Political Adversary

「Do you not understand what I am telling you? The loan to the Royal Family from my Shylock House is already at 10,000,000 aru. Nothing further will be loaned. Since I’m the Minister of Finance, I’ll delay the repayment, but I expect you to repay the full amount after I resign.」

「Su-such a thing! It’s troubling! Being abandoned by you, old man…」

Louis’ face turned pale, and he lowered his head in apology. As expected, if he were to be abandoned here, the national finances would surely go bankrupt. From all the times Eagle constantly told him over and over, you would think that the king would have understood this already.

At the sight of the pitiful king, Eagle sighed.

(Honestly… despite having been educated from childhood, he still remains a lunkhead. He’s already a 30-year-old man, and he’s still acting like a spoiled child trying to take advantage of this old man… If I were to make a comparison, the 12-year-old Ritone is at least level-headed. Perhaps, if I spoiled Ritone with money as he grew up, would he by any chance have become like this? Taking that into consideration, maybe it is fortunate that Ritone was fetched after having been raised on the streets.)

Eagle was thinking such a thing.

「 … In any case, until these three problems are resolved, I am unable to draft a new budget. I trust you will grant full authority on these matters to me?

「I’ll leave it up to you, old man.」

Louis resigned himself and gave Eagle a writ of full authority.


Royal Capital

Eagle, who was delegated full authority by King Louis, earnestly committed to rebuilding the country.

「Well… What should I begin with? Fortunately, the book Ritone summoned from the other world contained situations that resemble the current state of the kingdom.」

Shylock, after referring to the translated edition of the other world book that was brought from the territory, decided on reform policy.

「… First, before I can put any plans in motion, I have cause to gain firm control over the knights. Even if I try any reforms, it will be over if the knights oppose them.」

In this case, the knights are the direct vassals of the Rostania Royal Family.

Apart from the great knights who have territory, the knights who don’t have territory live with a salary under 10,000 cereal that they receive from the country. They had some influence over the country.

Especially Rudolf’s knights who pushed the debts of the knights to the country to grasp power as the leaders of the armed forces. Though it was because it was poorly initiated that it was unable to cause a coup d’etat.

「 … It’s unavoidable.」

Eagle, as a politician who supports the country, makes a decision. And with that, he summons a certain person.

「 … Shylock, what business do you have with me?」

The Grand Knight Gourai arrives with a sullen face. It was a person who occupied the No. 3 position in the army.

He was known as an old-fashioned, blameless stubborn person, who hates the very sight of the Shylock family for their history of being moneylenders.

「I know that you hate me. However, I called you today as a person who has been entrusted with the reconstruction of the country by the king. Hearing this story, would you not comply?」

When Eagle showed the directive of plenipotentiary authority that was given by the King, Gourai corrected his posture.

「Let me see it.」

Eagle nodded once, and show the document which he showed the king. While reading it, Gourai’s face was stained with anger.

「Unbelievable! It is not the merchants, not even the princess, but instead the knights that will devour this country!」

「Unfortunately, that is the reality. Thanks to you, the treasury is empty, and the way things are going, it will lead to bankruptcy.」

Hearing Eagle’s story, Gourai earnestly listens.

「I asked the king, and decided to get a seat as prime minister. I want your party to cooperate with me. I can ask only you since you truly do care about this country.」

「… As for His Majesty?」

「I don’t know. I did not inform him of this. Because that stupid king will probably object that is.」

Eagle cursed his own King. Gourai felt anger at that, but endured as he continued to listen.

「This is in service to the country as a loyal subject. I won’t let even the king advocate an objection.」

The face of Eagle began to fill with determination to rebuild the kingdom by any means.

「There is one thing I would like to ask, why are you so devoted to this country?」

Gourai listens while glaring at Eagle.

「Why, that’s quite simple. If Rostania goes bankrupt, the 10 million aru loan will not be repaid.」

Eagle laughed as he bluntly replied.

「…I see. That’s just what I’d expect from a lowly moneylender.」

「…But, mind you, I fully intend to truly rebuild this country. For my own benefit of course.」


Hearing that, Gourai is lost in thought. After a while, he lifts his face and looks at Eagle.

「Compared to the rats who prey on this country while providing lip service, the cruel old man who is trying to rebuild this country for his own self-interests is probably better. At the very least, you’re less likely to turn your back on us. Let’s work together.」

「As expected of Gourai-dono. Then I will be depending on you from this day onwards.」

Eagle extends his hand, and Gourai reluctantly shakes it.

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