After a while, Ritone wakes up.

「Humph, you didn’t die after all.」

Seeing Ritone open his eyes, Mother leaked some words with a dull expression.

「Excuse me… Perhaps, are you trying to kill me?」

「As if that’s it. You are still alive, aren’t you?」

「But I was on the brink of death…」

Ritone remembered the fear of the ground approaching him and was trembling.

「And, did you comprehend it? If not, let’s do it once more…」

「I-I understood, there’s no need!!」

Ritone jumped off his bed in a panic, using his awareness to pass the magic through his body. Then, it linked with his interior strength, giving him control of it.

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As he released that power, his body was covered in a thin defensive barrier.

「It seems that you understood. That’s 『Ki』.」


Although it was a setting he heard a lot in games, it was his first time comprehending it intuitively.

「The energy that dwells inside one’s spirit is 『Magic Power』. The nobles that have magic power dwelling inside them control it consciously to bend the laws of physics. On the other hand, the energy that dwells inside one’s body is 『Ki』. 

Ki is used by knights and martial artists unconsciously, enhancing their physical strength.

Great people like the hero are able to use both of them. That’s why they held unparalleled power, possessing the ability to defeat an army all by themselves.」

「I see…」

Even though it existed within himself, realizing the power that dwells within him, Ritone nods.

「However, you have only grasped the tip of the iceberg of the 『Rising Dragon Cloud Fist』. You will also train tomorrow!」


Ritone had to scream at training that couldn’t even be expressed as spartan since it was way worse.


Next day

「Withstand it more. You have to be conscious of the defensive film surrounding your body.」

He was thrown into a large kettle while it was heated. The experience was like being sentenced to death by boiling in an iron pot.


「You have to keep surrounding yourself with the defensive wall! Make it so you can control it even for a day!」

In the end, he was boiled all day within the kettle, and his body was swelled up.


And the next day

「Hurry up and run! Concentrate and be conscious of it!」


Ritone, while stark naked, was running barefoot.

Around him, there were hedgehogs, which have extremely sharp thorns, basking in the sun.

Here is the edge of the continent, a savage land named 『Needle Mountain』.

In this area, there is a species of magical beasts which lives in swarms. Ritone was brought to this rocky mountain, which no one approaches normally, and was forced to run all day long.

Of course, since he was surrounded by hedgehogs, he had no other choice than to cover himself in a defensive film of 『Ki』 so that he doesn’t become severely injured.

「It hurtts!」

Stepping on a baby hedgehog that was at his feet, Ritone shrieked out loud.

「You fool! You have to constantly keep the defense barrier in top condition. It’s because you sever your connection to your 『Ki』!」

Ritone, who was covered in his own blood, was severely scolded without mercy by Mother Dragon.

As a result of receiving her training for a month, he was finally able to master using his ki to defend his body.

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