Demon Tribe’s Mischief


In the emptiness of the sky, a blue moon hangs aloft. On such occasions in a certain month there is a “Night of the Blue Moon,” and on these nights, there is an increase in demonic activity.

The Demon Empress Kazarin sought out information on Ritone.

「This isn’t good… This was outside of my calculations. Ritone obtained the mother dragon’s divine blessing.」

Peering through the memory of a spy who had infiltrated the Shylock House, Ritone, who originally should have been weak, had gone through a surprising sudden growth.

「Ever since I’ve been awoken, as far as I’ve gone in trying to revive the Demon Emperor, there has only been a single “Night of the Blue Moon”… It’s really vexing!」

Having been sealed, she grieved over the inability to move around freely.

「Still, all the more reason… Kufufu~. I’ll make the Demon Prince awaken earlier than planned, and let him build up his power.」

Murmuring to herself, Kazarin headed north to the «Copper Rank» Lilliput Territory.

After several hours of flying in the sky, she arrived at her destination.

「… As usual, the land is still covered with holes.」

Overlooking the ground from the air, Kazarin mutters.

Here, back in the ancient era when the great war between the Demons and Humans occurred, on occasion, humans who disliked fighting came and built up a place with numerous dungeons as refuges.

Inside that place was a lone burning light. Many human beings inhabit it; it was the territory capital shelter.

The entrance to the constructed underground inner palace of the «Copper Rank» Lilliput territory is at the center of the palace square.

Kneeling down nearby, Kazarin prayed quietly.

「My brethren, one of the six demon princes, Tsuchigumo of the Land. In response to my prayer, awaken!」

With a hand on the ground, she prayed for a short while.

Then, a section of the ground swelled, and a huge spider rose.


The spider spat a thread as it tried to entangle Kazarin.

「Oops, though it just woke up, it’s still lively.」

Kazarin, smiling wryly, flew up into the air.

「Hey, the opponent you need to defeat is over there. Don’t make any mistake.」

Kazarin points towards the nearby entrance.

The huge spider entered into the hole.


«Copper Rank» Lilliput Territorial Capital [Shelter]

Many adventurers are currently meeting there.

「How about this? Take a look. Isn’t it good material? It was taken from a Crystal Golem.」

In the center of the guild was a place where monster materials were being sold.

「I’d judge it to be…yeah. Worth about 1 aru.」

After being examined by the guild’s receptionist who looked like a middle-schooler, they were ruthlessly told that.

「Oi oi, that alone by itself…」

「THAT is not crystal. It is something used in the production of windows called “Glass”.」

「It was found out…?」

The adventurer backs out while scratching his head. Such things were normal sights throughout the city.

Here is a certain part of the city governed by a Dwarf Clan (Lilliput).

Many of the people who walk along the streets here look a lot like children.

Coincidentally, many try to make this district prosperous through their knowledge of smithing. Throughout the city, you can see smiths at work here and there, and extraordinarily good workings resound from each hammer’s strike.

Adventurers, using this city as a home base, go around challenging all the local dungeons, wholeheartedly making their living by carrying back all the treasures and raw materials (drops) from the monsters who inhabit there. The city flourishes filled with so many people.

Located nearby the city’s downtown location, there is a certain adventurer’s guild.

For the purpose of establishing an information exchange at a tavern there, one of their teams were winding down.

「…I wonder if there are any good requests?」

While drinking alcohol, an Elf with a voluptuous body mutters.

She was called “White Princess Norn”, an A-rank Adventurer.

「It can’t be helped. It’s been too peaceful lately.」

A musclebound Dwarf spat back.

「Mou, I’ve already gone and done all these other dungeons~. Completely dominated them all!」

With glasses and a red hood, there was a lilliput girl who was playing with a huge set of pliers and yawned.

「Well then, if you are that bored… would you like to do something ‘fun’ with me?」

A detestable blond-haired ikemen swordsman grabbed hold of Norn’s hand, and it was driven away with a slap.

「Bad luck for you, I’m afraid. I’m already married. Unless you want to become my apprentice, boy.」

Being completely rejected, the ikemen’s face had a depressed look..

Indeed, they are this world’s 1.2 quarreling adventuring team “White Princess”.

A Dwarven warrior and a Human swordsman; they were a strange group classified as a Dwarven Machinist and an Elven White Mage, and they had already conquered many dungeons to reach A-rank.

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