Beginning of Territory Affairs

As Ritone was growing accustomed to the Mother Dragon’s hellish training and his studies to become a noble, one day he was summoned by Eagle.

「Grandfather, I’m intruding.」

Upon entering the office, he saw an unexpected individual.


「Ritone-sama, it’s been a while.」

Gold, who seems more composed than before, bowed to Ritone who was coming inside the room.

「Why is Gold-sama here?」

「Umm, to tell you the truth, it’s nearly time for the kingdom’s annual budgeting session. For the next half a year, I must stay at the capital.」

Showing the decree from the Kingdom, Eagle declared.

「That reminds me, Grandfather is the Minister of Financial Affairs.」

「Yes, to be honest, I don’t care a bit about the kingdom, but the king begged me in tears. If I don’t arrange the budget, the kingdom won’t be able to handle it. However, since I was anxious about leaving Ritone alone, I called Gold over.」

At this time, with a markedly stern look on his face, Eagle set eyes on Gold.

「Hear this, even though he is an excellent summoner, and has received the blessing of the Mother Dragon, he is but a 12-year-old boy. It would be unreasonable to have him act in my stead. Gold, you will aid him with the practical matters of the affairs of state.」

「Yes, as you order!」

Gold bowed exaggeratedly, and accepted his order.

「Ritone. As the heir of the Shylock House, you will be deeply involved in the territory’s affairs (or politics). It will be the best to study under Gold, and learn about the territory’s affairs from him. 」

「Yes, I will do my best. Gold-sama, I’ll be in your care.」

「Likewise, Ritone-sama.」

Looking at Ritone and Gold, Eagle revealed a relieved smile.


After Eagle headed to the kingdom’s capital, Ritone was with Gold learning about the territory’s affairs throughout the morning.

「Ritone-sama, this is the data for each village’s harvest. The quantity fluctuates every year, but the crop yield of grain averages around 2.5 million. However, thanks to the development of new granary fields, the amount has reached around 4 million. Our subordinates number around 2 million, and there are around 80 noble families that have ownership of villages and cities. And aside from them, people will have to be paid for the harvesting work.」

Ritone receives a detailed explanation about the internal states of affairs of the Shylock House.

「The salary for our subordinates is set for 2 million bushels* of grain. And the other expenses reach up to 3 million bushels.」
[Daily: Just assumed because there wasn’t a specified unit of measurement]

「…That means, that we are in red, right?」

Staring fixedly at the documents, Ritone murmurs. Since the numbers inside the documents were all over the place, it became confusing. But with his knowledge as a banker from his previous life, he was able to sort the information into a balance sheet and income statement. As a result, he reached the conclusion that they’re in red, considering only their revenue from the grain.

「…Unfortunately, that seems true. We also have the income as loan sharks of around 1 million aru, so we should be able to somehow turn things around. Even though I vaguely knew about it, even so, I didn’t account for such a sorry situation. Since there was a late inheritance, the assets are still abundant, but…」
[Daily: Aru is the currency it seems.]

Seeing Ritone examine the data that he prepared, Gold also breathed out a sigh.

Despite being a young master from a noble family, the current state of affairs doesn’t lend to any luxuries.

Because of the income from being a loan shark, we can still get by, but after the hero–who has no economic sense–becomes the king, he passes the Act of Virtuous Government ordinance, which cancels all the loans we’ve made. And it was obvious that the economy will collapse.

That’s why it’s necessary to take some measures before it’s too late.

「Hmm. At the very least, I would like to cover it with taxes but…」

「Ritone-sama, let’s cultivate more granary fields.」

Gold makes a proposal. However, Ritone slowly shook his head.

「No, increasing the yield of cereal is meaningless.」

「Why is that?」

Gold looks puzzled.

「Because the nobles around the country have just been producing cereal to try to increase their income. And the merchants controlling the circulation of cereal have been taking advantage of the situation to lower the prices. The more cereal produced, the lower the value when sold, and with that, it’ll become a vicious cycle.」

Ritone explains while looking at the cereal’s market price data. The price of cereal was surely dropping gradually.

「I see…」

「So let’s produce crops other than this cereal within the territory. If we monopolize the distribution of that crop instead of the merchants, then we can greatly increase our income.」

「But, is there a crop that can be sold so conveniently?」

「There is, please leave it to me.」

Ritone held such self-confidence.

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