Termite Extermination

「Everyone, the party has magnificently ended.」

As Eagle arrogantly declared that on stage, various bits of applause was heard, but most people were directing eyes of hatred towards him.

For them, he who had noisily intervened was an eyesore.

Ignoring such glares, Eagle begins his speech on stage.

「All the people that have gathered today are in positions that bears an important responsibility to the kingdom. Therefore, I ask of you, help me with the country.」

When Eagle lowered his head, some of their expressions softened.

It seems that at last they had finally arrived at the point of respecting each other’s position.

「No, no, it is as you say. We are loyal retainers who are prepared to risk our lives for this country any time after all. We’ll cast away the current circumstances for now so we can work together in the future.」

To the Great Knight Rudolph, who’s heartily laughing, Eagle finally laughs.

「How about it, Antoinette-sama?」

「Eh? Err… If there’s something I can do…」

Although she was puzzled at being suddenly asked, she still answered with an appropriate reply.

「Minister Soleil?」


As Eagle directed a glare and scowl, a flustered Soleil arbitrarily shook his head.

Having earned the commitment from the three, Eagle gave out an order.

「Well then, I’ll have you cooperate immediately.」

When Eagle gave out a signal, dozens of knights broke in and restrained them.

「What is the meaning of this!」

Rudolf found his subordinate, Gourai, among the Knights and yelled out to him.

However, Gourai expressionlessly responded.

「There is something I would like to confirm with you, and this is something I’ve already received permission from His Excellency, the Prime Minister, to ask. This is also a sign of love for the country. I hope you can understand.」

「This is absurd! What kind of crime have we committed!」

Minister Soleil then yells out in a hoarse voice. His entourage of merchants was utterly frightened, shaking and trembling in a corner of the room.

「…That’s what I want to confirm. Right now, there are troops heading to your homes. If you have not done anything to be guilty of, they will be able to prove your innocence.」

Hearing Eagle’s cold voice, Soleil turns blue. That’s because, in his mansion, there are documents that will serve as evidence to show that he colluded with the merchants to pocket a large portion of the expenses.

「…What will happen to me then?」

Surely, it was Antoinette who was scowling at Eagle.

「You and I will have a little talk. It’s about the repayment method for your gambling losses and also about the harem’s future expenses too. Knights, respectfully escort them to the harem’s quarters.」

In accordance with Eagle’s instructions, the knights took the ladies.

Antoinette left with a mortified face.

「Then… Grand Knight Rudolf.」

「What do you want? I haven’t violated any laws in particular.」

He puffed out his chest and roared in front of Eagle. Certainly, if a knight himself wrote an IOU note and paid payments based on that, even if it contains awful conditions like the loan will be interest-free, it is in no way illegal.

「Certainly, it doesn’t say that it’s illegal.」

「It is as you say.」

Rudolf had a triumphant face, but he paled in response to what Eagle said next.

「Even so, that would imply that you have become so poor you had to get the country to shoulder your debt, and that may also mean that the management of your territory isn’t going too well. Originally, the territories you own are granted by the country, and you were entrusted with no more than the affairs of the state. That should mean this level of incompetence could serve as a perfect reason for a demotion.」

「I-I-I’ve never!」

Realizing Eagle’s thoughts, Rudolf turned blue.

「As for the people who wrote the IOU, seize their territory for mismanagement. If anyone who chooses to oppose that, they will have their charges of rebellion changed to the death penalty for their entire family.」

To Eagle’s cold words, the conceited great knight shuddered.

「P-please w-wwait a moment! I don’t have any such intentions!」

「I cannot bear to part with the territory that has been handed down from my ancestors! Please reconsider!」

He hurriedly clung to Eagle’s foot, but Eagle coldly brushed him off.

「Rejected. Since all of the money taken from the treasury that needs to be repaid has already been wasted, was it not?」


As he guessed correctly, the knights stuttered.

「…The great knight’s territories will be seized. From this moment, from the lowest rank, you will be allowed to start anew.」

The knights hung their heads low, crestfallen at Eagle’s words.

With this, he has succeeded in exterminating the three termites that were gnawing away at the country.

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