had come to visit.

「It is a pleasure to meet you. I am called Ritone Shylock, the heir to the Shylock family.」

The guest visiting the acting feudal lord was offered a seat in the drawing room and was a sweet-looking high school girl wearing a gloomy face.

「It is a pleasure to make your acquaintance. I am «Copper Rank» Lilliput Family’s Third Daughter, Littlette Lilliput. I appreciate you taking the time to answer my call despite my abrupt arrival at this hour.」

While trembling, she offers her gratitude. Her clothes were torn and her body was dirtied with some kind of bodily fluids.

In no way can she be thought of as the envoy of a neighboring territory.

In truth, she had been apprehended under the belief that she was a spy after loitering around Shylock castle, and Ritone hearing she was placed into the dungeon, hurried to bring her out and meet with her.

「Please, go ahead with your story. I’ll order us some tea.」

Suggesting she sit, Ritone called over to Rin to handle the preparations to serve them.

However, the girl shook her head as if not wanting to waste even a single second.

「I’d first like to ask of Ritone-sama if this letter here was in fact written by you to Norn?」

Removing the letter from between her bosom, she handed a crumpled letter over to Ritone.

「Yes, this was certainly the letter I wrote to Norn-sama, advising her to be cautious.」

Looking over it, Ritone confirmed that the one who wrote it was indeed him.

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