Chapter 26 – «Steel Gold» Prime Minister

Afterwards, when [Eagle] Shylock called upon the powers of state as the prime minister, he tried to support the kingdom which was about to fall into financial ruin to the best of his ability.

As for the Minister of Trade and Finance, Soleil, who had been taking bribes, everything he possessed was confiscated and he fell to ruin. From hereon, all future festivities had their budget expenses drastically reduced.

Furthermore, those colluding merchants and their subordinates were all imposed with hefty fines and, as a result, suffered heavy losses.

Antoinette was confined inside the harem, and she was deprived of all the jewelry and dresses that she possessed. But it didn’t stop there; the considerable treasures of the inner palace were also confiscated, and the budget of the harem was cut to ⅓ as well.

All the seized dresses and jewelry were auctioned off and the proceeds went directly into the treasury’s coffers.

As for Rudolph and his subordinates who tried to push their debts onto the country, all of their territories were seized and they were only allowed to take a regular knight’s pay, so many of them fell into ruin.

The knights’ territories were reassimilated into the country, and some of the lands were decidedly sold off to certain wealthy nobles.

Thanks to these great reforms, in future generations he would come to be known as “«Steel Gold» Prime Minister Shylock of the Scythe”. These times would become known as the restoration of Rostania kingdom.

However, the merchants had to pay large sums in reparations, the harem servants were laid off in order to reallocate funds to the restructuring, and the loss of their territories had incurred the knights’ enmity.

Among these, because of the outcome, there would be some girls who would affect the world in a monumental way.

「Those Shylocks who arrested my father are detestable.」

「Antoinette-sama. I will absolutely take revenge for this.」

「Shit, those greedy moneylenders, I will never forgive them! I hate them for staining my virtuous father’s pride as a knight!」

The hatred of these three girls would be incurred by a boy they will encounter.


Shylock Residence

In the room which had been prepared for the baby dragon Milky, two girls and a dragon were playing together.

「Now then, shall we play until mommy comes to put you to bed~」


In Rin’s tender hug, Milky contently purred.

As its eyes came to close and gradually to sleep, there was a girl who barged in.

「…It’s always Rin, how unfair!」

Forcibly taking it from Rin’s arms was the girl who loved to nuzzle her cheeks with it, a daughter of the Shylock House and daughter of the Family-Manager* Gold, Ritone’s tentative fiance, Nady Shylock.
[Daily: Essentially Ritone’s assistant]

With Milky as her aim, she had often dropped in for a visit to the Shylock Castle.


From being disturbed of its sleep, Milky lets out a groan of displeasure.

「Nady-sama, it’s bad for you to handle it so roughly like that. Hold it gently, and slowly rock it back and forth like that.」

「L-like this?」

Being taught by Rin she slowly rocks Milky, soothing it.


At first, Milky was growling, but then gradually became sleepy; its eyes closed, and it began to breathe like someone sleeping.

[Enzou: kawaii is kawaii, yo.]

The two girls look at its face, sweetly smile, and laugh.

It was a really heartwarming scene.

At that moment, a door opens and a young beautiful woman with a large chest in revealing clothes enters.

「My beloved little baby. I’ve come! Now then, time for boobies.」

「Mother-sama, Milky… just went to sleep.」

Rin declared, and Mother looks at Milky who is in Nady’s arms.

The baby dragon with its eyes closed seemed so happy.

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