The Strongest Practice Partner

「Hmm… Well, there’s no helping it. I’ll have to wait until Milky wakes up.」

「Mother-sama, umm, please put your breasts away. It’s embarrassing, you know.」

Rin flat out said it, her face looking somewhat uncomfortable.

「N-No. I want to be able to jump right into feeding my child as soon as possible…」

Though she gave an excuse, she still tucked her breasts away. For some reason, she was wearing some full-length and a rather risqué clothes of a leather fashion.

「For that matter, why are you wearing clothes like that anyway?」

Rin takes a good look at what she’s wearing and appears puzzled.

「That boy, Ritone, had summoned these clothes from the other world I believe? When I saw them I became interested in them, and I found this outfit. Ritone said it looked very becoming on me I’ll have you know.」

Being openly pleased with her clothes, Mother laughed. Certainly, because Mother appeared to be a young, beautiful and tall woman, she looked good in those clothes.

「Until my child wakes, I wonder if I should train that guy. What is Ritone doing, anyway?」

「He is working together with Gold-sama in the office. Onii-chan is really giving it his all.」

Rin answers proudly.

「Uh huh, Diligent is he? Despite being a brat, he’s actually a busy guy.」

「Mother-sama… is it alright that you have relations with such a man?」

After muttering those words, Nady fell silent. She respected the legendary existence that was the Mother Dragon, but the girl seemed to dislike hearing about the circumstances that involved Ritone.

「Well, that boy is close to Milky as a father would be, and he is also my pupil. Moreover, he’s been keeping up with his training well. Considering that he’s just a human, he’s got some guts!」

Not at all dissatisfied with the current state of things, Mother laughed.

Seeing this, Nady became steadily more jealous.

「Mother-sama, would you also instruct me in magic, please? I too would like to help protect Milky-chan.」

Nady requested so.

「Very well. The love you have for Milky is genuine then? Since I have time to waste, I’ll teach you.」

And so, Mother proceeded to teach magic to Nady.


And once it became the afternoon, Milky woke up for breastfeeding, and Mother managed to catch Ritone after he left the office.

Without missing a beat, Ritone was dragged out to the courtyard where the knights did their training.

「Mother-sama! You appear to be in good spirits today!」

「Young master, please try your best not to die today!」

While being greeted by the knights, two people came out into the open area.

It was littered with dozens of craters.

「Since you managed at 30 meters above, today we’ll do it from 40 meters.」

In the face of Mother’s wicked laughter, Ritone realized it was futile to resist.

「H-haven’t I already learned enough about falling from such heights? I’ve already more-or-less mastered the 『Rising Dragon Cloud Fist』!

At Ritone insisting so, Mother, with wide eyes, gave him an incredulous look.

「What is this ‘mastered’ nonsense? You’ve just barely sampled the first taste of 『Rising Dragon Cloud Fist』. Bastard what you have learned, was just the first stage called the 『Strong Dragon Fist』.」


The technique that he struggled to death to learn, to be told it was only the beginning had shocked Ritone.

「B-but, if I’m only able to do it when falling, when I get in a pinch I’ll be troubled. What about combat training versus people or monsters too! T-that’s right. I think I want to learn some combat training from the knights today.」

While desperately making excuses to save his own life, Ritone’s head was clamped down upon by Mother.

「What idiocy are you on about? Fighting against a weaker partner… moreover, that you are able to fight the biggest and strongest opponent around, you should be thrilled!」

So saying this, higher and higher they flew.

「Hmm, “The strongest opponent” you say? 」

「Certainly, I am referring to the Earth. When compared to the Earth, things like the Maou or God are but little things. To be given the chance to go head-to-head against such an existence! You should feel honored!」

And with those words, from an altitude of 40 meters above ground, Ritone was thrust downwards and gathered momentum.

「Hiiiiiiii!! There’s no way you can win a fight with the ground! This kind of collision practice, I hate iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit!」

Ritone crashed into the ground with great force. The crater count in the courtyard increased again by one.

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